At which university in South Africa can I study interior design?

5 August, 2021 Timothy Roberie 6

Answers (6):

    8 August, 2021

    The city of Pretoria has three universities that offer interior design courses.
    The three universities are University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg and Witwatersrand University - South Africa's leading university. Review the course outlines these schools offer for more information and contact them to find out what type of financial assistance they provide.
    There is also a postgraduate study offered in product design which may be useful if you're interested in designing and decorating for commercial purposes experience as an entrepreneur working on your own terms.

    8 August, 2021

    KOI Interior School is a trade-based South African Creative Design and Media Academy
    Located in Johannesburg, the facility includes a live TV studio with nine production studios available for hire,
    The company has been awarded SAPSETA's Franchise of the year 2015/2016.
    KOI is committed to developing students’ creativity and skills in order for them to be employable on graduate level. The school creates programs that are focused primarily on residential design.
    It provides courses up to bachelor level, namely interior design and architecture.
    Its goal is to help young people who want to get into this field by teaching them valuable techniques that will make them more confident when they enter the world of work.

    8 August, 2021

    At the University of Stellenbosch, an undergraduate degree in interior design is offered. This course also includes training in drawing and painting.
    The University of Stellenbosch was founded in 1866 as a small teachers' college (Latin School). It expanded to offer courses for liberal arts and sciences by 1890 but its engineering programmes were established only after WWII. The university's main campus is situated on the banks of the Eerste Rivier (First River) near Rondebosch, one of Cape Town's prime botanical gardens which attracts many visitors annually because it contains about 8500 species of plants from all over the world.

    8 August, 2021

    The part of South Africa that I am most familiar with is Cape Town. There, you will find three highly reputable schools:

    1) Cape Town's School of Creative Arts
    2) UCT's Faculty of Architecture and Design
    3) Stellenbosch University's Department Of Architectural Studies
    Disclaimer- This is not an exhaustive list. Your best bet would be to research more schools before making your choice.

    8 August, 2021

    The University of Pretoria, Nelson Mandela University and Cape Town University all offer courses in interior design.
    The South Africa School Of Interior Design is located in Cape Town and offers an Interior Design degree nationally recognized by the PACSIA (South African Qualifications Authority). This course will give you the skills you need to turn your ideas into reality including technical drawing and 3D plans. You can also choose from five different professional pathways, such as retail or hospitality design.
    University Of Pretoria have several degrees which mentioned interior design such as Bachelor of Applied Science (Architecture) with specialization in Architectural Technology, Building Performance Analysis or Communication Management. With a bit more research, it would be easy to find out what each of them offers.

    8 August, 2021

    Co-op Academy of Women's Design. The school has been established in 1989 and it is among the first registered non-profit organizations in South Africa promoting equality for all genders.
    There are two colleges under Co-op Academy of Women's Design: the College of Education, offering accredited university degrees at undergraduate programs; and the College of Arts, Creative Industries and Emerging Skills which offers diploma courses delivered on a modular basis leading to Certificate level qualifications. Both programmes offer short course diplomas as well as professional postgraduate programs including an MBA (Master’s Diploma).
    Moreover, there are extramural tours that take place monthly called Interiors with Heart Tours led by local Interior Designers who share insight into their design.