How to become a landscape architect in canada?

4 August, 2021 Lloyd Lanz 4

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    6 August, 2021

    That's an interesting question. To become a landscape architect in Canada, you must first take many science classes and learn as much about ecology, nature, and biology as possible because these are the driving forces of what good landscapes should be. Next, you need to think about all those skills you learned in kindergarten - whoa now. Okay sorry for that terrible pun - but seriously if you want to be a good landscaper its good to know how to use your hands before heading out into the field. As an intern or apprentice with a landscape designer or firm a lot of time will be spent improving surveying skills.

    6 August, 2021

    Becoming a landscape architect in Canada is quite difficult. In order to become accredited, you will need to gain a degree from either Arcadia or George Brown College. Your next step would be by taking on a few years of experience being an interior designer. When your work as an interior designer has been recognized and followed with praise, then it is time for the final step: Apply for accreditation with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CANLA). Landscape architecture is made up of many different paths that are explored through studies and apprenticeships. If you have little to no previous landscaping work experience, we recommend starting off while working towards acquiring education credentials at Arcadia University or George Brown College (graduate level certificate programs).

    6 August, 2021

    If you would like to become a landscape architect in Canada, there are 2 routes that will get you your certificate on the provincial level. One is through apprenticeship and one is studying Interior Design at university for 4 years and then doing 1 year of additional study. For apprenticeships, some trade associations recommend completing 3 levels from an apprenticeship program as preparation: Level I (or diploma) completed from a recognized post-secondary institution (as part of accredited diploma or degree program), Level II training completed in the field with a person registered with NICCBII regardless of which province they reside in, and Level III training complemented by employment experience, both obtained from someone who has successfully completed all levels through their own qualifications.

    6 August, 2021

    Landscape architecture is different in Canada and the US. In Canada it would be more of a landscape architect as opposed to a garden designer or an interior designer.
    In order to become one, you need to first have experience design with aspects that may include "hardscape", water features, space planning, site analysis, selecting plants for design concepts" particularly in times when we're looking at rising sea levels and global warming." Although there are many paths one can take towards becoming a Landscape Architect Canadian universities offer degrees in Landscape Architecture through application only. These degrees are typically 4-5 years long with courses including "mapping techniques", drafting methods and presentation skills.