What is Shabby Chic Style and How to Incorporate it in Your Home

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What is the Shabby Chic style? It's a type of design that falls in between simplicity and glam. The look is often characterized by romantic, soft colors, worn furniture with distressed details, and lace accents. In this blog post we will discuss what Shabby Chic style means and how you can incorporate it into your home, also, what аrе the best colors, patterns and accents in this style and how you can decorate your home to look more inspiring and more cozy! 

What is Shabby Chic Style and when it was introduced? 

Shabby Chic style was introduced in the 1970s and it has gained huge popularity ever since. It is all about bringing old furniture pieces back to life by painting them, distressing them or giving them new fabric covers. You can also use some modern decor elements like artistic long Chinese style candle holders for example, but these items should be kept to a minimum if you want your home decorated in this style. 

 What are the main characteristics of Shabby Chic? 

When people think about shabby chic, they imagine romantic homes with vintage touches that have dainty details such as lace doilies, crochet pillows and flower-patterned fabrics on sofas and chairs. The best way to incorporate this interior design trend into your home is simply through all small details. You can paint the walls in pale colors and use some vintage accessories to give your home a shabby chic look without spending too much money on new furniture or decorations. 

How can I create a unique look for my home with Shabby Chic style? 

If you want to give your home an original shabby chic touch, you will have to be creative! You can paint the walls in pale colors and use some vintage accessories, but this is not enough. Another way of making sure that your room looks different than other people’s homes decorated in this fashion is by using modern items like concrete candle holders or funky furniture pieces like dining chairs upholstered in leather instead of fabric. Do you want to develop your own Interior design project and to expand your knowledge in this sphere? Then don’t hesitate to sign up for our Free Interior design course, where you will find many creative ideas! 

What are the Shabby Chic accents? 

Some of the most popular items that you should have if you want to decorate your house using this style are lace details, crocheted pillows, fabric covered chairs, slip covers for sofas with delicate patterns, embroidered table runners and wooden crates turned into side tables or shelves. Wood is also one of the main elements used when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere that fits perfectly with this interior design trend, but it needs to be painted white before being introduced into any room in order not to make the room look too dark.

If you want to achieve a shabby chic style, don’t forget about small details such as crochet pillows and lace doilies which are always on trend! This is not an easy design fashion to pull off but if you add some modern accents in your home, it will work wonders for your interior decorating ideas. You can have wooden crates turned into side tables or shelves with white paint being one of the main elements used when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere that fits perfectly with this interior design trend without making any compromises on style!

Try not overdoing it when adding new pieces of furniture decorated in Shabby Chic décor while keeping their original charm intact. It's not an easy design fashion to pull off but if you add some modern accents in your home, it will definitely work wonders for your interior decorating ideas! If you want to read more about different design styles, you can read the article "19 Tips to Create Cozy Atmosphere in Your Living Room". 

What is the difference between Shabby Chic style and Vintage style?

Maybe you still are uncertain about the main characteristics of Shabby Chic style and what makes it so unique? Here you can read about the differences between Shabby Chic and another special style -Vintage, as they are both in trend this year. 
Shabby Chic is a modern way to use vintage pieces. It has pastel colors, white furniture and items with lace or ruffles. Shabby chic style uses more fabric than wood. 

Vintage is older design that comes from the past typically in contrast with elements of current fashion trends. Vintage can include many different styles such as Art Deco, Victorian, Retro etc. The most common material used is metal for its durability over time. Metal was chosen because it is hardy due to its texture and ability to withstand wear through time without showing significant signs of damage. 
It also includes rustic finishes on metals which are seen in chairs with chipped paint or worn surfaces made by using harsh chemicals like bleach or acids. 

Shabby chic is a mixture of the old and new while Vintage tends to lean towards older styles that are no longer in fashion such as Victorian style furniture which was popular during the 1800s. Shabby Chic integrates rustic elements into modern design, like weathered wood and distressed surfaces on furniture, cabinets and other home decor pieces. This allows you to get away with using newer items without sacrificing an authentic vintage look. 

Shabby chic uses soft colors like pastels mixed with white whereas Vintage typically focuses on darker neutrals such as grays and blues. When it comes to light fixtures then Shabby Chic style often employs stained glass lamps for dim lighting where antique brass chandeliers would be used instead in a more traditional vintage interior. Do you want to become professional Interior designer and create your own Project and designer Portfolio? Then consider enrolling in our great long-term Professional Interior Design course online! 

What are the best colors and patterns for Shabby Chic Style?

The Shabby Chic style of decorating has been a very popular form of home decoration for many years. It is an enchantingly feminine alternative to more contemporary designs.
Shabby Chic uses soft, pastel colors that blend into each other without harsh contrast but usually includes a berry/wine-colored accent, if not as the main color theme. The walls are typically painted in off white, ecru, cream white or some shade of blue, pink, or lavender. This look can be achieved with faux finishes as well as hand applied pastels and glazes or antiqued paints over light woodwork and cabinets. Many people love painting their furniture pieces antique white to give them this shabby chic look. But some have begun using brighter colors such as green or purple to achieve a more modern look. 

Even though the Shabby Chic color scheme does not include bright, primary colors it can be achieved by using bright accent pieces to create this look or by painting your walls in different shades of blue combined with other pastel colors such as pink, soft yellow and lavender. 

The shabby chic color scheme should be used for all decorating purposes including accessories, sheets and bedding, curtains, upholstered furniture and even artwork. Accessories are usually made from old pieces of iron work that have been painted white to match the decor theme. Antique mirrors are also popular choices for this style of decorating, because they pick up both light sources as well as colors placed around them thus producing an enchanting effect. 

The most suitable colors and patterns of Shabby Chic style

Shabby Chic decor looks like it's on its way out the door, but this style is still alive. And, if you're into creating a cozy look for your home that expresses your inherent femininity without making it feel frilly or "old-fashioned", then Shabby Chic might be right up your alley.
So, what exactly does Shabby Chic entail? Well, think of an old painting (or furniture), with one part of it faded away; the edges tattered; the paint chipping off - this is where the idea of Shabby Chic comes from. But don't let this put you off - instead embrace that worn look and engender peace and calmness in your space with these touches that will come naturally the more you embrace the look.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate Shabby Chic into your décor:

The first thing to think about is color scheme. Generally, lighter colors work best for this style of decorating, so stick with delicate pink, peach, yellow and green shades to give a soft and feminine touch. In terms of actual paint colors, if you want to go down the DIY route simply add water to a 1/2 cup of white paint - it'll leave brush strokes across the wall that have an antique feel. You can also just buy a watered-down version from your local hardware store instead! Next up comes fabrics - while velvet may sound like a great idea in theory (and indeed it does look lovely), don’t underestimate fabrics that have a slightly worn look to them. Think linen and lace, for example, which both add an old-world vibe to your space. For flooring, stick with plain wooden boards or rugs made from natural fibers. 

Finally, when it comes to decorating use white furniture in combination with pieces in softer shades of cream and pink - this will help accentuate the overall Shabby Chic style you're going for. If you want a safe bet in terms of a particular color, then look no further than mint green! This light fresh color is perfect for adding a roomy feel to your space while still giving off an air of femininity. 

Some more creative ideas for your home in this amazing style!

If your old furniture needs a makeover, consider painting it with a glaze to add a worn and faded look. Alternatively, you could also sand down the existing paintwork for a more natural look. 

- When you shop for new shabby chic decorative items, pay attention to how they work together as a set - while one piece might look great on its own it can make other pieces in the same collection appear mismatched if not used correctly.

- Place mirrors around the corners or rooms to create an illusion of space; this can be particularly effective when using fancy antique gilt-frames (that are slightly worn) against walls painted pastel colors like peach or pale pink.

- If you're looking to add a wooden touch into your decor, then look out for wood-print designs that have a faded and aged feel - this will ensure the result has an antique appearance while still giving off a sense of nature.

- For more storage space, use one large cupboard (with plenty of drawers) in combination with many smaller pieces; this way you'll be able to create more room without sacrificing that shabby chic style!

- While dark furniture might seem like the opposite of what is generally considered 'shabby chic', let your imagination run wild here by creating something truly unique (for example, painting light colors over dark wood). 

- If you want to give any existing piece of furniture a shabby chic feel, try adding some books or plants in front of it to create the illusion that it's been 'dumped'. 
- If you're worried about having enough space for all your decorations, consider buying yourself an ornate mirror with lots of empty frames surrounding it - this will instantly emulate that sense of space and airiness associated with true Shabby Chic style!

- When going to the hardware store to pick up paintbrushes, why not invest in one that has a worn handle? Not only will this help give off a classic appearance, but it will also be more sturdy for use around your home.

- A great place to put a vase full of flowers is on top of an old stone table with a patterned top - this is sure to bring the Shabby Chic style into your home. 

- For the ultimate Feng Shui, place an ornate mirror opposite your front door so that it can reflect any positive energy that comes through it. This way you'll be sure to continue spreading good vibes with every visitor into your home!

How to design your Shabby Chic living room

First of all, it is important to choose the general color that will dominate. There are no limits to creativity or imagination here. You can use colors like pale pink, yellow, sky blue and so on. Is this your first time designing a Shabby Chic room? Let's see what you should take into consideration when creating the perfect living room for this style:
If you paint your wall white, remember not to block too much natural light with heavy furniture pieces. To make a small space look larger apply a very light shade on the walls and paint them with an eggshell finish instead of a flat coating -- this way they'll reflect more light. Light shades create an illusion of height. Do not decorate your room with heavy curtains as these will make your walls seem shorter. A simple solution for this is to do without any curtains at all and instead, use white or semi-transparent sheer fabric in window dressing.

A perfect example of how a room in Shabby Chic style should look like

Do not paint your ceiling the same color as your walls; they must be slightly different. Use off-white on the ceiling - this way it will increase the height even more! We recommend that you install crown molding around the top of the room to give off an old-world charm. If you want to have more light inside your living room, place some new windows on one of the walls. Wrought iron chandeliers can also give an authentic look to your space if you want to imitate a French style.

As for the design of room itself, you can decorate it with furniture from Shabby Chic collection. If your budget is limited - do not hesitate to find unique pieces from flea markets or etsy.com and paint them. Make sure that the colors of all items in your room blend well together by using white as a base color and contrasting soft colors for highlights. For example - choose pastel blue patterns for wall hangings, small curtains and lamp shades while applying white or cream couches with pink pillows or gray ones with yellow cushions. 

Your living room will look even more stylish if you add some flowerpots to its interior - they will bring out the best in every arrangement. You can arrange a beautiful flowerpot on a table in the middle of the room. Don't forget to include a fresh bouquet of flowers as well. 

Are you looking for furniture to give your Shabby Chic room an authentic look? 

Shabby Chic is, of course, more than just the set of your interior. A Shabby Chic room needs its own spirit and atmosphere that can only be achieved with the perfect choice of each little detail. This includes furniture, of course. 

You know what they say: "Put the right piece in every room". This statement is particularly true for your Shabby Chic room. You can have all the parts you need for this style but if they are not matching at least a little bit, it will look more weird than lovely. Since Shabby Chic is a mix of different styles and colors, there are no rules that state that you can't put modern or classic pieces into this kind of interior decoration. However, some aspects must be followed since the overall atmosphere requires it to be more naturally casual. 

It's all about creating a peaceful interior which gives you certain feeling of comfort and serenity; it's about polishing all the surfaces by making them look older.
Dust and dirt play a key role in this style. Try to make them look even more old by polishing surfaces 

- Always be careful with what tablecloth, pillowcase, or curtain fabric you choose - This style requires at least one vintage piece but putting some modern items into it can do no harm as long as they are matching. Also, use the color palette wise- for example, if you want to use dark blue for wall paint, don't put red furniture pieces. If you feel overwhelmed, combine shades of white/cream with any other color. Use your imagination in arrangement, even if it means putting a table upside down just because you can't find another way to do it - If you are about to use an item only once in your life for this style, think twice before purchasing or collecting it. 

How to create the best bedroom in Shabby Chic style?

The bedroom is by far the most important room of your house. It's where you go to relax, recharge and recuperate. If you want to make the very best out of it, you need to follow these 5 simple rules:

1. You must first determine what type of bedroom style suits you the most. No matter if it's Modern, Asian, Country or Shabby Chic, finding a suitable theme for this room is an absolute must! Let it be reflected in every corner! Before start decorating your bedroom, search for some ideas on Pinterest or other decorative websites that might inspire you. 

2. Once the overall atmosphere has been decided (and all necessary shopping undertaken), think about your color scheme. Although it's not as important as finding a wonderful theme, colors have a huge impact on the mood of every room. If you want to go for a 'relaxing' look, then pastel green and pink or milky blue would be a good choice. On the other hand, if a sleek and modern bedroom is what you're aiming for, try white combined with shiny silver or chrome elements.

3. Your next step should focus on choosing your furniture. Since Shabby Chic sets are not always available in local stores (because they mostly sell online), you can look up for some DIY ideas and all kinds of organized shopping lists that will make your life easier. 

4. Wall decor is another vital element when it comes to making your bedroom look amazing. Instead of going the traditional way and purchasing some modern art pieces, why not make a DIY project? You can use an exquisite piece of fabric or simply transform your walls in a more interesting way. For this style interesting accent can be adding gentle roses, lotus prints or other floral prints on the main wall paint. 

5. The last step would be to add small elements that will help bring together all these various parts and turn them into one great whole. The small details always bring huge difference and can create totally different atmosphere. Often, people tend to forget about details like candles, throw pillows, vases and rugs, Interesting tropical plants like Lemon or Pomegranate trees in Chinese glazed pots are excellent additions to make your bedroom place of tranquility.

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