Interior and Exterior Design

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Suppose you are familiar with the differences between interior and exterior design. In that case, you can cope with many challenges in home decoration, such as, for example, what wall paint you should choose and what doors to install in the different rooms. Getting acquainted with these subtleties will help you create functional and stylish designs both outside and inside the home.

We recommend you to join our free online course Interior Design Fundamentals to learn about some important rules that you must keep in considering how to organize the interior space of your home.

Еxterior design guides you in the process of decorating the area outside any building, while interior design is the art of organizing the interior space inside the buildings.

Accordingly, interior design deals with people's needs in public buildings such as banks, hospitals, libraries, and private homes. It provides different solutions, for example, the room size and location, lighting, or choosing the most appropriate furniture for a specific place in the home. Exterior designers work on provided living space and decide what materials and tools they should use to achieve the aesthetic look they have in mind or fulfill their clients' specific requirements. Designing a roof or a facade requires creativity and ingenuity, so exterior designers must know very well the fundamentals of civil and landscape engineering.

Generally, interior deals with everything inside the home - furniture, flooring types, wall color, while exterior design studies the outside elements of the home: exterior walls color, and the different garden, yard, terrace, and porch designs. The choice of garden furniture and its materials are also within exterior design's realm of study.
Doors are essential elements of your home, but interior designers often avoid going into this field, especially when it comes to choosing a front door. As the last line of defense between your privacy and the outside world, the front door must be resistant to adverse weather conditions and offer maximum security. If your house is in a safe neighborhood, you can install a glass back door, but you have to choose a solid yard door and an efficient security system.

Most exterior doors are made of fiberglass, steel, or wood and are available in many different colors and models. Some designs give a vintage look to your house or apartment; others turn it into a home of the future. Interior doors must be soundproof, especially the ones to the bedroom or the bathroom. The door's design must also match the rest of the furniture in the room. As a rule, interior doors are less solid, but their variety of designs and colors is wider.
Exterior paint is different from that for inside use, and good designers know that. Wall paints for external use are mostly latex-based with a wide variety of finishes: low gloss, medium or glossy. The pigments for interior decoration are usually water-based and you can choose from many different colors and finishes.

When planning a change of your home's interior or exterior, you should first consider how this change would affect your lifestyle from an aesthetic and practical perspective. Even if you fall in love with a particular design,  it can be entirely inappropriate for your living area or lifestyle. For example, interior solutions for young couples may not work for families with small children.

If you are an artist or photographer, it would be a good idea to put large windows on one of the walls that will let in plenty of light. Professionals remind us, when doing up your home inside, you must always keep in mind how it will look outside.

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