How to become interior designer in UK?

4 August, 2021 Jeremy Kucera 4

Answers (4):

    6 August, 2021

    The first step to becoming an interior designer in the UK would be gaining a degree.
    Move away from fresh produce and make your way over to the School of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design. This school is located in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. It's one of many colleges that students can attend for a four-year under-graduate degree in Interior Arts.

    6 August, 2021

    There's a few routes to becoming an interior designer in London, Edinburgh, Wales or any other creative hub. The Association for Interior Designers (AID) is always worth checking out both as an educational resource and potential staging post before you leave school with training and experience that hones your skills, something important if you want a good chance of being taken on when you look for management placements in industry.

    6 August, 2021

    In the UK a diploma in Interior Design is at Level 5 (roughly equivalent to a bachelor degree) and provides a foundation for running own business. There are also shorter routes such as post grad courses or introductory courses that will offer some of the pre-qualifications needed before beginning formally studying towards your qualification.

    6 August, 2021

    People usually start out as a freelance designer or project manager in this industry, which is an entry-level position. After gaining some experience, it might be time to advance to managing a design team for larger clients with stricter contract regulations. It's also possible that the designer will want to lead their own business and find personal success in owning their own design agency. Become an accredited interior designer by studying interior design at a college and passing rigorous courses, then start working as a junior interior designer at the company you studied at until you can get your big break.