How to learn 3d max?

4 August, 2021 Diego Geddes 3

Answers (3):

    20 August, 2021

    When going to school for 3D computer graphics, the vast majority of the introductory courses will teach you how to model in 3DS Max. Yes, there are some other software packages that can be used as well (many colleges have been known to teach modeling in Maya), but 3DS Max is by far the most popular. You'll want to take a few introductory courses before you try and tackle this on your own, or else chances are you're going to become frustrated with it very quickly.

    20 August, 2021

    A person can learn and use 3D MAX for interior design by looking at their website to see if they offer designing lessons. There are many tutorials available on U-tube with videos teaching users how to do various things related to 3d max such as safety of using the computer screen, loading and inserting a CAD drawing, using specific commands, importing external files such as DXF or DWG files that would then be edited in Meshmixer, Lumion rendering engine software application (which is very popular among designers), and how to export files of objects usable outside the program.

    20 August, 2021

    Interior design is one of the professions that can be well served through 3d rendering, where an architectural client can visualize a space prior to making any commitment to the construction phase.
    This allows for seeing how furniture and art will work in the space before incurring expenses
    However, many interior designers choose not use this technology in their practice because they are satisfied with what sketching affords - it's more time-effective and doesn't require extensive training
    It's also tempting for interior designers who have "small" clients like residential custom homebuilders or commercial business owners who don't need such high levels of accuracy when designing their office spaces over just room layouts.