Are there any scholarships that offer financial aid for studying Interior Design or Architecture?

3 August, 2021 Laine Drews 6

Answers (6):

    5 August, 2021

    Yes! The Yale School of Management, King's College in London, the University of Miami, and the Savannah College of Art and Design all offer scholarships for studying interior design. Be sure to consult your school's financial aid department for more information on scholarships they may have or scholarship programs that you might be eligible for.

    5 August, 2021

    If you wish to enter school with a financial aid package, there are many scholarships just waiting for students. The money won't come in the form of a complete free ride but it will provide scholarships for some or all of your tuition fees. This option may be most appropriate if you're looking at certain non-profit colleges or trade schools that tend to be more affordable in the first place.

    5 August, 2021

    Typically, yes. Scholarships are most commonly offered to students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    5 August, 2021

    There are scholarships for various careers in design including interior design. If you're interested in applying, we recommend researching and following the instructions on individual scholarship pages, so that you can apply directly.

    5 August, 2021

    There are scholarships that offer financial aid for studying interior design and those who are interested should look into it. In this case, many undergraduate colleges have different paths to accommodate various needs. If the student doesn't know where to start, they can contact their admissions department. They also recommend looking at local organizations and schools because there might be a specific fund for those students. Another suggestion is starting with their CV or resume, which includes details on qualifications outside of grades and GPA to show admissions committees that they could succeed in the class of their choosing including things like volunteer work, awards received, and any relevant coursework done in areas other than an usual subject of study (e.g., volunteer experience or courses related to art).

    5 August, 2021

    In general, scholarship opportunities for students studying interior design may be scarce; but there are a few organizations that do offer funding.

    For example, the City of Los Angeles Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students pursuing art or economics courses. Students attending U.C.L.A with at least one of these majors can apply for such scholarships as well. The Samuel Gompers College Scholarships is available for those wishing to expand their knowledge in the arts and sciences by selecting an underserved course of study not routinely offered by traditional colleges and universities (although it is not specifically related to interior design).