How to learn interior decoration in nigeria?

4 August, 2021 Michael Motsinger 6

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    23 August, 2021

    The specialization of the interior decoration industry in Nigeria has also been influenced by some cultural dynamics that include the belief that "face is really important and expression of hospitality is integral" .
    This has led to an increased sensitivity towards class, status and prestige within the domestic space for many families. This emphasis on social mores can be seen reflected in various aspects of Nigerian society including architecture with houses becoming palaces modeled after haute couture designs found abroad. Houses are now viewed as a reflection of one's success because architects and designers have taken inspirations from world-class homes and turned them into realities which have become greatly admired during gatherings like home shows or viewing parties.

    23 August, 2021

    A. There are many online courses available for the interested person who wants to learn interior decoration in Nigeria. Examples include a course on how to be an interior designer, and an Interior Design graduate course by Griffith University. These provide some help and informations for anyone that is interested in developing their skills as an African Interior Designer.
    B. The Nigeria Society of Artists or NSA has many opportunities for the enthusiastic artist, but there are few that could potentially lead to financial gain from being a decorator unless one's family owns a retail chain or building company that can afford a consultation with skilled professionals at higher rates such as those found at PK Collins Architects Ltd.

    23 August, 2021

    For interior decoration training in Nigeria, consider the Centre for Arts and Design. It is a Nigerian company committed to the development of design professionals with innovative solutions to urgent problems in society. CADD offers undergraduate degrees and diplomas at university levels (for prospective future designers); pre-university programmes (for secondary school guys) and Teacher Training Certificates. Stuff like this is perfect for businesses, hotels, homeowners/ landlords etc., who use design services on a daily basis.

    23 August, 2021

    There are various schools in Nigeria that offer courses in Interior Decoration. Here are a few of our favorites below
    -Anny Design Academy
    -Basilwiz Interior Design Consultancy Services
    -Heavenly Concepts Interior Design Ltd
    -Myopia Company Limited
    It's also possible to learn the trade online with courses from organizations such as House Beautiful and Emily Grace Interiors
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    23 August, 2021

    There are a number of interior decoration courses offered in Nigeria. The most popular range from certificate, diploma and degree levels.
    The prerequisite for admission to the interior decoration course is GCE Ordinary Level or its equivalent with at least five credit passes including Mathematics, English Language, Art/Crafts and three other subjects relevant to design studies. Prospective students should also have passed Mathematics at the Advanced level, Physics and Chemistry as part of their school work during secondary schools (SESE). All prospective students must be aged 20 years old on Admission Day.

    23 August, 2021

    In the first place, going to a learning institution for interior decoration. Or, helpful books for those who learn by reading would also do wonders. For those who cannot afford either of these options, the next best thing is watching interior decoration related videos on YouTube or flipping through magazines that are tailored specifically to designers and influencers in your country at affordable rates. The internet gives you an advantage when it comes to mastering any skill all over the globe with little or no money and almost no effort on your part other than some computer time (and even less if you have free wifi).