Can you suggest any books or coursses that can help teach beginners about interior design?

17 April, 2022 Jack Antes 5

Answers (5):

    18 April, 2022

    Interior Design Fundamentals: A Guide to Design Thinking by Clare Scully is a great place to start. It's a comprehensive guide that takes you through the basics of designing for interiors, from understanding space and form to considering color and lighting.

    The Art of Interior Design by Barbara Barry is another good option. It covers the aesthetics of interior design, as well as the technical aspects like furniture, fabrics, and finishes.

    18 April, 2022

    For books, I would recommend "Interior Design Workbook: A Real-World Guide to Becoming a Successful Interior Designer" by Lynette Jennings. It's a great primer for beginners who want to get started in interior design.

    For online courses, I would recommend the Fundamentals of Interior Design course from AKA Design. This course is an excellent introduction to the basics of interior design, and it's perfect for beginners who want to learn about the principles and concepts of interior design.

    17 April, 2022

    If you're looking for books on interior design, I'd recommend checking out Interior Design 101 by Jennifer L. Taylor.

    If you're looking for courses on interior design, there are a few schools that offer certificate programs in interior design. Some examples include The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, Harrington College of Design, and Kendall College of Art and Design.

    17 April, 2022

    For books, I would recommend Interior Design Illustrated and A Visual Guide to Layout and Design. Both are great for beginners who want to learn the basics of interior design.

    If you're looking for a more comprehensive course that will teach you about all aspects of interior design, then I would recommend The Professional Interior Designer's Course. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to become a professional interior designer or just learn more about the profession.

    17 April, 2022

    For books, I would recommend checking out some of the classics like The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White or Interior Design Illustrated by Francis D. K. Ching. More contemporary titles that come to mind are The New Rules of Interior Design by Lisa Skolnik and Living with Pattern by India Hicks.

    As for courses, there are many great ones out there! Some that come to mind are offered by the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, the Interior Designers Institute in Toronto, and the Decorating & Styling Academy in London.