How to Design a Modular Kitchen?

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The new-age modular kitchen has become an in demand all around the world because it is customized as per the requirements of the householder.

The modular kitchens stand out when contrasted with the customary woodworker made ones since they are ergonomic, and also they boost capacity and are advantageous to utilize.
Since the modular kitchens are factory production, so they have planned in detail as no changes can be incorporated when the modular kitchen is under produce.

So if this is the first time you are getting a modular kitchen design for your home, then don’t worry I will share with you some things or tips that you must keep in mind for design a modular kitchen.

9 Things to Consider When Designing a Modular Kitchen:

1 - Plan the Layout
It’s depend on your kitchen that what size you but you have to choose U shaped or L shaped layout because they guarantees great work process.

So, you have to follow the golden triangle rule, if you are starting design modular kitchen or in future you have planning, triangle is part refrigerator sink and hob.

Draw up a harsh sketch of your kitchen space prior to thinking about the layout, remember that large part of kitchen layout deciding how these three fundamental things collaborate with one another.

So, the main point is that the refrigerator and the sink become the center-of-attention, of the kitchen & the distance between each point ranges between must be four to nine feet.

2 - Counter Top Height
The counter height is very important to design a modular kitchen normally standard counter height for a kitchen is usually decided by the average height of people in a country, so your one who will decide the size of counter top height.

So in Asia, the counter top height is normally between 820 mm to 860 mm, make sure that the space between your kitchen cupboards and the countertop isn't excessive.

Because why if the countertop height is too high, it will create a problem for shorter people, to reach the upper shelves will be difficult.

3 - Colour of the Kitchen
Keep in mind that you should keep up with the kitchen in the longer run, so choose a single colour.

You can always choose a combination of the two colors scheme with contrasting colors, to maintain the overall harmony, think about a matte finish for the kitchen cabinets because a glossy finish shows fingerprints and smudges easily.

It will be good if to avoid a full white kitchen  the main reason is that full white kitchens demand consistent cleaning and also are high on maintenance as well.

Ensure that your kitchen colour goes all right with your overall home décor.

4 - Ventilation for Kitchen
There is a lot of heat in every kitchen because cooking is one activity that generates a lot of heat so that's why you have to make sure that has sufficient ventilation.

So, the normal kitchens have a chimney or an exhaust fan (or both) to vent out the frying fumes.

It depends on your home or kitchen location so if you have space/location then there should be a door in the kitchen which opens out to a balcony.

The benefit is that fresh air will become inside the kitchen and make sure that the smoke from the cooking doesn’t collect inside your house or in the kitchen.

5 - Kitchen Lighting
As we know there is nothing that can beat natural light flooding in through the window to lighten up your kitchen.

So, this is best if it is available for natural lighting in your kitchen but ensure that there is great lighting in the kitchen for the evenings and nighttime, the upward lighting will illuminate the ledge where the vast majority of the activity occurs.

It is energetically prescribed to make provision for under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the countertop, in such a way there is adequate task lighting for food preparation and cooking.

Under-cabinet lights are becoming most well-liked as they provide direct light on the countertop.

6 - Safety First In Kitchen 
One of the most important item to consider in kitchen is safety, from safe gas piping to curved countertops border but more important is when you design your modular kitchen then you think different methods that how you can make your kitchen safe.

Also, the appliances must be close to the switchboard' & also there should be some space between the basin and the stove as well, and having e a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.

7 - Corner Spaces
Frequently, while making storage shelves and cupboards, then normally we disregard the corners, but these days there are many options available to make the best use of corner spaces.
There are, many experts in the market who can help you personalize your layout & will help you to get the most out of the space available.

8 - Trash it Right
So many people prefer to keep the trash can in plain view because that it is easily accessible, also you can clean it very easily as well.

You can also make it behind a cabinet door or normally under the sink as well but never forget to ask for separate ones for your dry and wet waste.

9 - Optimise Storage
Analyze the storage requirements of the home and consider differently-sized drawers and cabinets for storing spices, pots, cutlery, utensils, and electronic appliances.

Optimize the vertical storage by rising the height of the overhead cabinets till the ceiling size.

Just add one thing more than gives one area for storing all the kitchen appliances and cover the appliances with a rolling shutter which can be opened horizontally or vertically.

So, I hope you obtain some ideas if you have planning to Design a Modular Kitchen for your own kitchen. But never forget, that these are just the basics, your one who will put in a lot of thought and research while doing your kitchen interiors because expensive investment is one time.

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