Why cottage style kitchens are becoming popular again?

21.03.2022 Admin 1003
Are you someone who has a keen interest in kitchen design but never know where to start from? You could either be a homeowner with an urge to renovate your kitchen space or a student who wishes to venture into kitchen designs. Either way, you can start your kitchen design career at Kitchen Interior Design.

In case you are not sure of which kitchen style to go for, learning the history of kitchen designs and how they are making their way back into modern times would help a lot. Alternatively, you can pick more than one design and blend the two to come up with a unique idea. 

For example, if you are keen enough, you will notice cottage style kitchens are popular in many homes. This is because the arrangement of kitchen items, collection of vintage cookware and lighting has gradually changed to blend in with the cottage style.
Below are other factors that encourage embracement of cottage kitchen ideas:

Standing out among your peers makes you unique and earns you a feeling of respect. Yes, you read that right! If your home has a vintage look in the modern century, you are most likely to stand out. This is because almost all homes have the same kitchen plan and ideas from the placement of the cooker to the type of furniture they use. 

With a cottage look, you can stand out by having a wooden kitchen table and chairs. Alternatively, you can have a wooden sink with vintage taps. Before the invention of iron taps, taps were coated with copper. In modern times, people are gradually moving to motion censored taps. 

If you have a keen eye for detail, you will notice cottage décor is colourful and to detail. Often, patterns are symmetrical and align to fill in the whole space. This style is making its way back to the market but taking different forms by occupying a small portion of what is being decorated.

Patterns are not only on utensils but also on walls and cabinets. This is used to blend in the theme colour or break a colour monotony. Patterns are easy to come up with and create as one only needs to visualize an idea then actualize it.  But fnding the right pattern for your home is a hard task, so Home Desgin Institue comes to the rescue with its advices!

Allowing in natural light is a means of saving electricity resources big time. This is achievable by taking advantage of factors that allow in natural light such as big windows, glass doors or translucent rooftops.
In addition to this, homeowners and designers often agree to having low roofs and strategically positioning the windows to a point without obstruction. Light in the house is a huge topic. In case you’d like a chance to enrol in an institute, consider Home Design Institute where you can get more knowledge on this among other topics. 

Warm colours
An interior design article would be incomplete without mentioning the choice of colours. Different people have different colour preferences depending on the theme of the kitchen. White, for example, is a colour that has been embraced by a lot of people. Modern kitchens especially, have either the walls and ceiling painted white, kitchen electronics white or surfaces having a white theme. 

What most of us miss out on is that white kitchens have been in existence for a long time. The small difference is, the all-white kitchen theme became highly appreciated with the modern kitchen plans. But initially, people preferred having their kitchens white to easily spot dirt and create a sense of hygiene. 

Cottage kitchen style is not limited to bright colours only, earth colours such as dull brown and red are often used to slightly match redwood used to decorate the house. Boho décor is often used in bits due to the mud rugs used in the kitchen as towels and doormats. 

Anything that can be transformed into décor is the simplest answer given. However, you need to be creative and try out different formulas to come up with what you desire. 

Most people are never sure of what to use when it comes to decorating their kitchens so you are not alone. This is why institutions such as Home Design Institute, have two module parts where during the first 16 modules, students engage in the theory part and the second part which entails 8 modules students engage in the practical part. 

For as low as 690 EUR, 72 hours could make your life easier by putting the knowledge you gain into practice. To learn more, visit the course's page.

Interior design requires the first one to have the willingness, a keen eye and a creative mind. With these, you can place different things in your house to see how they turn out. If you like them, you can let the house rest until you come up with a different idea or item. So, yes, you can teach yourself interior design.

You can alternatively borrow ideas from other homes, the internet and creative apps such as Pinterest. Don’t be a copycat however, there is no limit to imagination.

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