Where can I learn sketchup?

4 August, 2021 Michele Haslett 5

Answers (5):

    16 August, 2021

    You can learn sketchup tutorials on Youtube.
    SketchUp is an easy and powerful 3D home design and modeling tool that gives you the power to draw true-to-form 3D shapes,
    build furniture, make kitchen cabinets & tile counter tops from your imagination - with no technical skills required. New! use community projects as a starting point for your own customization. Show off your design or explore someone else's project and share it on Google +, save to MyProjects for later use, access templates in Google Drive or download them to create customized model files for sharing with customers. It's not just a web tool - Download SketchUp version 8 MAC OSX (KohaStudio).

    16 August, 2021

    SketchUp is an amazing, easy to learn tool that will allow you visualize and communicate your ideas before committing to them. You can use this platform for a wide variety of things from daydreaming about new furniture in the living room, to prototyping robotics! And because it is so accessible, SketchUp is great for students who are just starting out in design/architecture.
    It's feel free to give me a follow on sketchup if you would like more tips and tutorials!

    16 August, 2021

    SketchUp has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive, and it's easy to download. SketchUp is also 3D which allows you to rotate an objects in any direction for better viewing. So many tutorials exist that one can find informational examples on just about any design or modelling question imaginable. It's free to download and use, so both students and home designers might want to learn it because of how versatile the app is. To learn SketchUp all you need to do is visit The best thing about learning with this app is the endless possibilities; there are no limitations, only your imagination!

    16 August, 2021

    SketchUp is paid software, but there are several free tutorials online. Sketchup is great for architects or woodworkers that need to make scaled drawings of their projects or those that have already made models. I think the easiest tutorials to start off on are
    Google's 3D Warehouse and YouTube's tutorials:
    Gustafson Brothers design architectural model - A course on sketchup based modeling for architects and interior designers
    Building a model of a house using survey points from field work in sketchup - tutorial with step by step instructions for beginners.

    16 August, 2021

    SketchUp is a 3D modeling application, used primarily to create visualizations of architectural designs
    SketchUp's main features are the creation of 3-dimensional models and then rendering them into 2D drawings. It is imperative that those who wish to employ it for this purpose have access to computers with adequate memory and graphics processing power as model size, complexity and zoom depend also on these factors.