Should I be a landscape architect?

4 August, 2021 Randy Lupo 5

Answers (5):

    7 August, 2021

    Yes. Landscape architects work with the design, decoration and planning of gardens. You may not be working in a garden every day but your job is still very important for the look and feel of living spaces... Life would be barren without artistry on both sides of an interior designer and exterior architect (who usually deals more with structures). While it’s important that you have a heart for creativity and artistic pursuits, it's also equally as important to consider practicality and balancing aesthetics with functionality, especially when it comes to interior design.

    7 August, 2021

    Yes, as long as your interest in landscape design meshes with a history of being an interior designer. You are capable of designing landscapes because you enjoy designing interiors and have the skillset for them. Starting to work in landscaping could be something that is rewarding for you if you're able to make enough money doing it.

    7 August, 2021

    Depends what you think is better for your profession. Landscape architects enjoy a tremendous amount of variety in their work, but an interior designer can be found as a consultant on most residential and commercial buildings. Landscape architecture is the profession of designing outdoor public areas and gardens within urban or rural settings. An interior designer may handle any project inside a building, from restaurants to private residences to office spaces or hotels---they will typically do 3D design models, color selections, furniture layout, space planning, and so on for every detail involved in the design of that particular room or section of the property.

    7 August, 2021

    If you ask a lot of people what they think of when they hear the word "landscape architect", they'll say things like "nature" and "plants". These are both very accurate descriptors, as just about every landscape architect is required to study plant materials in great detail. However, between 75% and 98% of all landscape architects will also have an undergraduate degree in either architecture or design-related studies (might be interior design). That's because it takes a strong understanding of how buildings work to be able to work on them at a job site.

    7 August, 2021

    Yes. But first you may want to try some other things. As a profession, it is one that does require 4 years of formal education at the undergraduate level and another 3-6 years of professional training coupled with significant personal life experience in order to become an expert at your profession. You'll need creativity, detail-orientation, a perceptual sensitivity to color as well as texture and form, an intuitive sense for proportion and structure design, along with strong analytical skills in mathematics and technology - all factors which contribute to the success of both the landscape architect as well as the interior designer.