10 Reasons to Enroll in the Interior Design Professional Program at Home Design Institute

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The Home Design Institute professional course in Interior Design is a real-time online course that teaches the fundamentals of interior design.  This particular course is one of the most professional and high-quality online courses in interior design, focusing on the practice of interior designing.  This course teaches technical skills needed to achieve high level of professional qualification in the field of interior design.

Here are 10 reasons why you should enroll in the Interior Design Professional Program at Home Design Institute:

1. Promising Opportunities

Choosing an interior designing course will open opportunities for a tremendous career opportunity for you due to the huge and growing demand for interior designers in every industry.  Being an interior designer gives you exposure to work with architects and engineers and in the process, will get you to interact with various clients from different fields which can take you places in your career.

2. Be your own Boss

The unending possibility of growth in the construction industry can give you a huge potential to become an entrepreneur working as an independent interior designer and setting up your own firm and enjoying the freedom of being your own boss.

3. Develop your Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation

Taking an interior designing course will help you professionalize your creative skills by providing you great possibilities to express yourself, use your imagination and introduce innovative ideas through your designs.  Each project you will handle in the future will be engaging and challenging, thus testing your creativity, technical skills, patience, commitment, and your working relationship with your clients.  Our Interior Design professional program will help you become equipped to face these challenges in the interior designing field.

4. Positive Change and Making a Difference

As interior designers, you can have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of people in a given environment by designing sustainable structures which brings positive change in the way people live.

5. Be exposed to Diverse Sectors and Industries

This is one of the fascinating reasons why you should enroll in our Interior Design professional program, because it gets you a chance to work in diverse sectors and varieties of industries with different functions and with diverse goals, requirements, design concepts and budgets such as residential houses, offices, hospitality institutions, education sector, health industry, public spaces, religious spaces, resorts, museums and more.  You get to experience all these by pursuing an interior designing course.

6. Learning the Principles of Interior Design

The Interior Design professional program aims to provide practical instructions that will give you grounding in the principles of design and factors a designer should consider when working in a particular space.  You can learn about different types of spaces and how to create an interior design scheme to give it the best look and feel.  You will be informed and made aware of the different design elements like colors, materials, texture, finishes and lighting that influence a space. 

7. Benefits of Distance Learning Program

Our courses are provided through distance real-time learning programs where students attend virtual classrooms with live lecturer who personally work with each student in real-time. The course takes place via ZOOM with real-time discussions where you get the best advice of experts and professionals in the interior designing field, ask questions and get explanations just like in the live classrooms.

8. Interior Design Curriculum, Methods and Techniques

Our Interior Design professional program is a well-structures curriculum and perfectly paced material where lessons are concise and can be applied in projects quickly.  The lectures include detailed explanation of working on exercises and the practical skills.  Each topic is covered in a detailed method with proper demonstrations to give you concrete knowledge and to address any queries. 

9. Introduction to Software and Tools for Interior Designing

This course will give you a solid foundation about the use of relevant software and tools which will enable you to explore the different aspects of this field and come up with building complete and industrial level ideas.  This module will introduce you to AutoCAD's basic settings and provide you with better understanding on how to use some 2D graphic commands, geometrical figures, layers, filters, and layer grouping. You will learn how to sketch and scale, enter text, charts and notes and you will be introduced to 3D drawings and AutoCAD.

In this course you will also be introduced to the program's User Interface (UI) through learning 3D Studio Max and learn about some objects you will work with, and their elements. You will also learn how to create objects with the 3D Studio Max, manipulate them, work with a coordinate system and you will be taught how to make simple animations.

10. Project and Portfolio

Interior design is about solving problems and putting pieces together the client’s idea and making it into a design solution that will have a functional end result and everything that the client envisioned.  In the last module of our Interior Design professional program, students will be given a chance to work on а project and will let them apply everything that they have learned.  After successfully presenting and defending their project, they will be awarded an online certificate in Interior Design.

Based on the tasks and projects after completing this course, you also have created your own professional portfolio and compiled your own inspirational mood board, concepts, plans and elevations of your space, sample boards for the finishing materials and furniture.  Your portfolio is an important tool which will help you to attract clients and will enable you build a strong brand foundation as a professional interior designer.

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