Interior Design with Feng Shui

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Philosophy of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an oriental philosophy of life; that is of Chinese (Taoism) and Tibetan (Buddhism) origin which also has the Japanese equivalent called Ka-so. In Chinese “Feng” means “wind” and “Shui” means “water”; these two are the most powerful natural elements in our planet. Wind and water are the most fundamental form of energy known as “chi” which nourishes and affects all living things and the dynamic balance of “Yin” and “Yang” symbolize the basic concept of the harmony between humanity and nature.

The core concept of feng shui is the knowledge of existing with a substantial purpose based on the idea of living in harmony with the inner energy of nature as the essence of interior design itself.

Although feng shui originated and developed in China, the same knowledge is applied and used by people all over the world regardless of religion, belief, or cultural differences because fengshui is open to everyone. Feng shui offers the importance of understanding balance between human being and the natural world and applying this ancient method in our modern life through interior designs.

Decorating your Home with Feng Shui

Incorporating feng shui with interior designing is using ancient Chinese beliefs to put forward and achieve balance towards overall wellness, harmony in the home environment and prosperity.

We have compiled some essential tips in creating a good feng shui in every room of your home.


In feng shui, the main entrance or front door of your home represents how much “chi” (energy) enters your home and so, start by decluttering the front entry and make sure it is well lighted and bright. If your front door is in a direct line of sight of your back door, you need to slow down the flow of “chi” (energy) coming into the house and leaving out the back door by adding a patterned rug on the floor and placing an artwork on the walls. Installing a partition between the front and back door is one best solution to prevent positive “chi” (energy) from flying straight out the back door.  Placing a feng shui fountain near the entry of your home and making sure that the water is flowing towards the center of your home is a best way to ensure that the wealth has a good chance to pour into your life.

Living Room

The living room is often the largest room in the home and to furnish the living room with feng shui is to consider the shape of the room – it should be square or rectangular in shape with high ceiling and as much as possible avoid exposed beams on ceilings as they bear negative energies.

The essential elements in a living room are the sofa, armchairs, table, and relaxation area. The main sofa must not be positioned in front of the entrance; both sofa and armchairs should be placed and arranged in the center of the living room where it becomes the focal point of socializing and interacting between people. A large round coffee table positioned on the center of a square carpet will create balance and harmony. Relaxation area should be located in the most protected and secluded area in the living room. Too many doors, windows and passages are not recommended; we suggest installing screens on windows and adding curtains to somehow interrupt too many passages.


The kitchen is an important area of your home where family members gather to share the events of their day; and so, it should be clear of clutter and free from bad smells – it has to be bright and well ventilated to help circulate positive energies. Avoid having sharp corners in your kitchen as it may cause negative energy to flow toward the direction these sharp edges points at. It is good feng shui if the upper wall cabinets are built up to the ceiling or soffit because if there is space above the kitchen upper cabinets, it will only attract stagnant energy and will just gather dusts. Should there be a space between the kitchen upper cabinet sand the ceiling, place some green plants or other loved items above the kitchen cabinets in order to transform the negative energy and brings a positive life to your kitchen. The stove should face the doorway, in order to avoid stress, anxiety and financial challenges brought by the negative energy. If the stove is positioned away from the doorway, by placing a mirror near the stove it will attract positive energy to enter the kitchen.


Bedrooms should be located as far as possible from the street and far from the main entrance of your home. It should be located in front of a garden or a peaceful natural landscape in order to attract positive energies. For a good feng shui, the bed should be placed against the wall with the headboard facing east; and never have your head or feet pointing directly towards the bedroom door. There should only be no more than three windows, or else the energy will just disperse which can affect one’s well-being. As much as possible avoid placing big mirrors in the bedroom as it will most likely affect the energies and cause sleep disturbances. Remember not to place a mirror opposite the bed since it will reflect energy back to you and can cause sleep disruptions.

Finally, the feng-shui style applied in interior design creates paces that are organized, real and generates its own harmony between the interior and exterior of the house and in line with the universe. Feng-shui is the charm of the Orient and now, many people are starting to apply its philosophy in the details and accessories inside their home where they can find a perfect place where they can relax, be calm and enjoy the tranquil environment.

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