What made you decide to become an interior designer?

28 March, 2022 Jonathan Fleishman 6

Answers (6):

    2 April, 2022

    I think that becoming an interior designer was something that happened almost subconsciously for me. When I was young, I loved playing with design elements in my room - rearranging the furniture, choosing new bedding and curtains, painting walls, etc. I especially enjoyed doing this for other people and seeing their Reaction when they saw their "new" space. Even now, as an adult, I love giving my friends and family advice on how to design their homes - whether it's just recommending a few new pieces or redoing an entire room! When they tell me how much they love their new space or how happy they are with the results, it just makes me feel good inside.

    1 April, 2022

    After years of working in the design field, I decided to open my own interior design business. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was always something I knew I wanted to do. Plus, I have a true passion for interior design and helping clients create beautiful living spaces. It’s so rewarding to see the happiness that my designs bring to people’s lives!

    31 March, 2022

    There are a few things that led me to interior design. First, I've always had a passion for art and creativity. I LOVE playing with color, pattern, and texture to create unique spaces. Second, I'm extremely detail-oriented and love to problem solve. If you give me a photo of a room and ask me to design it, I will first spend hours analyzing the space and brainstorming different ways to improve it before ever picking up a paintbrush or piece of furniture. Third, I have always been interested in how our physical environment affects our moods and emotions. When I was younger, I would constantly rearrange my bedroom to try and create the perfect vibe (much to my poor parents' dismay!).

    30 March, 2022

    When I was younger, I always loved art and liked to be creative. After trying my hand at a few different art forms, I found that interior design was the perfect outlet for me. I love being able to transform spaces and create functional, beautiful places for people to live and work in. Every project is different, and that's what I enjoy most about this career- the challenge of working with new clients and coming up with innovative solutions tailored specifically to their needs. It's so rewarding to see a space come together exactly as the client imagined it, or even better! Plus, working in interior design allows me to be my own boss and have a flexible schedule- which is important to me.

    29 March, 2022

    There isn't one specific thing that made me decide to become an interior designer. Instead, it was a combination of things that led me down this path. First and foremost, I have always had a passion for design and creativity. I love finding new ways to make things look more stylish and elegant, and interior design is the perfect outlet for this passion. In addition, I have always been good at looking at a space and visualizing how it could be improved. This ability to see potential in a space is something that not everyone has, and it's something that I take pride in. Finally, I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them to create the homes of their dreams.

    29 March, 2022

    There are a few things that led me to become an interior designer. First, I've always loved making things beautiful. Perhaps it's something I inherited from my mother, who was always tinkering with our home décor growing up. But regardless of where it came from, I know that designing and creating beautiful spaces is something that brings me a lot of joy.

    Second, I'm very good at spotting trends and imagining new possibilities, again, maybe it's something that runs in the family (my aunt is a fashion designer), but I have a knack for seeing potential in unlikely places and putting my own spin on things. This ability has come in handy both in design school and in my professional life as an interior designer.