How to design a European farmhouse kitchen?

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Is your kitchen styled in a way that you do not like? Maybe a few aspects of the whole space? Worry not, you have a chance to re-design your kitchen to take a new form. You can do this gradually or work the whole plan once.

There are a variety of kitchen styles you can settle for. For example, a European farmhouse is a combination of two styles that work together to blend and accommodate different ideas. While the European style embraces elegance and details, the farmhouse style embraces simplicity and minimalism. However, when the two are combined, your kitchen stands out.

Institutions such as Home Design Institute are always encouraging students to enroll in their online courses where they can exploit their imagination. You never know your ability until you set your mind to putting effort to actualize the idea. Become part of a discovery journey and design the kitchen of your dreams! 

What features are highlighted in a European farmhouse kitchen?

Décor here is simply defined as elegant. This entails an expensive piece that makes an area stand out. For example, if it is a lighting fixture, interior designers suggest it hangs low if it is a single item, If two or three, let's say lampshades, they are preferred to be a different colour so that there are easily noticed from the ceiling.

Decoration elements such as a flower vase on the dining table have to be reflective with a mild colour or just transparent. The vase can have a live plant to bring a touch of green or nature into the kitchen.

Open shelves
These are also known as hanging shelves. This is a trend that became popularly known in 2020 when most people tried to renovate their homes using creative ideas during quarantine.

The selves are used as extra storage space for cooking items, cutlery and other decorations. Open shelves can be used in place of cabinets as they all have the same function. It is easy to come up with these compared to cabinets.

Different homeowners have different preferences. Some prefer to have their shelves built high while others prefer to have them at reach. This depends on the structure of the house and how high the ceiling is.

Farmhouse décor is considered incomplete without a touch of the woodwork. You are probably asking yourself which part of the kitchen can be wooden. Do you have a kitchen island? If yes, you can convert the countertop to wooden.

With a good carpenter at hand, or good carpentry skills and tools, you can come up with a well-furnished wooden countertop.

Areas around the working surfaces where you chop vegetables and make other food preparations can be wooden as well. This complements wooden floors and wooden beams across the ceiling.

European décor emulates matte black. They say you can never go wrong with black. This is true. It can be complemented with a white, brown, green or grey. Farmhouse ideas take vintage colours and wooden items save you the hustle of having to repaint brown in your kitchen.

However, other places could need new colour paint such as the ceiling, walls, countertops and kitchen furniture. Despite wood having a brown colour, furniture can be repainted in other parts. A chair, for example, can have a different colour on the backrest or the legs.

Bits of green complement the said colours as well. Your décor could be green in colour. Ensure you pick a similar shade of green however as different shades can make the place less appealing.

Attention to detail
The European décor style utilizes all equipment to bring the desired look. For example, windows have to be big enough to bring in good lighting during the day, cabinets have to be in the entire space to maximize storage and specially designed doorways to bring elegance to the kitchen.

Note however that, detail has to be symmetrical in their areas. If let's say windows have a floral grid, the same has to be for all windows and door grills.

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European farmhouse brings a sense of comfort to be the owner and guests. Have you ever been to an all-white kitchen and felt the intimidation? You are even afraid of touching anything due to the perfection in the house.

This does not have to be the same with your kitchen. Make others comfortable by making them feel wanted not just welcomed. Colour psychology is a huge factor and you can always achieve this using a mixture of them. Brown is defined as a warm colour and makes your guests feel wanted.

This goes a long way to the kitchen table, or kitchen islands. The farmhouse décor ensures spaces are well utilized and this can be done by adding chairs around a kitchen table or kitchen island.

Vintage items
Have you noticed how vintage items in the house are easy to notice? This is because they are barely seen in our era and they are quite expensive. Rustic kitchen design fits in well in any décor style you go for. They are inspired by history and the use of traditional items.

Since most are either gold coated or wooden, they can be used as décor items in the house or cookware. Different stores sell such and you can never have enough of them. Complement them in the house with modern cookware and see how they blend in together.

Not only are utensils vintage, so are cookers and other kitchen equipment. You can probably inherit a cooking stove from your grandparents and bring it to your kitchen. If they do not complement the colours of the kitchen, you can repaint them or cover them with a kitchen-friendly cover.

Most of us conclude wallpapers go with modern décor. However, wallpapers have different prints and can be used to achieve the desired look. This mostly applies to people who live in urban areas where the house manager will not allow you to repaint a house. You can purchase wallpaper with wood prints that can act as wooden walls. Alternatively, go for neutral colours such as white, black or brown.

Wallpapers can occupy a single wall, where the cooker is or the entire kitchen walls. Also, you do not have to install a one-colour wallpaper. If it suits your space, take advantage of the colour blending.

In conclusion, decorating your home has been made easy for you. Sites such as Pinterest, Google, Facebook have photos you can use to decorate your kitchen. However, if you feel you need to come up with an original idea but lack the skills HDI is the place for you!

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