How much do interior decorators make?

4 August, 2021 Rubi Mcnaught 5

Answers (5):

    23 August, 2021

    Interior decorators make an average salary of $49,950. If you take into consideration bonuses, this can go as high as $64,850 per year.

    A professional interior designer's tasks involves designing the layout or decoration of a house and all its rooms. This includes purchasing relevant materials such as carpeting for the living room and decorative wall-papers for the hallway. Apart from that, these specialists also consult with people on color schemes to suit their personal taste in order to avoid any mishaps down the line that would prove inconvenient or difficult to remedy - like switching out colors if they don't jive with one another after getting them onto walls or floors.

    23 August, 2021

    In the US, the current median wage for an interior decorator is $22.08 per hour or $45,080 yearly. Keep in mind this can vary a great deal depending on which state you live in and how much experience you have.

    23 August, 2021

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment and Wages report as of May 2016, the median wage for all interior decorators across the United States was $44.27 per hour or approximately $90,119 annually. (Note: this doesn't seem like a very fair job in 2017).

    23 August, 2021

    It's difficult to give an average salary because the number of hours and type of work can vary. As a general rule, it's very common for people in this career field to make more than $50,000 annually.
    The cost of living in a given area also affects income potential. For example, if you live in New York City where overhead is high, your earnings will be higher than someone who lives elsewhere with lower operating costs.

    23 August, 2021

    Interior decorators from the best firms, like ours (we're not mentioning any names!) can earn up to $75k at entry level.
    This is a very broad question but we have some numbers we can share with you as an example. Entry-level interior decorators usually start making about $45k per year for all their work and can often work upwards of 50 hours a week when they are starting out in order to get more experience. After gaining experience, it's common that they make somewhere between $60-65k per year and possibly even more if they were willing to put in the extra time which would depend on where they live and what kinds of services they offer clients.