How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Modern?

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Have you been nursing the idea of changing your kitchen aesthetics because they're outdated? You're not alone! Many old homes have kitchens that lack a modern vibe. But, just as you have a living room with modern appliances, you can also bring the contemporary style to your kitchen. Master the secrets of Kitchen interior design with the help of Home Design Institute

Most families consider the kitchen a vital part of their home. Sometimes, potential home buyers consider the kitchen before making their buying decision. So, it's okay to keep your kitchen modernized for better ROI on your property (if you're considering selling your home).

Also, many old kitchen designs are not functional and are not fit for a modern household where we need technology to do most of the jobs. A kitchen with the latest technology makes our life much easier and more organized. 

But, if you want to make your kitchen look more modern or give it that contemporary look, you have to do it right! You should know what you want or what suits your needs best.

To make your kitchen revamp easier, we've put together a list of 10 easy steps that will help make your kitchen look more modern and bring it to life.

Replace Metals
Old kitchens were made with metallic hardware that was common many decades ago. Today, many innovative materials with great designs are available in the market. So, this may be the time for you to change your old metallic lighting fixtures and drawer pulls. You can replace them with modern designs such as stainless steel, copper, matte aluminum and brushed gold.

Create Space for Natural Light
Natural light is very important to light up the modern kitchen. It can brighten up your kitchen and make it appear more spacious. 

Undoubtedly, modern kitchens are small, so you should consider creating a lot of space for enough natural light. Additionally, a modern kitchen with plenty of natural light and all-white color gives your kitchen a clean and classic look.

Change your Flooring and Cabinets
Your kitchen floor plays a great role in how your kitchen looks. Replace your old linoleum or vinyl flooring with a more sleek ageless material like tile, stone, or even wood. Such floors give your kitchen a modern style and increase the value of your home. Other popular options used today are ceramic tile, slate, and travertine.  
While going for modern-style floors and cabinets, go for minimalist and chic designs.

Remove Top Cabinetry
Upper cabinetry may be great for keeping essential items, dishes, and cookware. But, it can be replaced with something more modern and chic, creating room for more space. Upper cabinetry makes your kitchen feel crowded with little or no space for contemporary open shelving options, dishware, or decorative items.

Paint Your Cabinetry
This option applies if you're not interested in changing your existing cabinetry. It is the perfect option for you if you are on a budget. 

Go for vibrant or bright colors like bold blue or bright red. They'd give your old cabinet a modern look. 

Ensure that all stains and doors are painted and you're one step away at transforming your old cabinet into a modernized one. Brave decisions like this one are strongly incureged in kitchen interior design. 

Create a Sitting Space
If you cook a lot, your kitchen will be a very busy place in your home. So, you need to create a place where people can sit when they converge in the kitchen. It could also be a place where you meet for family dinners, lunch, or even breakfast.

You can opt for a bench or banquette, breakfast bar, or countertop stool to give your kitchen an elegant look. If you're a parent, you can attend to your kids as you cook. It can also be a great place to discuss and entertain your friends and family as you cook.

Replace your countertops
While yesteryear's kitchens are known to have cheap vinyl and tile grout, there are a lot of options for modern kitchens today. From natural stones like marble and granite to varieties of solid surfaces like resin and polymers, you can have an option or design that best suits your taste. So, think of natural stones, tile, concrete and brick when replacing your countertops.

Use Energy-Saving Appliances
As you work towards giving your kitchen the modern look it deserves, you should also save the earth's resources and money!

Replace your old appliances with energy-saving ones and change your plumbing fixtures if required. For instance, you can replace your kitchen faucets with slow-flowing ones if they're fast-flowing. This way, you'd be saving more water.

Add a Touch of Your Personality
Your kitchen is an extension of who you are and your home. So, express it! Giving your kitchen a modern look is not enough if a touch of your personality is missing.
A great way of doing this is hanging your favorite paintings, drawers, flowers or anything that depicts what you love. It could also be a cookbook, decorative elements, or anything that makes your kitchen can stand out uniquely.

Introduce Some Classical Touch
A kitchen with a touch of classic keeps your kitchen ageless and beautiful. Generally, few design elements last very long, and going for classic designs is a great way to give your kitchen a classical look.

Kitchens with sliding cabinets, push cabinets, and other modern designs will change your kitchen's look and last for a very long time. Generally, such designs will also improve your kitchen's aesthetics.

No doubt, modern kitchens are elegant, minimalistic and sleek. It creates a blend of functionality and design and a touch of your personality. 

When revamping your kitchen, you should work according to your tastes and needs. You should ensure that everything blends well and go for materials that last for a lifetime. Also, go for great bright colors and use different kinds of lighting that will effortlessly bring out your kitchen's beauty.

Always remember that the kitchen of your dreams is a kitchen that will speak of whom you are, and you'd always want to spend your time in there.

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