Design a modern Hamptons kitchen

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A modern Hamptons kitchen defines elegance, perfection and a natural look. This is a style being embraced by many homes, especially since 2020 where people have been having different perspectives of life. 

Naturally lit kitchens allow a sufficient amount of light into the room and warmth from early in the day till early evening. There is never enough when it comes to how you’d like to design your kitchen. However, you can learn different styling techniques available for the kitchen at the Kitchen Design education, that Home Design Institute organizes.

So, when it comes to a modern Hamptons kitchen, what factors are considered and implemented?

Bright colour
You will notice the Hamptons style embraces white on almost all surfaces. This mainly applies to the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and kitchen island. If you are a perfectionist and value a bright kitchen, this is what you need to go for. 

However, if you'd like to break the white monotony and have different colour ideas that can blend in, go for a grey or gold. This, when well blended, gives an aesthetic look making the place look beautiful.

Colour psychology is a factor interior designers always consider with different décor styles. There is no limit to which colours can blend in well and make the place look beautiful. At Home Design Institute, trained lecturers ensure students are well trained to assist their clients attain a desirable look. Designing a kitchen is easy with their help! 

Sufficient light
Modern Hampton allows a generous amount of light into your kitchen saving you extra expenses you can incur in electricity bills. This is achieved by installing large windows with clear glass and very light shears. The window is strategically placed where there are no tree shadows or something that can obstruct light. 

If you are building your home from scratch, ensure your kitchen windows are not blocked from allowing in all the light possible. Whichever side the window faces, large windows allow sun rays into your room either in the morning or in the evening. Sun rays illuminate the room making the place bright enough.

Did you know pests thrive well in dark and dump areas? Naturally, eliminate pests from your home by allowing rays of the sun into your kitchen. They bring warmth which eliminates dampness and allows in the light which makes the room bright.

Large doors work the same way as big windows. They help your kitchen be well lit and warm. With bright colours along with your cabinets, your kitchen will not need lights during the day. This also allows enough air circulation into your kitchen. 

Kitchen Island
Almost all modern kitchens have a kitchen island. This adds working surfaces to your kitchen, allows you to cook if there is a stove installed, and makes space for you and your friends or family members to mingle. 

There is no specific way to design your kitchen island. It can take a unique shape, have unique features and colours. For example, for a modern Hampton's kitchen, you need to have a large part have bright colours and a smaller portion have either of the colours mentioned above.

White marble works best on the kitchen island’s countertop. Marble is easy to clean and complements the traditionally white cabinets. Bar stools can add on to the Hamptons vision, but it’s best if they are chosen according to the white-grey-gold palette.  

While designing your kitchen, you do not want a busy space. A bust space has colours and furniture or decorations in the wrong place. For example, having a blue kitchen island, grey cabinets and red cabinets. Such colours do not rhyme.

Bring the outside in
This simply means incorporating nature into your kitchen décor. They say you can never go wrong with plants. Whether it is those small succulents or a big monstera in a pot at the corner. Especially in modern Hampton’s Kitchen, all you need to do is water the plant as enough light is already making its way into the room. A touch of green blends well with white. So, you do not have to worry about how this will turn out. 

In addition to this, you need a touch of wood. This could be the floor or ceiling. Do not worry about repainting the wood to white. You can allow them to have their natural brown colour. Kitchenware such as chopping boards and cooking sticks can be wooden as well. This allows you to feel nature in your kitchen.

For just 72 hours and online classes for three days a week, you can learn how to use items to decorate your living space. Enroll today at the Kitchen Design course and discover how much there is to be learned. 

If your home is surrounded by plants or a tree, often draw curtains to have a nature’s view from your kitchen. Nature is aesthetic and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

It is easy to decorate a kitchen on a budget. Especially if you choose to settle for the modern Hamptons kitchen style. This is because you do not have to fill all the available space with an item as with ancient décor. 

This type of kitchen also requires one to have free space to move around when making meals. So, you do not need bar stools to fill every available slot on your kitchen island. Also, you do not need to have cabinets installed on all your free walls. 

Minimalism is elegant as it allows your décor to stand out. Someone can easily notice your golden or wooden cutlery well placed on a countertop or a small plant placed in a noticeable area. The whole kitchen is well lit hence the owner can have an item placed at a strategic place for display.

Ceiling designs
If you are observant enough, you will notice there are a variety of ceiling plans and architectures adapted by many people. In a modern Hamptons style, they are a point for choice. Architectures come up with different ceiling designs depending on the type of house, location and the client's budget. 

Since we mentioned elegance earlier, you can have either exposed beam, coffered ceiling, tray ceiling, arched ceilings or high ceilings. All these are designed to ensure your kitchen stands out and attains a classy look. 

Ceiling designs entail lighting fixtures as well. Nowadays, people are willing to train others on the type and colour of lighting fixtures that suit their rooms. Others will prefer to have simple looks while others will prefer to go extra depending on their budget.

When it comes to learning how to approach clients and make budget arrangements that suit their needs, HDI will teach you all about it. Kitchen Design is as accessible as ever nowadays, so you better make the most of it!  

You will be trained in hour based modules on different décor styles and working on real-time projects. Enroll today before all slots are filled. 

In conclusion, designing a Hamptons kitchen and combining it with modern style is not hard. Using the above-elaborated features, you can easily modify some parts in your old kitchen or decide to go for a new look. 

If you have good taste in décor items and are a minimalist, this is the ideal décor style you should go for. You will not go wrong with this as it can be implemented under a workable budget Visit some sites such as Pinterest to see what ideas you can borrow to attain a good look in your kitchen.

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