What is Japandi Interior style?

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When it comes to interior design, there are many trends in the market. One trend that is really popular right now is Japandi style. What does this look like? The best way to explain it would be if you took a modern and western styled home and mixed in Japanese elements for an interesting fusion of styles. This includes things like bamboo floors, sliding doors, rice paper screens, and more. If you're interested in incorporating this look into your own home but don't know where to start, read through our blog post on how Japandi style homes work!

What is Japandi Style?

The word Japandi is derived from the Finnish words "Japan" and "modern." It's an interior design style that uses modern touches to give a traditional look. The idea behind it is using contrasting elements but in harmony with one another, such as old furniture alongside new ones or vintage accessories mixed with contemporary pieces.  It was made famous by designer Ilse Crawford who referred to it as "the marriage of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese aesthetics-feminine yet unpretentious." Named after her children Janne & Panu, their initials combined spells out 'JAPANDI'. Her inspiration for this trend came from the family trips she took back home when they were kids where they would visit Japan every summer. If you would like to expand your knowledge in Japandi interior style in a professional way, consider to enroll in the specialized course "Japandi Interior Design" of Home Design Institute, starting on 22 March 2022! You will learn many innovative ideas for your home, and moreover you will be able to acquire Professional Certificate. 

How to achieve the look of Japandi Style

An interior design style that is inspired by the architectural elements of Japan, and has been popularized in Western countries. Japandi Style can be achieved by incorporating Japanese-inspired materials into a room's décor such as shoji screens or tatami mats. The Asian influence also extends to different types of furniture, from sofas with Buddhist leg rests to chairs upholstered in silk fabrics featuring cherry blossoms arrangements on their fabric patterns. Traditional art objects are often included for decoration purposes and some people even display plants around their sitting area.

The importance of color in a room with Japandi style

A room with Japandi interior style is not going to have colors that clash. The color does, however, play an important part in the design of a space and should be taken into consideration when designing your room. A very popular choice for accenting furniture or walls is yellow as it contrasts well against white surfaces. If you are looking for a way to make your room stand out but do not want too many bolder shades of colors, then consider light pink, which has been trending this year. It can also work well with black accents if you want more contrast.

Decorating tips for achieving the look of Japanese style

A common misconception is that Japanese interior design has a specific theme. In reality, the appearance of traditional Japanese homes varies from region to region and even family to family. If you want your home to have an authentic feel then it's best not to strictly adhere to one look or style, but instead combine different elements, in order to achieve a personalized touch on what really belongs most closely with you as individuals. The things which are typically seen when looking at this type of design include clean lines, natural materials such as wood and paper, reflective surfaces like glass and metal all while maintaining minimalism throughout the space. Although there are some differences between Western styles because they often reflect culture through color schemes for example - white being considered a symbol of purity. 

Why you should make your bedroom feel like an oasis?

You spend more than one third of your life in bed and if it's not a comfortable sleep environment, you're going to be tired all day. Make sure the mattress is in good condition and provides adequate support for your back. Your bedroom should have ample storage space so that clutter doesn't pile up in the room. Use mirrors strategically to make small spaces feel larger - this will also help increase natural light exposure which can improve moods. A tasteful aroma diffuser or aromatherapy candles are great ways to make your bedroom smell nice but don't forget about fragrance free items too like fresh flowers, plants, potpourri, etc...

How to create a minimalist space that feels luxurious

The first step to creating a minimalist space that feels luxurious is selecting the right materials. The best way to do this is by finding items with natural textures and rich colors, like those from Japandi's collection of rugs. This will give you an easy-to-accomplish look for your home without going through all the trouble of assembling it yourself or choosing expensive pieces. You can also choose paint colors based on high saturated hues (such as red) since less color means more white light bounces off walls giving them their luminescent appearance in any room they're placed in - just make sure not to go overboard with these choices too!

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