How to be a professional decorator?

4 August, 2021 Lawrence Klemp 6

Answers (6):

    9 August, 2021

    Interior design is a popular undergraduate degree and post-graduate course of study in colleges around the world. In order to be a professional decorator, experience in the field is helpful but not necessary. A well-rounded course of study should include courses taught in both technical art and humanities departments, as well as an eye for detail.
    In order to become professionally licensed interior designers in North America, we are required to obtain a university degree or complete education equivalent (2 years).

    9 August, 2021

    It's important to find a style that suits your personal tastes, even if it means swallowing the creative reigns in favor of someone else's aesthetic for a bit. You will have to undertake many different types of clients and projects, so you need to first know who you are and can move past it.

    If you want an education, enroll in an interior design program with some sort of focus on commercial spaces. If not, get certified! Finally study as much as you can! Some materials like carpet which was relatively new when I was apprenticing 20+ years ago now has decades of research behind them and new product development available. There is no "correct" answer for how much time should be spent at school or learning Interior design courses.

    9 August, 2021

    Take a course at your local community college or online at a reliable site such as HGTV. Create "style boards" on Pinterest and pin samples of what you like for inspirational purposes. Then make sure to post the final product upon completion to receive praise for your interior design skills, as well as future clients! If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than Architectural Digest's archives with articles ranging from how clean-lined everything is (the Scandinavian sense) to bronzed statement pieces in the living room. And, of course, aping Hollywood dwellings never hurts when considering spaces popping with lavish glamour. Just top off any décor items by lining them with textured cloths sporting patterns that coordinate with one another.

    9 August, 2021

    As in any other profession, becoming an interior designer requires a long educational process. A degree in interior design is usually more of a prerequisite than a requirement for one to call oneself an "interior designer."

    People who are considering interior design as their profession should thoroughly research the field before enrolling in an education program, and be aware that this field of work can often require long hours or difficult working conditions due to workloads that tend to be overloaded with deadlines.

    9 August, 2021

    Interior Design is not just the act of creating and designing a space, it's about understanding how every element—every aspect - contributes to the whole.
    It takes many hours of study, practice, and relentless dedication to become a top-tier Interiors Professional. Whether you want to design upscale corporate or retail interiors or create luxurious residential properties for clients with matching dream homes, this field offers tremendous opportunities for ambitious students who are imaginative and think outside of the box.

    9 August, 2021

    The first thing you need to know is the difference between "interior decorators" and "interior designers." Interior designers create complete floor plans with architectural blueprints, planned color schemes, furniture selections and room layout. Decorators prefer to work within an existing room layout and home furnishings because they want their clients' rooms to have a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of style. Basically, an interior designer is on a much larger art scale (think Frank Lloyd Wright) while decorators are more about small details (like sewing buttons back on).