At which university in Bangladesh can I study interior design?

5 August, 2021 Tami Mischke 4

Answers (4):

    8 August, 2021

    It's not an exclusive university that offers this program, but you can find a school with the course in interior design online. The Department of Interior Design at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is a good place to start your search because they have an excellent reputation for quality education in the field.
    You can also continue on to study home decoration and textiles design like Iskra Ahmed or Iffat Hamid who are both famous designers from Bangladesh. In America, there are many different post secondary institutions where you can study interior design, such as Academy of Art University; Columbia College Chicago; Parsons School of Design; Savannah College of Art and Design; Southern New Hampshire University - just to name a few.

    8 August, 2021

    You can study interior design at any university in Bangladesh. However, if you're interested in interior design and architecture, then it might be beneficial for you to apply to the National Institute of Technology in Durgapur (NIT-D) or the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) since these universities have a specific focus on those areas. For more information about these types of schools, you may also want to look into the American Society of Interior Designers. You should consult them for more information on what degree programs are offered by their different members before visiting each individual website or deciding which one is right for you.

    8 August, 2021

    There are only universities that offer bachelor's degrees in interior design in Bangladesh. Some popular schools include the University of Dhaka and the International Islamic University - Bangledesh (IIUB).
    The course includes a focus on aesthetic theory, visual arts, history of architecture and design, and displays. Graduates will be able to work as an intern or junior designer for architectural firms. They might also choose to start their own business. The course requires individual reflection on historical trends within interior design; students who excelled at this form of analysis might consider becoming architecture consultants or curators instead.

    8 August, 2021

    The Bangladesh National University of Creative Arts and Design
    Although there are other universities that offer design classes, the best place to study interior design would be at the Bangladesh National University of Creative Arts and Design. This program focuses on "art with a purpose," which is why they also offer things like exhibitions, product development, exhibitions design among others that are related to design and art. They even have a fashion collection which includes both men's and women's wear! It has been ranked as one of the top 100 schools in Asia Pacific region by QS World Rankings.