Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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A tiny kitchen can be challenging since you have little space to work with. Besides, organizing, cleaning and maintaining a tiny kitchen is not a walk in the park. Whether you have a large or tiny kitchen, there are always kitchen designs to meet your needs. The best way to learn about designing your kitchen to your advantage is by checking out Home Design Institute’s Kitchen Interior Design course

If you have a tiny kitchen and want the best ways to manage your space, these tips on kitchen design ideas for small spaces will help you make the right decision. 

Choose Minimalist Designs
Since you have a tiny kitchen, you have to keep your design simple. A minimalist design will help keep everything organized, and there'll be plenty of space. Choose light, bright colors, simple fixtures and accessories and similar tones and textures.

Choose Concealed Designs
Concealed kitchens are becoming one of the biggest emerging trends for small kitchen design. 

From stylish cabinets that don't take much space to touchable textures, sliding doors and multipurpose appliances, give your tiny kitchen a vibrant and stylish design. 

Moreso, designers are coming up with various unique ways to help us customize our kitchen to our taste regardless of size. 

One Wall Design Works Too
Many small homes with tiny kitchens choose one-wall designs to create room for space. 
In the one-wall or single-wall design, all the cabinetry and appliances stand on a single wall to create more space and give the kitchen a sense of openness. But note that this form of design requires careful planning as you get to create enough space for food preparation. Since the refrigerator and cooktop will take most of the space, you can use the dining table for additional space or use a butcher's block trolley.
With enough concealed storage, you can keep the casual dining zone and cooking area as clean and uncluttered as possible. 

Use Space Wisely
With built-in storage, you can make the best available space. Create space inside the cupboard doors to keep pot lids, racks for spices and other essentials. You should also ensure that shelves are fixed into the corners and extended to the top of the kitchen to enable you to store items you don't use every day. Keep mugs and cutleries in drawers and use your kitchen island for light eating and sitting.

 Utilizing any available space wisely is one of the most important steps when it comes to interior design. This is why it’s important to educate yourself on the topic with  Home Design Institute’s Kitchen Interior Design course
Use Drawers in Place of Cabinet
Pull-outs and racks are easy to use in drawers, saving so much space. On the other hand, Cabinets waste a lot of space because they do not come with dividers that you can use to distinguish a group of items easily. Also, you can easily access items stored in a drawer, keeping your kitchen much more organized.

Being a minimalist is to have a sustainable and stylish home with only what you need. By getting only the vital things, you can save yourself a lot of stress, time and money.
Declutter your drawers and pantry of things that aren't necessary and only add more items when they run out or get broken.

Use Modern Cabinet Designs
If you must use a cabinet, ensure that they're modern and customized to suit your space.
Also, go for cabinets specifically designed for tiny kitchens and watch out for key elements such as slim and sleek handles, tiny knobs, sliding doors or anything that gives your kitchen a contemporary look while making it appear larger than it is.

Use Shiny Reflective Materials
Incorporating shiny reflective materials into your kitchen design is a great way to make your kitchen appear larger than it is. Moreso, kitchens with glasses and mirrors tend to create an illusion of a beautiful kitchen with a modern look. So, incorporate the use of glass or mirrors in your cabinets. You can also choose to go for those that come with metallic finishes or reflective tiles.

Go for All-White Design
Even though it's been in use for many years, the all-white kitchen design isn't going out of style anytime soon. This is because white reflects lights and helps your kitchen look more spacious. But try as much as you can to be creative with an all-white design. You should go for woody, matte, glossy textures with a blend of cream, ivory, off-white, or grey. However, if you're thinking of the cost of maintaining an all-white design or it simply doesn't catch your fancy, there are several attractive color options to choose from.

Use Smart Appliances
If you've ever had to deal with several appliances with different purposes and one multipurpose smart appliance, you'd always choose the latter.
Smart appliances are easy to store, making our job as easy as possible.
Smart appliances will not take much space on your countertops, and it's a great way to create space. Also, you can use one appliance for 2 or even three things. For instance, a smart appliance will serve the purpose of a microwave and oven, and a coffee maker can also be used to boil water for tea.

So, you can't go wrong by going for heavy-duty or multipurpose appliances and making them built-in. 

Be Creative With Storage Options
Do not leave empty wall spaces to waste away. Instead, store pans, pots and cutleries and maximize storage using cutlery hooks, pot racks and magnetic knife strips.
Add shelves above the sink if there is a space there, hang storage baskets on the side of the wall and utilize every space. While doing this, keep your kitchen as organized as possible and avoid clutters. 

Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen
You need to breathe life into a kitchen with a small space. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating house plants and herbs into your kitchen design.
A pot of your favorite houseplant or herbs will add color, freshness, and life to your kitchen.

Every kitchen has what works for it, including a kitchen with small spaces. Our ideas on the best kitchen designs will help you make the best decision, and you do not have to incorporate the entire idea into decorating your kitchen.
Combining some of these tips will give your kitchen the perfect look you desire

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