22 Amazing Design Ideas for a Small Bedroom

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Small bedrooms are a design challenge. Designers have to find ways to make the most of limited space, but this does not mean that you can not get creative! Here are 10 amazing designs for small bedrooms that will inspire you. If you want to get more knowledge in interior design you can enroll in the Interior Design Fundamentals free course at  Home Design Institute.

Paint the Walls a Light Color to Make it Feel Bigger

If you have a small bedroom, it might feel like your space is too tiny to even move around. That is why the first design idea we have for this room is getting rid of some of those dark colors and using light ones instead. So, the first thing that you need to do is choose a light color for the walls. The room will feel much bigger and brighter, but still be soothing for your eyes. A white, off-white or beige will help with this - any pastel shade is good for making that room look larger than it already is. It will also give you a blank canvas to change up your decorating style depending on what kind of mood you are in. You can use wallpaper as well if you want and still keep things feeling spacious. 

Paint the ceiling with lighter colors as well, so that your brain feels like this room is taller and more spacious than it really is. 

Keep all Furniture on One Side of the Room for an Easy Layout

As you get started on designing your small bedroom, one of the first things to do is decide which side of the room will be used for furniture storage. By keeping all furniture on one side and pushing it against the wall (or walls if needed), you eliminate any complicated “where should I put this” dilemma that might arise in a smaller space. This setup also creates a clear division between where people are meant to sleep from where they store their clothes at night so everything feels clearer as soon as someone walks into the room - no more double guessing!

Add Storage Space With Some Built-in Cabinets or Shelves in Your Room

You want to make sure your room looks clean and organized for as long as possible. That is why you need storage space, where you can store clothes or other items that might not have a place in the rest of the house. Luckily there are many ways to add storage space without taking up any additional floor area in your bedroom. You could install shelves on an existing wall surface, build some built-in cabinets into one side of the room, or use a dresser with drawers under it instead of being pushed against a wall like normal furniture would be used for. It does not matter which idea you choose (depending on how much money and time you have available), but having more easily accessible storage will help keep things looking nice and tidy for when guests are over and will make your bedroom seem bigger. 

Use Only a Few Large Pieces of Furniture and Keep Them Simple

One of the best ways to achieve a clean and airy look for your bedroom is by using only a few large pieces of furniture. The trick is not to overdo it with too many small things, which will only make the room feel cluttered. It is also important to keep in mind that you want these large pieces of furniture to be simple so they do not compete visually with each other or overpower the space you have available. A great example would be an oversized dresser paired with a matching bed frame and headboard. You can even add some extra storage elsewhere in the room if needed - on top of shelves, under nightstands, etc.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Light Around the Room and Make it Feel Bigger

Mirrors are the ultimate illusion for a bedroom. They reflect light, create an expansive appearance and make small rooms appear larger than they actually are. It is common to see full-length mirrors in walk-in closets or dressing areas of bedrooms but you can also use them as accent pieces on walls near windows so that natural sunlight is reflected into dark spaces. If your room has lots of corners, cover up some blank space with floor-to-ceiling curtains and then hang smaller ones from each curtain rod; this will give the impression that there is more window surface area without taking up too much wall space. Mirrored surfaces bring visual depth and dimension by reflecting color and texture back onto themselves so consider using mirrored surfaces to add some visual interest to a room.

Add an Area Rug Under your Bed to Create More Space and Add Warmth to the Room

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find one that will fit your space. If you have a small bedroom, an area rug under the bed can help create more space for storage as well as add some warmth to the room with its patterned design.

An area rug is also likely more affordable than buying new furniture or painting walls! The natural color of this rug makes it perfect for anyone looking for something neutral but stylish. It has plenty of hard wearing wool which feels thick and luxurious against bare feet on cold mornings
This is a great way to create more space in your bedroom and keep it cozy. It also absorbs sound, which can be helpful for sleeping. This option looks especially nice if you have hardwood floors or dark carpeting since the rug will contrast nicely with those surfaces!

It is also important not to neglect any storage space under your bed because that is where all of your clothes live (side note: do not forget about cleaning out this area periodically!). You want as much room as possible below the mattress so make sure there are no objects taking up too much floor space without adding functionality first.

Add Bright Lights Overhead so that Everything is Illuminated Well

This is the most important thing you can do for a small bedroom. If there are no windows, it will be dark and claustrophobic in there all day long! A bright overhead light helps make this room feel more spacious and comfortable - like an actual living space.

There are several ways you can add extra light to any room. One of the best is adding lights overhead so that everything in your small bedroom will be illuminated well, creating the illusion for a bigger room.  You can also brighten up the space with some natural lighting or a beautiful chandelier for an elegant ambiance.

Choose a Low-slung Bed

Designing for a small bedroom may seem like an impossible task, but with careful planning it is possible to have both space and style. One of the best ways to save on floor-space is by installing low-slung beds that rest just off the ground instead of sitting high up off the floor. This will provide enough room underneath for storage or even as a reading nook!
Beds can be lowered by using legs which come in different heights depending on what you need your bed height to be - from about 60cm (24 inches) off the ground all the way down to 15cm (six inches). 

Choose a Lithe Bed Frame

If you have a small bedroom, it can be hard to provide enough space for the bed. And if your frame is too large or takes up valuable floor and wall space, the room will seem even smaller than before. The key is to find a lithe bed frame that does not take up much more square footage than what is needed to house its mattress and box spring. 

Ultimately, a bed frame is just that - an accessory. It is the 'frame' of your bedroom. So imagine if you could choose from any style or shape for this piece: Would it be slatted? Solid wood? A low to the ground design with clean lines and modern angles?  All of these are good choices but I recommend something streamlined to minimize visual clutter in your small space.

If possible, try avoiding footboards so as not to obstruct walkways or doorways. Alternatively, make sure there are plenty of pathways between furniture and avoid placing different pieces in close proximity. 

If you are looking for a frame that does not take up an enormous amount of space, consider opting for a platform bed - this style is already low to the ground and can be constructed even lower by adding risers. If your budget allows it, go with metal or wood construction - these materials are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand years of use.

Keep in mind: platform beds without headboards allow more bedroom floor space than traditional ones do because they do not take up as much vertical space on either side and corner models offer extra storage. But if you prefer something more conventional, try out sleigh beds instead - their curves will help them blend into any room's aesthetic while also lending some visual width.

Streamline your Bedding

A small bedroom will feel more spacious if you minimize the amount of bedding on your floor. For example, use a duvet instead of a top sheet and just one pillow. You can also tuck sheets in between the mattress and box springs to create an impromptu headboard that gives height without it taking up precious space or leaving the room feeling too cramped.

Another trick: place the bed against an interior wall of the house instead of in front of windows. This will give you more floor space as well as create some separation between where people sleep and where they get dressed in the morning - a win-win!

Light your Small Bedroom with Sconces or Hanging Pendants

A small bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to lighting and this can make the room feel dark. Sconces and hanging pendants are the perfect lights for a small bedroom. You can find them in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you are looking to create an intimate ambiance or want some ambient lighting that will not affect your sleeping rhythms then sconces might be just what you need!
Lighting is one of the first things people notice when they walk into any room so it is important not to neglect this element when decorating a smaller space like a bedroom. One great way to ensure soft light without being too bright is by using lamps with dimmable bulbs such as halogen type or LED bulb types which offer adjustable brightness levels depending on how dark you'd like your room to feel at night time.

Install Floating Bedside Tables and Shelves

Install floating bedside tables and shelves for the illusion of more space. This idea is perfect if you have enough floor space to fit a full-size bed, but not much else. A good way to maximize your use of vertical in this room would be by using these pieces as night stands or bookcases on either side of the headboard.

A second option that utilizes an entire wall is to install shelving units with various levels and heights (both high and low). Mounting them at different angles will create dimension without taking up any additional floor area. If you have limited storage needs, keep it simple by mounting one shelf across the length of the wall - this can also serve dual duty as a TV stand.

Toss the Extra Pillows

If you are lucky enough to have a little space in your bedroom, consider tossing the pillows and other items that take up so much room. This will make the area feel more spacious without an artist's rendering or major changes. Instead, use coasters on tables and shelves for decoration with books lined up along bookcases for some added ambiance as well as not touching surfaces of furniture that can be easily scratched when it comes time to clean them. If your bed is against a wall, hang curtains high enough so one does not need to get out of bed if they want privacy from onlookers while changing clothes and such- this also helps keep sunlight out during daytime hours.
Buy a Bed with a Built-in Drawers

One of the best ways to save space in a small bedroom is by buying a bed with drawers. This way, not only do you have more storage but your room will also feel bigger. There are many beds available that come complete with built-in desk and shelves which can prove very helpful when it comes to maximizing space for books or other items. Plus, they are perfect if you are looking for somewhere discreet to store an ironing board too.

The right kind of furniture design also plays an important role in making any room feel more spacious - no matter how small it is. Additional pieces such as ottomans with storage are an excellent way to create extra living area while keeping things simple and minimalistic enough that they will not take over the entire room when guests arrive for a visit.

Consolidate Clothing in a Large Armoire or Dresser

Clothing is one of the most important things we keep in our bedroom and it can very easily take up a lot of space. To make more room, store your clothes on hangers or hang them from hooks attached to the wall so that they are off the floor. A large armoire or dresser will maximize available storage for clothing as well. Just be careful not to put anything too heavy on top which could cause shelves to buckle over time.

Once you have got all your clothing tucked away nicely in these pieces of furniture which are usually available with mirrors on top as well so they act like ideal dressing tables too - then make use of any free spaces around them such as a sliding door wardrobe closet or unused corner at the end of the bed where there might just be enough room for another small chest of drawers or even a shoe rack.

Replace your Headboard with a Wall-mounted Shelf

Replace your headboard with a wall-mounted shelf. If you are lucky enough to have space for one, this is the most elegant and economical solution for storing bedroom necessities, like books or clothes without requiring any floor space. The best way to do so on either an existing or new wall is by installing tracks in order to hang panels of glass that can be easily removed when not needed. This beautiful idea also has the added benefit of bringing daylight into even the tiniest room. Choose one with built-in lights or use see-through shelving so that when light shines through from above, it will illuminate any objects placed on top. If there is not enough floor space nearby for such a large object, try mounting two smaller shelves side by side instead. They will still provide plenty of storage while adding dimension to the solid flat surface of the adjacent walls.
Use Shades or Shutters

A simple way to make any small bedroom seem more spacious is by using shades, shutters or even just white curtains. By not blocking the windows with heavy drapes and allowing natural light in you will create a feeling of openness that is hard to achieve otherwise. And if you do not want to cover your windows at all for some reason, try painting them white instead- it has the same effect! You can also go as far as removing walls (or doors) but this may not be practical unless your room doubles up as an entrance hall or something like that.

Create an Accent Ceiling with Paint

If you have a sloped ceiling, it could be painted in an accent color to create the illusion of more height. You don't necessarily need a paint kit for this one - just grab some painter's tape and go! Instead of using all white, try painting in contrasting colors to create dimension and depth within the room. This idea would work best if you have an unobstructed view from one side or another so that it creates a focal point when people walk into your bedroom.

Use High Drapes to Create the Illusion of Space

Drapes are a great way to create the illusion of space. If you have tall window ledges, consider using these as an anchor for your drape system and hang it high from the ceiling so that it frames and embraces your windows. The eye will be drawn upwards towards this focal point rather than down into what may otherwise feel like a small room.

The best thing about drapes is they can easily be styled in many different ways - if you do not want them hanging all the time, simply tie them back on hooks or clip rings at each end with tension rods running across floor-to-ceiling rails set up behind each other.

Mellow Palette

The muted colors of a mellow palette are perfect for small spaces as they help to create the feeling of warmth and calm. This color scheme is also very soothing and calming - perfect if you are looking to unwind after work or school.

Big Bold Wall Art

Bold wall art is a great way to make your bedroom feel larger and more dynamic. A big, bold piece of artwork right above your bed, for example, can be just the thing you need to dress up an otherwise bland space and to make it the focus of attention, giving it more depth. 

Keep Low to the Ground

The best way to make your small bedroom seem like it is not so small is to keep low to the ground. This will give you more floor space and also help with any clutter around the room that might be making it feel smaller than it actually is. The lower level of a bed, in this case, can really brighten up the place. A low bed frame not only accommodates a smaller bedroom, but it can give the room an airier feel. You might want to try using furniture with lower legs and upper shelves that sit below eye level for storage. A bench or console table is also perfect if you have limited space near your window without obstructing the view outside.

In conclusion, a little creativity and imagination can have your small bedroom looking larger than it is. You may not be able to add more square footage in the room, but you can make better use of the space you have and make the room feel open and inviting, using visual illusions and decoration tricks. If you want to get more knowledge about the topic, you can enroll the Bedroom Interior Design course at Home Design Institute!

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