19 Tips to Create cozy Atmosphere in your Living Room

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A cozy atmosphere is what most people want to create in their living rooms. It's the perfect way to relax after a long day or have friends over for some wine and cheese. If you are looking to create that type of environment, then these tips will help you out.
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1. Decorate your living room with warm colors

One of the easiest ways to make your living room cozy and inviting is by decorating it with warm colors. If you like inspiration, look at pictures in magazines or on Pinterest, choosing a color palette that makes you feel good and comfortable. Then choose some accessories for your home which will help you realize this chosen theme: rugs, pillows, curtains etc.

Don't be afraid to use colors in your home. Even if you like more neutral and pastel shades, don't forget that it's okay to add some color into the mix. For example, instead of painting the walls in gray or white - choose a vivid shade of green, which will make your living room look warm and inviting at once! After all, when we love something, we tend to feel cozy and relaxed in its presence.

2. Hang up paintings and pictures on the wall 

If you have paintings, picture or other art pieces that you love that will look good on your living room walls, then this is a great way to decorate the place. Hang up paintings and pictures, which can be created based on your personal style or even bought for this exact purpose. 

Although this can be difficult in a small space, it's important that you create your own sense of home. You'll also want to think about where pictures will look best and what style they should be. For example, if you're decorating with rustic furniture, then it might not go well with modern or very contemporary styles of artwork. If the intention is for the room to feel cozy though, I would definitely recommend going with something more neutral like black and white photography prints.

3. Add some plants to your living room 

Most of the people don't think about it, but plants are great for creating a cozy atmosphere. It is not only about adding some greenery to your living room - having indoor plants can also improve air quality in there. If you have kids or pets make sure that they won't harm any plant!

When decorating with plants be careful and choose wisely what kind of plant will fit into your climate zone. Even if you live in one place all year round, take care because sometimes temperature changes fast outside during spring time when days get longer after winter period. For example, you can add a few pots of low-light ferns or small palms near windows for that extra touch of nature indoors. Also, think about adding flowers because they will create nice scent in the room and make everything feel really cozy.

4. Buy an extra throw blanket 

An extra throw blanket is a great way of bringing coziness and comfort into your living room. All you need to do is make sure that the design fits with what you already have in mind, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to blend perfectly. 
You can also use your throw blanket as an accent piece in your living room. Try draping it over a chair and let its pattern peek through for added effect! Make sure you leave enough space between objects so that there isn't anything blocking it from view if people look at the whole picture of your living room decorating scheme.

5. Display your favorite books 

Books are the most cherished and treasured objects of household decor. They add a touch of personality and fun to your living room. They also allow you to show that you're well read or interested in learning more about certain topics. You can pick up books at thrift shops, garage sales, used bookstores and even online for cheap!
Books can be displayed beautifully on a shelf or coffee table in your living room, so everyone who visits feels welcome to pick up one and start reading. They also add for a cozy atmosphere automatically. You can even organize them by theme or color-scheme to create cohesiveness throughout the space.

6. Get rid of clutter in your living room

One of the most important steps for creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room is getting rid of clutter. It can make the space feel smaller and harder to move around in, so be sure you have enough storage for all your belongings. Let go of anything that isn’t being used anymore by selling it or donating it.

Having too many items makes the room feel even smaller than it already is and it’s making people uncomfortable while they are inside. You can store not used or needed items out of sight including bags, coats, shoes etc. Put them somewhere where you will not trip over them when walking around your home, such as storage closets or behind closed doors, so that there is more free space available for everyone to use comfortably. This may require some extra work initially, but after doing this once it should get easier each time with less mess afterwards. 

7. Make sure there's enough seating in the room

Think of all the people that might want to sit in your living room. You'll need an ample amount of seating for everyone! Try adding a few more seats than you think you really need, just to be safe. If there are only two or three chairs and maybe one sofa, which can seat at least three comfortably, make sure they're not too squished together - it looks cramped if the furniture is competing with each other for space on the floor.

If you don’t have a large living space, it might be helpful to buy clip on chairs so they can be moved around when they're not needed then stowed away for extra storage, without cluttering the place. It is also important that your sofa and chair are firm but comfortable, as well as look good with the rest of your decor.

8. Add a rug to the floor for a cozy feel

Rugs are a great way to introduce color, texture and warmth into your home. The right rug will bring out the best in your furniture as well as the surrounding decor. It can even tie together various elements of style that you may have going on throughout different rooms in your house. 
You’ll find that a rug on the floor adds a soft, cozy feeling and brings warmth and color into an otherwise cold environment of hardwood or tile floors. If you have carpeting already in place, adding a thin area rug will combine everything nicely. 
Rugs come in all different materials - from wool rugs which will last years if not decades with proper care, or synthetic ones that won't shed as much but don't wear quite as well over time. A rug can really tie the room together and give it a finished look and is also great for cold feet in winter months, so if you choose to add one, make sure it is big enough.
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9. Install a fireplace in your living room

If you are a big fan of warm atmosphere in your living room, then installing a fireplace must be the top priority. It will help to create cozy atmosphere for sure and it is one of the most elegant and luxurious things you can do to create an incredibly welcoming feeling inside your home, especially if it's wintertime already. 

Fireplaces are also great because they can be used for both heating and decoration. If you don't have a fireplace in your house, consider buying an electric one. It's not the same thing as real fire but it'll do its job and transform any living room into something cozy and warm.

A great tip for making your fireplace look even better is to highlight it with a mirror above it. Mirrors are great to open the space, so placing one above your fireplace is definitely something you should consider doing. You can also try putting some paintings on top of the mantle if you have any - they'll look beautiful especially when accompanied by candles and flowers.

10. Add some colorful pillows and blankets to make it even cozier

This can make a huge difference in creating a cozy atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes for your pillows and blankets, and they will definitely contribute to the atmosphere in your living room. 
The amount of color you add isn't as important as making sure the colors are bright and aesthetically pleasing. Brightly colored cushions will help draw attention away from any blank walls or empty spaces on the floor that may be causing the space to feel more stark than inviting. However, if opting for solid-color seating options, consider adding an interesting throw blanket or pillow with contrasting patterns instead. When it comes to decorating with patterned throws and shams, keep it minimal - just one per couch cushion - so they don't compete too much with your other soft furnishings, such as rugs textiles.

11. Make sure that all furniture matches each other in color and design

Do not mix up patterns or textures. It is important that all furniture in the living room have a similar style and color scheme, allowing symmetry to be achieved throughout the space. Mixing styles will create an uncoordinated look that cannot easily be fixed without spending more money on new items of furniture.

It is not necessary to buy a brand-new set of furniture to make this happen, but using all pieces in the same color and design will create the illusion that you have. If some items are different, try putting them together to achieve compatibility. For example: if your armchair has a light wood frame with blue cushioning, match it with matching cushions for other chairs or sofas nearby.

12. Use cozy furniture for maximum comfort 

Comfortable furniture should be able to fit your lifestyle. If you like to lounge on the couch all day, then get one that's plush. On the other hand, if you're more of an upright type who likes to sit up straight while reading or watching TV, go with something less fluffy but still comfortable enough for kicking back occasionally. You can also opt for a recliner chair instead of full-on sofa to save space in smaller living rooms.

When you decorate your living room it's obviously important to choose the right furnishing for maximum comfort. Sofas and armchairs with arms are great for snuggling into, so choose furniture that can not only look good but also provide enough support for your body. Pick a fabric that is soft to the touch, such as velvet or suede. Use pouffes and cushions in complementary colors to add pops of color without overwhelming your design scheme.

13. Add different lighting fixtures and lamps to the room

A living room should have a good lighting system that you can adjust depending on your preferences. You can use lamps, floor lights or chandeliers, but make sure they don’t overwhelm the rest of the design elements in your home decorating project.

Use small pendant light fixtures over dining tables where people usually gather together when having tea or coffee in conversation with friends and family members after dinner time activities . This will provide more intimate ambiance in the room. You can also Install dimmers switches on the lamps. Dimmers will allow you to adjust brightness level of your lighting and set up the best mood in the room, making it the perfect place for relax after a long work day.

14. Place some candles around the living room for romantic atmosphere

Candles provide a soft and warm light that makes your living room inviting and cozy. Whether you choose several small candles in votives or just one large pillar candle, place them on tables around the room so they can be easily seen when people walk in through your front door! This will create a mystical atmosphere and make your living room look romantic. It's best to use candles made of soy wax as they are more environmentally friendly and better for your health than other types of candles such as paraffin.

While adding candles, keep your safety first! Don't add too many around one place as they can be dangerous if not kept safe. Use candleholders that are wide enough so the flame won't burn something else than what it should and put them on stable surface where nothing can catch fire easily like carpet or wood flooring. Make sure there's no draft coming from any windows nearby because this might make flames jump up higher than intended making things very unsafe.

15. Hang curtains or blinds on windows or doors

Hang curtains or blinds on windows or doors for blocking out light. That's the first thing you can think about when you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. Curtains or blinds will not only make it more cozy, but also darker and warmer inside. 
Blinds can be good at limiting the amount of sunlight that enters into the space while still allowing you to view outside, but they often seem like too much effort when it comes to cleaning them, because you can’t just put them in the washing machine like you can do with curtains. Of course, that’s not a big deal for many people.

Curtains are great because they work well at both keeping harsh lighting away from your eyes while creating an ambiance within their folds. They can also help make a room feel more private if you want to keep the curtains closed during the day and open at night, as well as giving your living room an elegant and cohesive look.

16. Clean up after yourself 

Even the prettiest living room will fail to be homey and welcoming if it’s covered in dust, crumbs and garbage everywhere. It is important that you and your guests feel at home in your living room. In order to do this, you must ensure that the place is always clean and tidy. This also helps keep the atmosphere cozy when friends come over for dinner or if you have children who play on the floor most days out of a week.
If you eat or drink in the room, don’t leave it there - clean off your plate and put away any excess groceries. Vacuum to get rid of crumbs. Dust surfaces that are low enough for your cat to reach if they have a special place where they like to lie down. Dirty dishes should be cleared away, used towels and clothes picked up. This doesn't mean it has to look like nobody lives there but try not leave anything lying around for more than a day or two at the most. This way you won’t have an obstacle course if somebody new visits your place.

17. Hang a mirror on the wall 

If you have a small living room, every little bit of space counts. One simple yet effective way to make your apartment feel more spacious is by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite from where the entrance door is. If there isn't enough light in that area hang several mirrors up against each other - this will create an illusion of multiple windows and increase natural lighting within the room.
The mirror will reflect the light from both sides, making it appear larger than it actually is. If you don't want to hang a large mirror on your wall, try hanging one or two smaller mirrors instead. You can get creative by painting some of them in different colors, so they stand out against the rest of your décor.

18. Try out different types of textures

If you have a small living room, it is much better to not go with too bright colors. Instead, opt for a neutral color palette and try out different types of textures. Mixing up materials like tweed, jute weave fabric and flax linen will create visual interest which makes every space look interesting and well-thought through even without any additional decor pieces.

For example, a great idea is to combine soft textiles together with wood or stone elements for the furniture. You can play around with patterns as well create contrast by mixing up large-scale patterns on some pieces of your furniture while using plainer fabrics elsewhere. A simple way how to vary textiles is by covering one part of your sofa alternatively with towels or blankets which you can easily change whenever needed, depending on seasonality and interior design trends.

19. Put up shelves near windows

Decorate shelves with your favorite books and trinkets. This is a great way to add color, while still maintaining a sense of order in the room. Plus, it provides extra storage space for everything from cookbooks to coasters to candles.
Creating an inviting environment for your living room might sound hard, but it doesn't have to be at all if you use those steps. All it takes to create that feeling of warmth and coziness in your home are just a few tips on the decoration of the place. It can be as simple as choosing warm colors for walls or hanging up some beautiful paintings on them - you will have an instant transformation from a boring space into a warm and inviting one within no time. In addition, having ‘your’ place that is homey and relaxing will take the stress away after a long day at work or any other stressful event. This will make you feel grateful for taking the time to make it perfect.

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