Your guide to creating a stylish kitchen on a budget

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Your kitchen could be the place you walk into and no longer feel the motivation to cook. Or clean. Worry not, you are not alone, most people say they get bored of living in a monotonous environment and prefer having it changed to get a new look. 

You are probably asking yourself, but I do not have the money to make all the renovations I need. Lucky for you, you can work on a budget! Using the below-outlined tips, your space can be a new creation you never thought would come to life. 

Home Design Institute alternatively gives you short course modules you can use to achieve a look you desire. Whether you have prior experience in kitchen design or you are just starting out, HDI’s course is the place for you! 

So, what tips and tricks can you use to create a stylish kitchen under a pocket-friendly budget?

Paint your walls
Painting is a simple activity especially if you have seen someone do it before. I mean, it is just running a paintbrush over a wall, right? However, to achieve a smooth look, you need to have a clean wall. This means it should not have another paint or dirt that can create smudges.

This saves you the money you could have paid a painter to either repaint or paint your walls and cabinets. You can pick colors of your preference and attain a stylish look. Paint stores can also blend colors on the computer for you to come up with a unique palette that has not been seen before. 

Purchase affordable appliances
Stylish items do not have to be expensive. If you walk into different stores, you can do price comparisons and go for the best appliances within your budget range. Be careful however not to go for cheap items that are low quality. They will probably serve you for a short while before they become useless.

This can also be achieved by being on the lookout for holiday offers in different stores. Most items are always on discount hence cheaper to purchase. Taking advantage of such opportunities saves you the extra money that could be used to purchase the item.

DIY (Do It Yourself)
How creative can you be? You never know your limits until you go beyond your imagination. Being creative allows you to explore different ideas to achieve the desired look. For example, you can carve out a cooking pot from a piece of wood. Or take time to make a kitchen table and chairs. 

Have you been to a place your creativity has been challenged? For example, if someone asked you to design a kitchen in the forest where there is no electricity, what options would you go for? Which kitchen style would you settle for? Take advantage of an opportunity at Home Design Institute and learn how to adapt your designs to your needs.

DIYs are simple to come up with. You just need tools, a creative mind and the willingness to come up with something unique and classy. Ideas can be brainstormed, streamed on YouTube or Skillshare.

Install wallpapers
Wallpapers are cheaper to install and attain a classy look compared to painting. If you want a perfect pattern, but using 100 different paints seems like too much of a hustle – wallpaper is the way to go! 

Another advantage of using wallpapers is the ability to have different patterns on different kitchen walls. This saves you the time and effort to try and come up with a unique pattern for each wall. 

Since purchasing wallpaper for the entire kitchen can be quite expensive, especially for big kitchens, you can focus on a single area such as the cooking point or the cleaning point. Mainly, a wall that is mostly visible while in the kitchen. This creates a beautiful accent wall and makes the space more homey. Wallpapers are also a rent-friendly alternative to spice up your kitchen!

Use of plants
Plants are stylish, right? Especially those with different leaf patterns, different leaf colours or those that flower. Most homes are slowly adopting this and there is no limit to where a plant can be placed. It can be the living room, kitchen, hallway or patio. But those in high demand can be expensive. 

Instead, be smart and borrow some seeds or a section of a branch and plant it yourself. This could be easily done! Take a pot and paint it if you do not like the color or prefer a different one. You can decorate the pot however you like to match your style. 

If you have seeds, place them in the soil and spray some water. This will enhance germination. On the other hand, if you have a branch, place it in water for a few days until you notice roots or sprouts on the side. Afterwards, transfer into the pot with soil.

This saves you the money you could have used to purchase a plant.

Utilize your free space
As classy as it is to use minimalism, too much space can be disturbing. Always know how to fill up your free space. This can either be achieved by moving your kitchen items to occupy a central space or filling up the space with other items.

For example, tables are not as expensive. You can purchase a small table with at least two chairs to fill up the free space. Alternatively, you can bring up a big plant and make room for it by relocating items in your kitchen.

Visualization can be tricky. So, you can have a hard time creating a mental picture of how your ideas will turn out. But at Home Design Institute, you can learn how to visualize your ideas and implement them

Reuse items
If you have items that can be used in a kitchen space, utilize them. These could be sliding doors you removed from one room or cabinet doors you removed from your bedroom. These are elegant items that can be reused. 
When utilizing items that have been used before, ensure you avoid bigger items or smaller items as they will require you to resize them to fit well. If they do not fit well, you can sell them and use the new earned money to purchase a new item. 

Reused items are easier to repaint or change form. Take advantage of this and save yourself some coins.

Work within your budget
Most kitchen items are aesthetics and can lure you to go out of your budget as long as they are in your house. Do not be lured. When purchasing kitchen items, always ensure you work within your budget.

There are a variety of stores that offer kitchen appliances. Take time to compare prices in the different stores. If you have a specific store that you purchase kitchen items from, you can be given discounts or earn loyalty points. 

In conclusion, it is easy to attain a classy look in your kitchen and at the same time save your money. The above-mentioned features are tips you can use or share with your friends. Interior design is not a tough course. With a pass mark of 50%, you can be awarded a certificate by Home Design Institute and learn so much. Our lecturers are qualified, classes take place online twice a week and you get a chance to work with real models and valuable software.

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