What every living room needs?

4 August, 2021 Brian Roberie 5

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    16 August, 2021

    I'm not a professional interior designer, but there are some items that most do in the living room. Opt for a large sofa to sit on and place one or two arm chairs opposite of it. On top of the opposite wall's mantel, add an art piece like artwork or shelving with all your books. And don't forget in front of the fireplace could be an area rug to anchor this area and for aesthetic purposes. Last but not least, fill up these areas with other decorative objects that you might have inherited from family members items that are sentimental to you and connect you to them. That's what I think every living room should have.

    16 August, 2021

    It's important to remember that your living room is a daily space. It needs to be functional, create an ambiance of relaxation and beauty, and provide enough space for family activities. A good rule of thumb is to measure both the width and depth of your planned location with these criteria in mind so there are no surprises. Once you have an idea about the space available for the living room, make a list of all the items you feel need to go into this space before heading out on your home improvement journey. Just remember that if you're not sure what else should go in, it's usually best to leave some things open-ended so that flexible arrangements can be made.

    16 August, 2021

    What every living room needs is something for guests to sit on! A sofa is always a good idea, but it's also important to have at least one other chair. The most popular chairs are gliders (like this) or recliners, and they can be used for reading. Finally, an ottoman would be a nice addition if you're short on space - they usually sit atop the front of their mate (sofa).

    16 August, 2021

    A living room usually refers to the room on a private (e.g., non-commercial) residential property that is designed for living and entertaining personal guests, including watching TV, playing games or doing crafts. It may contain a fireplace and/or bookshelves adorned with pictures of family members.
    Two pieces of furniture typically found in the living room are an armchair and a couch.

    16 August, 2021

    A common mistake many people make with their living room design is to fill the space with too many personal and quirky items. This happens because they often think of it as a place just mainly designed for friends or family and not themselves. The trick is to strike a balance between enough furnishings that are meaningful for guests but also personal items, without even overdoing either side of the spectrum.
    A few pieces that every living room should have in order to avoid looking unfinished are pillows, artwork, plants and some footrests at least. What your taste buds may crave while hung-over on Sunday morning will be different than when you're hosting dinner party on Friday night so choose wisely.