How to start interior decoration business in nigeria?

4 August, 2021 Zonia Fetzer 6

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    9 August, 2021

    In Nigeria, African furnishings are paramount. The light is too bright and the colors contain some specific desaturated tones. A trendy design for Westerners would be a disaster for people who want to feel at home in their living space.
    African furniture should be primarily based on natural materials such as mahogany, palm wood or cedar because they give warmth and good incomes. Choosing wood can also be less expensive than buying second-hand clothes because many of these items can deteriorate quickly or even rot due to the humid climate and temperatures in Africa. Home decorating shops (usually wholesalers) offer wooden items that meet international standards but allow you to avoid excessive costs of importing them from abroad.

    9 August, 2021

    When you register for a business, the registration process varies from country to country. In Nigeria, the process is as follows:

    -Nigeria has a federal system of government with 34 states of which 24 are inhabited and 10 are less developed (hill & desert)
    -Registration in a state requires filling out an application form and paying only N1,000. Registration at the Federal Level means that in order to get your documents authenticated by chambers of commerce all across Nigeria, there will be an additional payment of N5000 at National Chamber where this authentication is done.
    -Incorporation among other things entails minimum capitalization requirement that varies from state to state.

    9 August, 2021

    Nigeria’s interior designs are trendy and ever-changing. Interior décor renovations before any renovation, to make the home more attractive is encouraged. It doesn't just take an accomplished interior designer to create amazing residential wall art but rather a passionate individual with great design skills and knowledge of new developments in the industry. Some successful designers are using blog sites as their portal to market themselves, others use social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter, word of mouth or group collaborations like workshops for seniors join in designing short magazines which they distribute for free at grocery stores and food markets.

    9 August, 2021

    In a nutshell, if you're looking for quick advice on getting your interior design career off the ground, you should always be working on giving people the impression that you're busier and better than all of your competitors.

    This could mean hiring more employees or taking on more projects at once to fill up any free time. You want to avoid being perceived as available and slow-moving-you may not have an office; but that doesn't mean you're not busy! Frequently post about big projects like renovations or new additions to current projects. Look better, get more followers.

    9 August, 2021

    Economics is an important factor to consider before starting a business, and many issues need addressing before taking the leap. One issue that has come up often in Nigeria (and other developing countries) are land rights. The commercial property landscape can be blurry and unclear, which can make securing the correct property difficult.
    Drop shipping opportunities also abound around certain products that may not necessarily require specific or expensive stock storage such as clothes or computer accessories for example. However, these types of options still have finance implications to think about when considering logistics and staff management for drop shipping from overseas suppliers among others.

    9 August, 2021

    Nigerian Interior Designers have the challenging task of laying out a home in a country that lacks many of the creature comforts of western living, such as 24-hour electricity and public open spaces. Additionally, Nigerians may be new or struggling to balance family life with an income-generating career. With these challenges in mind, here are some tips from interior designers on how to best make your house feel like a home.