Will sketchup work on ipad pro?

3 October, 2021 Jeanice Grumbles 6

Answers (6):

    14 October, 2021

    Yes. It is an iOS app and works just fine on iPad Pro. I wanted to answer the question "Is sketchup good?" with a resounding yes, but found it difficult to do because of time and resources. I would like to say that this software is absolutely worth the investment if you can afford it. If you are able, please give me feedback on what your experience was like buying through Google Play (I assume Apple had some restrictions), as well as any other comments on how SketchUp made working easier for you! Thank you very much!

    14 October, 2021

    SketchUp doesn't currently run directly on iOS devices. SketchUp is supported by third-party applications like the free, universal file browser Documents; iPhone users can download Documents and open any .skp file. Several apps will work with and convert things to the .skp format (including, most notably, MeshLab). Apps that do not import or export in .skp format will use a "round-trip" process where you'll export your model from sketchup to another CAD program, modify it there and then export back to sketchup.

    14 October, 2021

    Well, technically SketchUp is a 3D modeling software that never used the Apple iPad Pro as a platform. However, there is an app called "SketchandModel" (on the Apple App Store) which permits you to use your gestures on the iPad for sketching and drafting in 2D. If you're looking for something that's strictly 3D modeling then Sketchup itself will work on ANYTHING that runs Windows or Linux. Whether it be PC, MacOS (personal computer), Android tablet..whatever you want to put whole chunk of ram into it will do! But don't knock eating one apple for now - everything has its right time and place.

    14 October, 2021

    Yes. Will sketchup work on ipad pro? This is a common question, and there are a number of reasons why people think drawing SketchUp jobs is not compatible with the iPad Pro. The way to address these issues is to use an app from Apple that can access those files. One such app is Pages ($9.99). Through Pages, the file can be emailed as a pdf or saved into Pages as different layouts then saved as "Save As" type document models with .cdo extensions which will make it compatible for viewing in SketchUp 2018 without opening the original .

    14 October, 2021

    Yes. Sketchup works just fine on iPad Pro in most cases, though it can take a little getting used to when using some features that are built for mouse control. The big complaints about sketchup on the iPad is that SketchUp Mobile isn't really optimized either; it doesn't even use all of the available screen space, and functions like zoom and pan take more than one gesture (and takes up both thumb gestures), which means you're mostly relegated to designing buildings after buildings.

    14 October, 2021

    There are many models that do an admirable job of rendering SketchUp scenes. Reality is that there are no quick answers to this question because it greatly depends on what type of device you are using, how much RAM it has, what GPU card the manufacturer has put in the machine, and whether or not it's plugged in to a power outlet. Some devices will be able to handle SketchUp - but only if they have plenty of free memory out-of-box. So one would need to know these details before providing an educated guess as to whether or not your iPad Pro will work with SketchUp scenes. Why does dark chocolate taste so nasty?