How to add 80s interior design style to a small space?

23 January, 2023 William Stoval 6

Answers (6):

    24 January, 2023

    To add an ’80s interior design style to a small space, try combining bold and bright colors with geometric shapes and sharp lines as accents. Utilizing stripes, checkerboard shapes, bright accents, and geometric wallpapers can add a lot of character, while still keeping the space from feeling overly cluttered. Pieces such as egg chairs, neon signage, and sleek metal equipment can also add an ’80s style touch to the space, creating a fun and funky atmosphere.

    24 January, 2023

    Start with a neutral color palette of whites, beiges, and browns in order to have a neutral foundation for adding the 80s design style. Choose one wall in the small space to be the showstopper, then stencil it with a fun pattern in vivid colors like pink and teal to get the 80s feel. Use brightly-colored cushions, throw pillows, and blankets to add to the vibrant effect of the design.

    To create a stylish and modern interior, layer different elements of 80s design in the small space. Add an oversized chair with a bright patterned fabric to bring in a bright flash of bold color. Hang colorful artwork, such as bold abstract art, to add to the atmosphere. Incorporate geometric-patterned rugs and throw pillows to further bring in the style of the 980s.

    Use lighting to bring in the 80s style. Incorporate large paper lamps or brass-detailed pendant lamps for a retro vibe. Add neon lighting or small fairy lights to give the space even more 80s-style decor.

    Add some bold 80s accessories such as a bright telephone in a bright hue, fun clocks, cassette tape holders, and other retro items that fit the overall design of the space.

    Finally, use found materials in the room, such as a vintage vinyl record collection, 70s-style wall art, and a vintage piece of furniture to bring in the perfect mix of modern and classic 80s vibes.

    24 January, 2023

    Adding 80s interior design style to a small space can be a great way to inject personality and comfort into a room. By focusing on design elements like bright colors, bold patterns and vintage furniture pieces, you can easily create an 80s-inspired look in any room. Begin by painting the walls in bright and vibrant colors, like yellow, pink or blue. This will instantly create a fun and exciting atmosphere in the room. Next, look for furniture pieces that have a vintage appeal, such as those with retro geometric shapes, curved lines and floral patterns. Retro furniture doesn’t have to be expensive; many thrift stores carry great pieces that you can either restore yourself or incorporate into your design as is. Finally, don’t forget to accessorize the room with classic 80s items such as CDs, records, and neon art. By sticking to bold, bright colors and incorporating vintage furniture pieces, you can easily and affordably create an 80s interior design style in any small space.

    24 January, 2023

    When it comes to adding 80s interior design style to a small space, the key is to go bold with colors and patterns. The colors should be bright and vibrant, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. For example, choose a teal and pink wallpaper and pair it with bold geometric rugs. Look for furniture that is slim-lined and sleek, such as chrome or glass pieces. Accessories like lava lamps and vintage framed artwork will add to the retro vibe. A bright and bold statement piece like a neon sign or a bold stripe wall tapestry will be the perfect way to finish off the look.

    In addition, a few thoughtful accents can bring the design together. Look for accent items such as bright colored throw pillows and blankets, comic book wall art and vintage toys to create a unique and eclectic 80s style. Mirrors can also be used to make the room feel larger and brighter. Large-scale mirrors with gold frames will not only add a touch of glamour to a small space but will also help to open up the room. Lastly, make sure to layer your lighting and choose multiple levels of illumination such as floor lamps, ceiling fixtures and sconces. This will create a great ambiance for your 80s inspired small space.

    23 January, 2023

    The 980s was a time of bold design, vibrant colors, and fun shapes, all of which can add a unique and fun style to any given space. To add an 80s-inspired design to a small space, consider using bright accent colors and geometric shapes for an interesting aesthetic. Wallpapers in bright graphic vines and bold shapes are a great option for adding a burst of color to a room. Geometric rugs and furniture in bright colors, like fuchsia, teal, and lime green, can also make a huge impact. Don’t shy away from the decade’s signature all-over prints – they can help to add texture and visual appeal when used correctly.

    As a part of the 80s style, metallic surfaces are also a great way to add shine and texture to any space. Think mirrored furniture, metallic wallpaper, and metallic accents like frames and tiles. The use of geometric and abstract shapes in lighting fixtures can also bring a touch of the 80s to a room. Try using bright shapes for a more playful approach, or streamlined geometric shapes for a more modern feel.

    A focal wall featuring a bold, geometric wallpaper is a great way to add a unique touch to a room without overwhelming the space. Another great idea for adding an 80s touch is to include sculptural furniture pieces, such as a cube-shaped side table or a spherical mirror. These pieces bring in a unique texture and can help to make a small space appear larger.

    Finally, adding vintage accessories is a great way to bring the 80s style into a room. Try adding colorful throw pillows, vintage-inspired wall art, or a funky clock to add a bit of playfulness to a space. Mixing vintage pieces with modern accents can help to create a unique and eclectic space that instantly provides a touch of 80s style.

    23 January, 2023

    Adding 80s interior design style to a small space can be done without overcrowding the room. To keep the room from feeling too cluttered, focus on bold, geometric shapes and graphic patterns inspired by the era. Adding a bold geometric wallpaper to a wall or two will instantly give the space an 80s vibe, or add color to the room with furniture in bright purple or pink hues. Retro style light fixtures that are shaped like circles, squares or stars and even a boom box can add to the look without taking up too much space.

    The furniture pieces can also add a retro feel. Choose furniture with clean, strong lines and brightly colored fabrics. Look for pieces that feature geometric shapes, such as a couch with angular cushions and armrests. If a dramatic color isn’t your style, add some texture to the room with shag rugs or fur throws. The great thing about the 80s was its passion for art, so don’t be afraid to bring a few pieces of art into the space as well.

    Lastly, adding some plants and artifacts to the space can help bring it to life. A few cacti, a terrarium, and some vintage trinkets can be the perfect finishing touches. 80s decor was all about making a statement, so don’t be afraid to go bold with one or two accent pieces. To finish the look, add some candles or scented oils, or a few records or cassettes that can be displayed in interesting ways to create a unique and inviting space.