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How much does an interior designer make? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are considering becoming an interior designer. If you want to be successful and financially stable, then you need to know the answer! Interior design salaries vary depending on the size of the company, location, and experience level. In this blog post we will go over some general information about what it takes to become an interior designer so you can decide if it's right for you! 

The first steps to make is to understand the essence of Interior Design and what it is related to.  There are multiple different kind of Interior Designers, and it is a vast field to research and specialize.

What is an interior designer?

An interior designer is a professional who plans and equips the inside of buildings or houses. They often work with architects to design homes, offices, schools, stores and other structures. In addition to designing furniture layouts in rooms such as living rooms and kitchens, designers may also be responsible for picking wallpaper colors or choosing paint hues that will complement the decor. Interior designers are usually educated at art school programs where they study architecture (a structural engineering), graphic arts (an illustration) or industrial design (product design). Also, an interior designer is someone who knows and understands the design process, from listening to your needs as a client to creating an appropriate space for you. They work on everything from designing furniture layouts in small offices to planning floor plans in large residential complexes. The best way to think about it: they are architects with less of a focus on construction issues. 

Based on our special research unto 28.07.2021 on the Interior Designer salaries and their values, we have the following information:

10th Percentile Interior Designer Salary      $29203 US July  28, 2021
25th Percentile Interior Designer Salary         $38302 US July  28, 2021
50th Percentile Interior Designer Salary         $44458 US July  28, 2021
75th Percentile Interior Designer Salary         $53007 US July  28, 2021
90th Percentile Interior Designer Salary         $57323 US July  28, 2021

Salary with bonuses:

10th Percentile Interior Designer I Salary $30103 US July  28, 2021
25th Percentile Interior Designer I Salary $39702 US July  28, 2021
50th Percentile Interior Designer I Salary $45635 US July  28, 2021
75th Percentile Interior Designer I Salary $54109 US July  28, 2021
90th Percentile Interior Designer I Salary $58629 US July  28, 2021

What are the benefits of becoming an interior designer?

Becoming an interior designer can be a rewarding career. Interior designers are responsible for creating functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments in which people live or work. They use their expertise to solve design problems creatively by selecting colors, textures, furniture and other furnishings that meet the needs of a client's lifestyle along with budget constraints. The job is as creative as it is practical--many opportunities exist for those who love decorating their own home! An interior design salary is pretty nice. It’s a job where you will find yourself working anywhere from 60-80 hours per week, but at the same time it can be very fulfilling to live out your creativity on a daily basis with clients and see their vision come together in reality. The benefits of becoming an interior designer are that there are great opportunities for advancement within the field if you're committed to investing in training and education. You'll also get exposure to other areas of business such as construction, marketing, sales, etc., so it's not just about designing spaces - which is another perk! There are also major perks like being able to travel when needed or doing work remotely or as a freelancer. 

Why should I study to become an interior designer

Overall, Interior Designer is a very trendy, rewarding and respectful profession. The average salary of professional Interior designer can be very appealing – like more than $80,000 or more per year. The field is both creative and practical, which appeals to many people who are interested in interior design but not architecture or construction-related fields. There is also an enormous amount of job security with the current state of the economy making it difficult for home buyers to purchase additional property; this leaves them stuck renting when they would prefer their own space in which to live. As such, there will always be demand for quality interior designs that meet renters' needs while still projecting personality into those living spaces - no matter how bad things get financially. The world is taking on a new look. Every day, we are surrounded by beautiful homes in magazines and TV shows that often make us want to change our own furnishings or paint the walls of our home. These days, who hasn't thought about what type of furniture they would like for their living room or how they would redecorate their bedroom? Interior design is an industry with a lots of opportunities and possibilities. The interior designer does not just choose colors, fabrics, shapes and textures; he/she also has input into more technical aspects such as layout planning, textiles selection (both hard surfaces such as curtains and other soft materials), window treatments, color schemes and lighting. 

Is it worth going into debt to get my degree in Interior Design

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. If you have the financial stability and are able to make your debt payments, then it may be worth getting an Interior Design degree. However, if you aren't financially stable or don't think that you'll find enough work in order to pay off those debts, then it might not be such a good idea after all. The job market for Interior Designers has been trending down over the last few years so there's no guarantee of being able to land one right away. Additionally, many Design schools require students take out loans which can rack up total costs at upwards of $200k! And even though salaries vary depending on location and experience level -they're generally around $50-$70K. (Note: this is based on research focused on salary of Interior Designer in USA and Europe)
Now we are going to the most important question for this research. 

What is the salary range for a professional interior designer?

A professional interior designer can expect to make anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 per year. However, some factors that could increase a person's salary include education level and experience. For example, an entry-level interior design worker who has gone through the proper training will likely start at around $40K for an year, while someone with more than five years experience may earn upwards of six digits annually. The median income for this position is about $60k to $70k annually in 2016 according to Payscale. This number varies greatly depending on the type of work being done as well as in which country you live. This is valid specially for European countries, as they have quite different economic development. 

How much does an interior design degree cost? (focused on research for US and Europe)
What does it cost to get an interior design degree? This is a tough question to answer, but one that many people are asking as they look for their next step in life. The truth is, there are so many factors that go into the price of this type of education and you need to carefully consider all these aspects before making your final decision. In this article, we will explore what makes up the total cost of getting an Interior Design Degree and help guide you on whether or not this investment is worth it! 

The price of tuition at a four year college is usually broken down into two parts - in state and out of state. This can be an important difference as you might find that the cost for one type over another can be drastically different. For instance, if you are looking to stay local and go to school in your home state, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000-$25,000 per year. On the other hand if you are looking at going out of state and pursuing an education in a different area of the country; then you will be looking at paying around $32,000 -$42,500 each year for tuition alone.

How much does an interior designer make per hour or year

You can guess the income if Interior Designer is quite appealing, considering the amount of schooling required for this profession and what they actually do to complete their tasks. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, median pay for architects in 2014 was $78,210 while those working as designers made a little less at $71,710. There are some other sources that offer pay scales for jobs within the design field but most don't mention annual or hourly salary expectations specifically, just salaries themselves (like here). With an estimated average cost of tuition being around $50K-$60K, it seems like anyone who wants to work in this career should be expecting relatively high wages when entering it.

Is it worth the investment to become a professional interior designer

It really depends on the market you live in and how competitive it is. Despite what many people may think, there are still a lot of jobs available for interior designers across the United States. There are a lot of perks to being an interior designer. You get to do what you love for work, which is really great, if your passion has anything to do with design! It's also rewarding because when someone tells you that they're happy about how their home looks and feels like, as a result of your hard work—that feeling can't be beat. But there are some drawbacks too. For one thing, the pay isn't all that amazing (although this will vary depending on where you live). And it could take years before getting enough experience so that you start earning top salaries in the field. But these negatives shouldn't deter anyone from considering interior design as a career path! Interior designers have excellent job security and opportunities for advancement. On average an Interior Designer can expect to earn a salary anywhere from $30,000-$150,000 annually depending on experience and years in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that demand for Interior Designers will continue to grow faster than most other occupations through 2024 which means more opportunities for career growth as well! There's no set salary that all professionals make; there are too many variables involved to cover that topic comprehensively here - location, cost of living, experience level etc will affect how much someone makes.

What will my job responsibilities be as an Interior Designer?

An interior designer may be responsible for compiling design plans, creating sketches of designs and renderings based on the client's requirements. A professional with this job might also have to work closely with suppliers for materials or equipment that is needed in order to execute their ideas. Educational Requirements: This position typically requires a degree in Interior Design from an accredited college or university as well as many years of experience working in related fields such as architecture, engineering, real estate development, construction and business management. The work of an interior design ranges from designing office spaces to hotel lobbies. It may also include the development, planning and construction of public places like schools or hospitals as well as private residences and commercial establishments such as restaurants and retail stores. The process includes researching existing needs for space within a building's structure, deciding on amenities needed in that specific area (i.e., lighting, heating/cooling), considering cost-effectiveness and developing layouts which take into consideration the means of transportation between rooms; if one room is not accessible by wheelchair then another must be provided with those features. They will provide recommendations about color schemes for walls, furniture selection for each room based on need, choose appropriate materials to use throughout the facility including carpeting. Some designers choose not to complete any formal coursework, but they are able to find positions through self-study courses provided by museums or other cultural institutions which offer enriching educational opportunities. 

Should I major in Interior Design in college

The most common question people ask themselves when they are choosing what college major to choose is, “Is this the best way for me to make money?” If you want an answer from those who have chosen interior design as their profession and maybe even built a career with it, then let us break down some of the facts. In terms of gender distribution male designers outnumber female ones by about two to one. They also tend to earn more than women working in similar positions. The average salary for men was $76,000 while that figure was just over half at $56,000 for women (2010). Salaries increase depending on the size of company or firm where the work is being done. If you want to get into the degree program, then it's a good idea. If not, there are plenty of other ways to go about getting your foot in the door as an interior designer without going through four years of college coursework! You could take some classes at night or online if you're too busy during the day and figure out what exactly you like doing best before committing yourself for all that time and money. Some people may be able to start out with entry-level work simply by applying their skills from another profession such as sales or construction. The field is changing rapidly so even finding something related but different can help keep up on new developments.

What are some of the best schools for Interior Design majors? 

The best schools for Interior Design majors within the territory of USA are Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Art Institute. These three schools all have a major in this field and offer great courses to help prepare students for employment or further education after graduation. There is also more than one location so that they can be close enough to potential employers like New York City, Boston, Los Angeles etc. With these institutions there is less chance at having difficulty finding work as an intern or graduate because it's easier to find placement with companies near the school's campus if you're already attending classes there. 

How do you get into this field and what kind of education is required for these jobs?

A bachelor's degree in interior design is necessary to work as an interior designer. However, for entry-level positions a related college major may be accepted depending on the type of company you would like to work with. Interior designers must have excellent organizational and communication skills because they are responsible for communicating designs from conception through implementation. They also need knowledge of mathematics and computer software programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Architectural firms will require candidates to have at least five years experience while product manufacturers usually expect three to four years' worth of experience before considering someone for employment opportunities within their firm.

What does a typical day at work look like for an interior designer?

A typical day at work for an interior designer is filled with many different tasks. When projects are in the design stage, designers may be sketching or drawing ideas by hand and using AutoCAD to create models of the space before presenting them to clients. Once a project begins construction, it becomes their responsibility to ensure that everything comes together as it was planned, in order to meet budgets and deadlines; this includes overseeing furniture placement during installation periods as well as managing vendors like painters and woodworkers who provide products for use within the home. Their days can also include making client-specific modifications requested after they have already started designing a room, setting up sample displays for retail stores such as Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers where customers see how items look like.

How much do they make and what can you expect to earn in the future?

In terms of salary, an average interior designer can make anywhere from $36,380 to a whopping $72,510 annually. Some factors that affect the bottom line are experience and specialization so don't be afraid to ask what they have done in past jobs and how long their resume is for more information on those numbers. A few other considerations when deciding where you want to work include whether or not you need benefits such as health insurance which many companies do offer even if it's just coverage for major medical expenses (such as cancer treatments). It also may help your decision-making process by asking about company culture - some places will provide opportunities for continuing education while others prefer designers who stay with one project all day.

Tips on how to get started as an interior design student or intern

Finding the best school for you is important, but it’s also worth considering how much a degree in interior design will pay. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the median wage for an interior designer (in both non-management and management positions) was $51k per year as of 2017. For entry level designers with no higher education credentials, this means earning about $25/hour if they work full time. That might sound low at first glance, but consider all the skills employers need before offering someone a job: communication skills, creativity, problem solving abilities, etc.—all things that are learned through undergraduate studies. And remember that your salary goes up on average by 14% each year after graduation because experience always pays back.

Why they should consider going back to school for this career path

Designers are in high demand. There is a shortage of professional designers, with more positions than there are candidates to fill them. In fact some leading design schools have had to turn away qualified applicants because they could not accommodate the number of students enrolled for their programs. Some people believe that interior design salaries should be higher and this has prompted articles like “How Much Is An Interior Designer Worth?” on sites such as Forbes Magazine. The article discusses what it takes for an interior designer to make six figures or $100,000 per year and makes the following points: They work over 60 hours per week on average; Their career trajectory can go up every year until retirement age if they do well.

Information about whether it's worth going into debt versus taking out loans for this degree

The cost of education, and the amount of debt incurred to pay for that degree are important considerations. The costs can vary widely depending on where someone studies in order to earn their interior design degree. For example, at a state school in Missouri, USA an undergraduate student will incur about $30K annually (tuition is currently around $14K). But tuition at private schools like Pratt Institute or Parsons School Of Design could exceed as much as $50K per year. Students should be aware that it's not guaranteed they'll get a job after graduation which means taking out loans may not offer enough security until finding such employment- especially with increased interest rates kicking in now.
Step back and take a minute to see the big picture. A business that employs an interior designer will need to consider what it costs for them, their employees, and any contractors they bring on board. The higher your experience level is within the industry, generally the more you can command in terms of salary. If you are just starting out in this field as a junior then be prepared to work hard at building up your portfolio.

(note: this article is based on research about salary in USA and Europe)

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