Trends in Interior Design for 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 did change humanity’s way of living, working, socializing, studying and mostly everything.  The shutdowns made us resourceful enough to create home offices, gym, and homeschooling spaces in our own homes.  Year 2021 is a year where people look forward to with hope and anticipation for a better year.  When we spend more time confined in our home and our access to the outside world now is becoming more limited; we can see these changes reflected in how we use and design our indoor spaces.  This shift in the way we live has a great impact on the interior design trend and start the year by welcoming the exciting new trends for 2021.

Design Scheme and Style

Go for the Grandmillennial or “granny chic” style – this trend is rising in popularity which incorporates modern revival of homey design elements which evoke comfort, nostalgia, and tradition.  This style is defined by floral wallpaper, antique paintings, velvets, brass, delicate china, crocheted throws anything that you find in your grandparents’ home with some vintage touch and whimsical flair.  Granny chic is a fun and sustainable style which will certainly be one to watch in the 2021 design trend.

For a fuss-free style, the Industrial design scheme is another style to be on the rising trend in 2021.  The industrial style mixes both the modern and traditional design which incorporates elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood, metal, and natural colors – a perfect style which suits people spending more time at home living, working, relaxing, and playing.

When your home doubles as your working space, study space, gym space, play area and just about so many spaces, it is important to keep some level of separation and privacy.  Open floor plan is starting to fade with homeowners starting to add room dividers and doors in order to provide that physical and audio separation from other things happening inside their homes.

A maximalist look will become more functional trend in 2021 and will see going out of style with the minimalist trend because it is not anymore, a sustainable design choice.  This pandemic requires homes to have more smart storage solutions and so, a maximalist style will become the more functional choice of design in 2021.

Color Trend

Bolder color, more visual interest and playful designs are gaining popularity in 2021 these makes the space more joyful.  Indigo blue may become a trendy kitchen color in 2021 – gone are the gray kitchen or the all-white interiors.  Green cabinets in light or deep shades could also be one of the biggest kitchen color trends of 2021 because it works perfectly with cool color palettes as well as warm and cozier design scheme.  Calm color tones using soothing color in a mix hue of blue, yellow, or orange infuse your home with a fun and happy sense of personality.  2021 is all about eclectic color combinations while pastel hues and calm tones will be the base color of the design color scheme.

Furniture Trend

Wicker and rattan furniture will likely be trending in 2021 since these natural materials add warmth and lightness to the home.  This furniture is lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Lighter colored furniture with sleek craftsmanship, vertical lines, bold geometric shapes, rich lacquered finished surfaces are just a few design elements will be seeing incorporated in the 2021 furniture designs.

Traditional and classic style furniture are also making a comeback this 2021 – because in these times of uncertainty, people are looking for old comforts and security in their home and especially in their furniture and these traditional and classic armchairs have never been more comfortable, dining and bedroom furniture are having more rounded lines, simple decorative carvings, and knotty wood surfaces.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Nature has always made us feel good and it benefits our health; in design and architecture the technical term for designs which focuses on our innate human connection to nature is called biophilic design.  This pandemic has increased the desire of people to go outside and enjoy the outdoor – we can make this happen, all we have to do is extend our living space in our garden, patios, or balconies where we can relax and remain social.  It has been reported that there was an increase of 419% in plants sales over the past year.

Natural elements such as earthy tones, terracotta vases, marble tables, wicker baskets and wood furniture these not only add texture and warmth to the room, but it does create a more relaxed and calmer environment.

Wall Treatment

Wallpaper is making a full comeback for 2021 and now being used as accent wall, used in ceilings, above the chair rail in dining rooms, above the molding in bathrooms, backing for cabinets, used in closets and lining shelves.

Rustic ceramics tiles used as backsplash or even to cover walls; these colorful and handcrafted ceramic tiles show some natural variation and may become a trend in 2021 for wall treatment design.  Since handmade tiles are often expensive, plaster walls may also make a comeback because they present more depth and texture.

Textured walls make a room feel softer and cozier such as 3D carved wood wallcovering and 3D tiles; these are the new texture for the wall treatment that will gain popularity in 2021.


Natural and recycled fabric may gain popularity this 2021 over synthetics textiles because of the growing awareness of environmental issues and popularity of using more sustainable materials at home.  Textiles such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and low-impact linen are just a few of which are becoming 2021 trend in materials used for home furnishing.  Natural materials such as light blonde timber, wool, sisal, rattan and linen will also become more in-demand in 2021.

In closing, we believe that sustainability is an important element to consider when designing interiors.  We hope we have given you some ideas which will make your living space just a bit more comfortable.

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