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Question : How to become a landscape designer in california?

Answer : It is necessary to have a degree in landscape design. To be specific, the student will study horticulture, plant care and maintenance, irrigation & fertilization methods for plants (as well as gardening in general), construction methods with landscaping and green building principles.

Question : How can I get my front yard landscape cheap?

Answer : Whether your front yard is a suburban lot or an urban courtyard, the most important part of landscaping cheaply is to simplify its design. Get some chairs and people and make sure they're happy in their own little space - but don't crowd the space with too many things that demand attention.
As for materials, there are lots of cheap plants at nurseries and garden centers right now. To save money on other materials, look through your local thrift store for wrought-iron furniture and old bookshelves turned into planters.

Question : How to become chartered landscape architect?

Answer : There are no formal educational requirements. A person practices as a "landscape architect" by meeting the following three criteria:

a) Successfully complete an 8-hour Landscape Architect Program (LAP)
b) Possess five years of experience in landscape architecture or related practice and meet nationally recognized competency benchmarks, OR
c) If they failed LAP but possess at least two years of documented construction execution experience and can document how these experiences are comparable to the professional work was done in LAP program
Option c is not yet available for Georgia. So far 45 states offer exception from a general knowledge exam if you have had 2 years of working construction observation with providing documents verifying your competency.

Question : How to become a landscape architect australia?

Answer : The first goal for any prospective landscape architect is to finish their undergraduate degree, which can take anywhere from 5-8 years depending on the topic of study. Once done, it's time to move onto a graduate program and hone their skills at an accredited school of architecture.
In Australia, the best schools for landscape architecture are as follows:
- University of NSW (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture)
RMIT University (Master in Environmental Design and Planning).

Question : What does landscape design include?

Answer : Landscape design is the process of assessing, conceptualizing, planning, designing, and managing the landscape development of a property. It can encompass everything from creating a garden or meadow to planning the layout of a city or town. The goal of landscape design is to create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Question : How to get into landscape architecture?

Answer : There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to get into landscape architecture may vary depending on your qualifications and experience. However, a few suggestions include studying landscape architecture at a university, working as an intern or apprentice under a qualified landscape architect, and getting involved in the local community or environmental projects.

Question : How do you think the desert landscape affects design preferences in Arizona?

Answer : The desert landscape affects design preferences in Arizona because the harsh, dry environment breeds a people who appreciate sparseness and simplicity in their lives and in their homes. The architecture of the state reflects this love of minimalism, with its simple lines, open spaces, and use of natural materials like stone and wood. There is an inherent beauty in the starkness of the desert that has shaped the way Arizonans live and decorate their homes.

Question : Can landscape architects design buildings?

Answer : Yes, landscape architects can certainly design buildings. In fact, many landscape architects have expertise in designing both landscapes and buildings. Their training in spatial analysis and understanding of how to integrate architecture with the natural world make them ideally suited for this type of work.

Question : What landscape designers do?

Answer : Landscape designers are responsible for the creation and maintenance of outdoor spaces. This may include parks, gardens, cemeteries, playgrounds, and other public areas. They work with a variety of materials, including earth, plants, and water features. Landscape designers often have a background in horticulture, engineering, or architecture.

The duties of a landscape designer vary depending on the project. For example, if they are working on a new park development, they may be involved in everything from choosing the location of the park to deciding which type of grass will best survive in the soil. If they are working on an existing space, their responsibilities may include redesigning sections of the space or overseeing the construction of new features.