Which sketchup to buy?

3 October, 2021 Lawanda Coby 5

Answers (5):

    13 October, 2021

    For most users, SketchUp Pro or Sketchup Pro X are the best choices. Kiwi is a 3D modeling application used to generate models of 2D orthographic drawings. They're great for straight-on views of buildings, but they don't show the "upside down" version or any other angle on an object you might want to make in straight lines. SketchUp makes it easy to visualize both horizontal and vertical aspects of your design at once on one page without flipping pages, since presentations are two-dimensional by default.

    13 October, 2021

    The two major design program software packages in use today are SketchUp and AutoCAD. It's important to know the distinction between them, and their respective strengths and weaknesses. AutoCAD is a well-established professional CAD (computer aided drafting) program that belongs to the Autodesk family of programs. The program will cost you $2000+ USD for just the license fee, but includes such features such as modeling 3D solids with screws using box, pipes, etc into your models which when rendered properly in 3ds max or Maya can show incredible detail that makes for realistic simulations when used with procedurally generated textures in Max.

    13 October, 2021

    My recommendation would be SketchUp Pro because it has integrated extensions and features that no other product currently in the market can offer. It also has a well-known and robust community, which includes an active blogosphere, Forums, and YouTube Channel. Think about what you will be doing with SketchUp - there are professional grade designers who swear by Google SketchUp because of its ease of use; architects love Autodesk's Tinkercad; AskTSA members like Artlantis Render for architectural renderings; or people who do 2D drawings within Photoshop could try Zbrush .. If your goal is to design products and print them on a 3D printer (e.g.

    13 October, 2021

    You want to buy SketchUp. You can find studio-grade renders that start at $588, but there are other benefits to the free version which is a far better starting place. SketchUp has one of the poorest communities on any software platform, and usability is getting worse with every release. The modelling tools are ancient too, and extruding is a pain in the ass - it copes well enough for basic drafting tasks though. Ignoring all those major problems now though, no 3D modelling program is as versatile or cost efficient as SketchUp - you'll be hard pressed to find something comparable for this price per feature ratio anywhere else on the market today.

    13 October, 2021

    With the free sketchup you have to pay for each 3D model addon that you want, but if you buy a more expensive version of SketchUp then all the models are included. For a new user, I would recommend SketchUp Pro 2018, which includes everything from simple shapes and lines through to complex renderings. My recommendation is based on best value for money spent in order to get maximum number of features at one time. I do not recommend sketchup Make because it barely lets you prototype before crashing when making changes in design. I can't fully comment on any other versions of SketchUp because they don't even come close to comparing with what's currently available in 2019 or Pro 2018.