The Aesthetics of Interior Decoration

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Aesthetics is the main source that defines a design’s beautiful qualities and brings out the finest features of different elements including balance, color, movement, pattern, scale, shape, and visual weight.  If chosen with care and taste, aesthetic décor and artwork will be able to compliment the design’s functionality and enhance the design layout.

Key Points to Make Aesthetics Work Best in Interior Decoration

1. Visual appeal 

In majority of people, the sense of sight is the dominant sense.  Visual appeal of the designs will impact how clients perceive and receive the designer’s ideas.  An interior designer should be able to implement the client’s desired aesthetic by creating a vision and a concept of how the space should function. Research is very important with regards to the client’s culture, age, educational attainment, and preferred requirements.  
For a designer, visual appeal is really about creating a vision and to be able to communicate or tell a story about how the interior is going to come together by incorporating all the different elements of the design scheme.

2. Balance

The principle of balance is all about achieving symmetry that is pleasing to the eye. Interior designers would usually feature symmetrical balance in a space by making both sides of the room mirror one another; this has been a traditional interior design technique.  In this modern times, interior designers have deviate from symmetrical balance to asymmetrical. The technique is to design the room by incorporating different design fixtures and dissimilar arrangement while maintaining the same visual weight.  A spiral staircase is a good example for a radial symmetry, it is quite unconventional approach to the principle of balance.  Radial symmetry is where the central point incorporates a spiral pattern through the fixtures in the room or it can be as the part of the room itself.

3. Scale

Scale has to do with the harmonious proportion and relationship of the room to its decorative fixtures in terms of size.  Everything in the room should complement in order to achieve the desired design scheme.  The principle of scale is responsible in making the room appear bigger and making the room appear smaller.

4. Rhythm

The visual movement of the room’s layout is brought about by incorporating rhythm in the interior design. Repetition is a classic technique for utilizing the same aesthetic elements such as maintaining the design characteristics and quality throughout the design scheme.  Progression is another way of featuring the principle of rhythm in the design scheme by assembling aesthetic elements in an increasing manner such as arranging fixtures from smallest to biggest or choosing colour hues from lightest to darkest.

5. Contrast

Contrast in interior design is one of the key design principles that makes the room’s focal point to be visually appealing.  It helps prevent monotony in the design.  A well-known technique uses to emphasize contrast in design is using different colours such as black and white or other opposing colours and incorporating light and relaxing hues. Combining dissimilar shapes like circles and squares is another way of highlighting contrast in the design scheme.

6. Focus

This is the design’s main aesthetic attraction since focus is about putting emphasis on a room.  The other details mentioned above such as color, scale and balance contribute much to strategically highlighting the room’s focus and creating a well-integrated design scheme.

7. Unity

Unity is what keeps all the other principles – balance, scale, rhythm, contrast, and focus aligned and complement each other in order to achieve a sustainable design harmony.  Unity is the principle that enables the design to be seen as a whole, created with a series of aesthetic schemes and yet achieving uniformity from the choice of colours up to the shape of the fixtures.

As interior designers, observing these principles of design will help in creating an elegant and well-designed scheme.  

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