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Question : What do people who have been successful in this field recommend that you do before deciding on what your own career path will be?

Answer : There are two schools of thought: one is that people who have been successful in the field interior design "attract" other success because of their impeccable taste. They hang out with successful people, they're invited to galas and openings, etc. These decorators also usually give themselves pretty clear boundaries - meaning they stay within a specific interior design niche and "go deep" rather than broad.

The second camp would argue that good taste leads to success whether or not it attracts anything else: after all, good taste is a signifier of culture and cultural capital. The first school wouldn't disagree with this too much - those designers tend to end up working for other wealthy clients who can afford probably the most expensive designs.

Question : How do I become a home decorator?

Answer : To become a home decorator, interior designer is required.

A few resources that can help somebody to become a home decorator are the websites for National Home Chandlers Organization and American Society of Interior Designers. These sites show information on becoming certified in that profession and provide details about salary as well as career opportunities. For various related careers dealing with design and art, you might like to explore Professor Stephen Bayley's work at Central Saint Martins with his video interviews on creatives for BBC Four website. One may also want to enjoy teaching by Sir Christopher Frayling, President of Courtauld Institute of Art, UCL Art Museum Director or Professor David Jerman whose subjects include contemporary art & fashion design history on Youtube.

Question : What does modern interior design mean?

Answer : Interior design is the process of shaping the interior environment. It involves two major decisions, which are the building's architecture and its decoration.
The most common word used for describing a person within interior design is “interior designer".
A household or any type of private business office space will at some point need an update to it, because as time passes by and taste evolves in artistic expression so should your personal sense of style. A lot will go in to this decision making process that starts with an idea down on paper about budget, size, function
and finally what you want to see in your house or office yourself .

Question : Does sketchup work on chromebook

Answer : Chromebooks are a relatively new development in the field of laptop computers. Currently, they run Google's Chrome OS operating system, which can be downloaded for free from their website. One of the benefits of running Chrome OS is that it does not require a lot of horsepower to perform unlike most laptops or PCs that need much more power to operate Windows operating systems. Browser extensions will also be used so you can work with SketchUp files through your browser and save your work back to your local file server or cloud storage account such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Chromebooks should work well enough to allow you to access and edit models via SketchUp.

Question : Kristi Will Home + Design?

Answer : Kristi Will is a professional interior designer with over 16 years of experience. Specializing in both residential and commercial design, her work has been featured in numerous national publications. Kristi opened her own firm, Kristi Will Home + Design, in 2006 and has since become one of the most sought-after designers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Some of Kristi's recent projects include designing the interiors of a custom home in Preston Hollow, an executive office suite for a major telecommunications corporation, and a restaurant renovation in Fort Worth's historic Stockyards district. She is also a frequent speaker on the topic of interior design and has taught both beginning and advanced level design classes at Collin County Community College.

Question : Have interior designers?

Answer : What are interior designers? Interior designers are responsible for designing the space where people live, work, and entertain guests. Designing the interiors of buildings is a huge business in much of the world because interior design affects comfort, lifestyle, safety, efficiency - all areas that affect productivity and leisure. It's rare to find a person that owns or occupies their own home who doesn't work with at least one professional designer. You might not use an actual "interior" designer to decorate your houses-you might need someone who specializes in painting or carpentry-but there's usually something about your home you'll want fixed up professionally once you start looking around.

Question : What colleges have landscape architecture as a major?

Answer : There are several colleges that have landscape architecture as a major. Some notable colleges include Cornell University, the University of California at Berkeley, and Harvard University. There are also many schools that offer landscape architecture as a minor or concentration, such as the Rhode Island School of Design and Clemson University.

Question : Do you think everyone should have a personal style when it comes to their home decor?

Answer : There's no single answer to this question since everyone's personal style is unique. However, most people would probably say that it's a good idea to develop a personal style when decorating your home, since it will help you create a space that feels like an extension of who you are.

That said, there's no need to force yourself to adopt a style that doesn't feel authentic or natural to you. If you prefer a more eclectic look, go for it! Or if minimalist design is more your thing, that's great too. As long as the end result reflects your individual personality and tastes, you're doing it right.

Question : Do you have any tips on how to make a small living room feel more rustic?

Answer : 1. Paint the walls a rustic color like green, brown, or red.

2. Install a wooden plank floor.

3. Hang a few rustic-looking pictures or mirrors on the walls.

4. Place some rustic-looking furniture in the room, such as a wooden coffee table, rocking chair, or armoire.

5. Use natural materials wherever possible, such as wool blankets and cotton curtains.