At which university in Japan can I study interior design?

5 August, 2021 Johnathon Fleishman 7

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    17 February, 2022

    The Chiba University is another option. Before you commit three to five years to a university education in interior design, however, I recommend that you try a short course and determine whether this career is for you before going on to study at a Japanese university. Another choice is the Paris-based Home Design Institute's free course, which may be accessed here:

    8 August, 2021

    Tokyo University of the Arts
    Tokyo's long history as a hub for artistic and cultural traditions has led the city to become central to Japan's interior design industry. With world-renowned private schools, Tokyo creative centers in every district, and an endless array of cultural attractions, such as Kabuki-za mega theatre and the famous Asakusa temple, Tokyo is by far one of Japan’s best cities to take a course or degree in interior design.
    Tokyo University of the Arts is located on Kanagawa Prefecture's Sagamihara Campus. The university offers courses at undergraduate level in Interior Design and Textiles with related majors such as Fashion Merchandising.

    8 August, 2021

    While there are several schools that offer interior design and architecture courses, the most reputable university to study interior design is Tokyo Keizai University. This prestigious Japanese school's focus on education in business makes it paramount for executives and professionals alike; moreover, its Interior Design faculty is one of the top three most renowned institutions worldwide.
    If visiting Japan for the first time or if considering a career change from personal interest in interiors, this university would be well-worth visiting or applying to--especially given the proximity (Tokyo) to stunning examples of nature such as Mount Fuji. And with Tokyo's thriving businesses such as Sony Corporation headquartered there, any degree in Interior Design will undoubtedly stand out among other graduates looking for an opportunity outside their countries.

    8 August, 2021

    Tama Art University and Seisen College of Fine Arts, both in Tokyo
    All international students can enroll at any university in Japan, including NTU and graduate schools. Depending on your preferences for location you may be able to find some very good programs closer to home. For this question, we recommend that you look up institutions that specialize in the subject matter as they will have the best course offerings and specialized architecture for design. Two examples are Tama Art University (Tokyo) which has a large graphic design course as well as interior design course., or Seisen College of Fine Arts (Tokyo) with Architecture courses included.

    8 August, 2021

    The Nippon Institute of Technology College of Art has a program in interior design. The program last six years and is open to students age 22 and older with college degree or higher education. Beyond the program, the school offers degree programs for architecture, art, industrial design and interior decoration .
    Additionally, there are over 3000 design related companies listed with Kaijo Training Center so, if you want to look for work after graduating I would recommend going on one of their tours.

    8 August, 2021

    Kansai University Professional Graduate School of Human Environment Education offers a degree program in "Industrial design" which includes interior design. Their website is Japanese language only and lists the admissions process, education fees, graduation ceremonies, etc.; however their courses are valid for official certifications from the Ministry of Health Clinical Medical Association. The NIHU's Division of Design has programs in designing buildings and furniture or products with an emphasis on applying a user-centered approach to each project's environment. Faculty offices are located in Ithaca as well as at Cornell Tech in NYC.
    Japanese Architecture Studio (JAS) is another good option for general professional degrees; they offer 3 majors: interior architectural design, landscape architecture.

    8 August, 2021

    The University of Tokyo offers Interior Architecture and Design courses in English.
    The University of Tokyo is the only university that offers interior design courses in English, so if you want to study there, then it's either a case of learning Japanese (a difficult task currently) or applying to the University for an exchange program like I did. If you can't speak Japanese, and don't know where else on earth to get such knowledge...then this place should be your best bet! It presents itself as a great opportunity and less expensive substitute for those who rented space abroad just now before graduating. However, it may also have some disadvantages since orientation would mean another year spent within Japan on "special visas".