Mix and match! Create a Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen

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Do you often desire to combine two or more décor styles for your kitchen? Did you know that you don’t have to go for a monotonous style present in every home? Whether you have prior experience or not, there is never enough to learn when it comes to making your kitchen look fabulous.

This is why a Kitchen Design course could be what you need to come up with a unique design. Home Design Institute trains students how to project kitchens using different software, décor items, blend colours, work on a budget and so much more. The institution also gives you a chance to create a comfortable space in your kitchen by trying out different styles in real-time.  

A kitchen can make your house stand out. Especially if you have an open kitchen plan where everyone in your house has a clear view including the guests. It can either stand out from the rest of the house or blend with areas such as the living room and the dining area. When it comes to the Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen, what components stand out? 

Colour blend 
Farmhouse colours are mainly black or navy blue while Scandinavian’s main colour is white. When the two are combined, your kitchen acquires a uniform pattern. For example, cabinets: both upper cabinets and lower cabinets can be painted white, while countertops can have black marble.

White brings in liveliness and allows the room to be naturally bright. Black or navy blue on the other hand, especially on surfaces makes you comfortable as you do not have to notice all visible stains on the surfaces. 
The combination of the two is not only limited to white and black. Either can be replaced by the earth's colour: brown or green. Parts of the kitchen can be painted brown, or jungle green. White can blend with any of the mentioned colours so you do not have to worry how this will turn out. 

Décor items
Decorating a farmhouse is one of the easiest décor methods you can use. Most of these décor items are vintage and easy to DIY (Do It Yourself). When combined with Scandinavian, you need very few items for your kitchen space. 

It could be a plant next to your windows or a flower vase on your dining table. The idea is to bring a touch of green into your kitchen or a plant to symbolize the farmhouse décor. People are often appreciating house plants and incorporating them into their living spaces. If you are unable to handle a live house plant, you can go for an artificial one.

Most decor in this combination is wooden with a modern touch or art but the colours blend in. Minimal décor is used in this setting and occupies very minimal space.

How can you ensure you have a well-lit kitchen during the day and at night? This is one of the factors that interior designers work on to make sure the desired goal is achieved. Kitchen Design can teach you what are the most appropriate ways to combine lights with other décor pieces. 
Have you ever walked into a kitchen and the first thing you notice is well-placed beautiful lights on the ceiling or a beautiful chandelier? This is what mainly works at night or when it is not as bright. But during the day, windows strategically placed to allow in natural light can also make an impression. 

Shipping for beautiful lighting fixtures is not easy. However, lighting shops came to the rescue of people like you who always want their homes to look beautiful. The choice of colours is not as challenging as well. You can either go for a white fixture, a black fixture or a brown fixture. The same applies to lampshades. 

The use of timber does not stop at furniture only. Did you know wooden floors are preferred because they are strong and durable, easy to clean, complement farmhouse style, and come in different varieties?

Wood has a neutral colour hence easily complements the furniture in the kitchen and other décor items. Wood also regulates temperatures in the kitchen, unlike tiles. Tiles make the floor cold and could bring more effects to people suffering from arthritis. 

Designing a kitchen using wood has never been made easy as it has with the combination of farmhouse décor and Scandinavian. 

Have you heard of wooden beams? People are always coming up with new ideas to make their kitchens look more appealing. Wood beams are slowly making their way into many kitchen ceilings. With a bit of furnish, they will stand out.

The presence of a beam does not mean you cannot have a normal ceiling. You can incorporate the two and have a kitchen ceiling that stands out. 

Ceilings also have different shapes depending on the house. It can either be beam ceiling, coffered ceiling or tray ceiling. Whichever your home has, with the right colours and lighting, be sure your home stands out.

Wooden island
Kitchen islands are preferred by most people even in modern décor styles as they add to working surfaces. They also help you utilize your kitchen space well and allow you to make use of all areas around the kitchen. 
Farmhouse mainly uses wood and it is not any different when combined with Scandinavian décor. You can combine both and cover the surface of the island with black granite or white granite. With little décor and two wooden barstools around the island, your kitchen is set for use.

A kitchen island does not have to be complicated and permanent. It can simply be a wooden table placed in the middle of the kitchen with a cosy feeling of catching up with someone or preparing something light.

All the above factors have to come to one focal point. Simplicity. This goes hand in hand with minimal décor and above all meets your needs. If you are someone who can’t make a compromise of their own opinion, learn how to use that to your advantage with the Kitchen Interior Design course.

In conclusion, you can easily achieve the desired look in your kitchen. Whichever style you go for, be creative to come up with the best living space in your home. Especially the kitchen, a well-decorated kitchen gives you the motivation to maintain top-notch hygiene, cook sweet meals for your family and have friends over for a good time. The above-mentioned factors show you can combine different designs and come up with a cozy kitchen. 

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