Small Apartment Interior Design

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We created this list of small home design ideas because we wanted to inspire and encourage you to use your imagination and creativity and look for outside-the-box solutions. More and more people move to the big city and turn small studios and apartments into functional homes. This tendency is likely to persist in the future while living space will be scarce. That's how the small apartment era will begin.

Creating a cozy and fully functional home in a limited living space requires ingenuity and creativity. The Interior Design Course at Home Design Institute will give you plenty of inspiring ideas. Come and see how professional designers and famous architects take on this arduous task. Here are some small apartment interior design ideas to start with:

How to create a sleeping corner by taking maximum advantage of the provided living space?

One of the first questions that come to mind when one is faced with limited living space is where to put all of their personal items. One ingenious solution is to make the standard bed platform a bit higher and create extra storage space underneath. You can install sliding panels for extra privacy and utilize the vertical space with an extra-high wardrobe.

Use folding glass panels to achieve a dynamic and flexible distribution of living space.
Small old apartments can be revived with the effective use of contrasting colors and materials: vintage metal elements, transparent glass doors, etc. These solutions make the small apartment look airy and spacious. Cement floors with black metal elements, modern furniture, and the warm presence of soft textile is another contrasting combination you can use to give your tiny apartment a modern and functional look.

Box bedrooms are perfect for small apartments

Put your double bed inside a lightweight box on wheels. This bold design for your sleeping space provides a cozy and funny solution for tiny apartments, where bulky couches are not welcome. This private retreat can also be wheeled around the apartment when a need arises.

Don't be afraid of using dark colors

It's time to bust the myth that dark colors like gray and black make a small apartment look even smaller. On the contrary, dark color combinations make living space look more flexible and add a pinch of mysterious charm to its design dynamism and charisma. Use reflective surfaces, bold dark colors, and shiny metallic accents to create a futuristic atmosphere. White framing on the floor and walls will make the ceiling look higher and expand your living space vertically.

Use the space behind the couch

Fresh and artistic interior design provides a comfortable living space for the whole family. Create a unique spatial design that offers many relaxation opportunities and a quiet room with seating areas and relaxation corners. Build a sculpture-like structure of light wood to bring light and dynamism to your tiny apartment. Use the available living space wisely to increase your home's storage capacity.

Movable wall & Retractable Bed

This high-tech, dynamic solution will free up a lot of space in your tiny urban dwelling. An electric-motor-powered movable wall can hide a wardrobe for your clothes behind, or there can be a set of drawers on it for your personal belongings. When it is fully retracted, it can open space for a folding bed. This solution is both space-saving and exciting.

Mirror surfaces make your home look more spacious

Visually expand the tiny city dwelling space with the help of movable walls, stairs, and furniture. Installing mirror tiles on parts of the floor or ceiling adds a more profound perspective to the premises and creates a visual perception of a much larger space. The use of yellow mirrors and portholes defects the spectrum of light in a whole new dimension creating a surreal feeling.

Do not underestimate the tiny homes. When a small home is furnished with taste and thought, it reveals its great potential. When designing your small apartment, try to get the most out of every inch of space to create a small, modern, and cozy home.

The Interior Design Course at Home Design Institute will teach you how to create a functional and cozy home regardless of its size. Follow this link for more information.

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