Discussion about : "Can you be a landscape architect without a degree"

Question : How to become a landscape designer nz?

Answer : Because a landscape design degree is a three-level study program, completion of 5 years' worth of education and training is necessary. Completion of graduate level coursework ̢ like design history, color theory, or landscape drawing ̛ will help students find the right field to excel in.
It's not enough to have an eye for what makes things look good - you'll need to learn how different materials behave so that water can be directed where it needs to without destroying plants and lawns. After completing undergraduate classes in biology at least once, aspiring graduates take as many courses on plant science and ecology as possible before doing another bachelor's degree in horticulture.

Question : How to landscape front yard without grass?

Answer : The good thing about front yards with no grass is that they're often more open and roomier than backyards because there's no groundcover or other plants to control. This is also why many people who want to start gardening find it easier for themselves by beginning with a front yard. After all, you don't have the challenge of lots of existing gardens you'll be pushing up around once you've begun your own!

Question : How to landscape my front yard?

Answer : There are many ways to go about this, it depends on what you want to achieve with your garden. For example do you have a deck that overlooks the front yard? Is your house nestled into the hillside on a brushy lot that is full of boulders and plants or in an older neighborhood with very few overgrowing shrubs for privacy? Do you have young children who may be interested in some type of gardening project? The answer will be different if you answer yes versus no. Talk to an interior designer who specializes in landscape architecture for advice! An interior designer will know how to help maximize land usage, know safe practices for landscaping outside and give you great ideas on with sustainable materials.

Question : Do you think there are any colors that are too bright or too bold for kitchen cabinets?

Answer : There's no such thing as a color that's too bold or too bright for a kitchen! In fact, the brighter and more vibrant the colors are, the better. Kitchen cabinets are one of the easiest places to add a pop of color, and it can really make your space feel more daring and exciting. If you're worried about your kitchen looking too overdone or funky, just stick with classic neutrals like white or black. But if you want to go all out and experiment with truly eye-catching colors, then go for it! The sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

Question : Do you have any tips on how to style a small kitchen?

Answer : One of the best ways to style a small kitchen is to use light colors. Dark colors can make a space feel smaller and more cramped. You can also use vertical space to your advantage by installing shelves or cabinets on the walls. This will help you to make use of every inch of space in your kitchen. Finally, try to keep the layout of your kitchen simple and streamlined. This will help you to avoid clutter and make the most of the limited space you have.

Question : What are some basic things people can do to learn about interior design?

Answer : There are a few basic things people can do to learn about interior design. One of the most important things is to find some good resources that can teach you the basics of design. This can be done by doing a simple Google search, or even checking out some books from your local library. Once you have some good resources, it’s important to start studying and learning as much as you can about the subject. This will give you a good foundation to work from when you start designing your own spaces.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that practice makes perfect. Once you feel like you have a good handle on the basics of interior design, start practicing by designing your own spaces.

Question : How long did it take you to become a specialist in the field of interior design?

Answer : Assuming you mean "How long did it take you to become a specialist in the field of interior design?", the answer is 7 years.

I started out as a general designer, working on small projects here and there. After a few years, I decided to focus exclusively on interior design. I took some classes, worked with a mentor for awhile, and eventually got my degree in interior design. Following that, I spent a couple of years working in the industry before finally hanging up my own shingle and starting my own interior design business. So all told, it took me about seven years to become a specialist in interior design.

Question : How long did it take you to feel comfortable using SketchUp for designing interiors?

Answer : I started using SketchUp about a year ago, and it didn't take long before I felt comfortable using it for interior design projects. I find that SketchUp is really intuitive and easy to use, and it's great for creating detailed 3D models. Plus, there are tons of tutorials and resources available online if you ever need help with anything. Overall, I would say it probably took me a couple of weeks to feel completely comfortable using SketchUp for interior design.

Question : What led you to start learning industrial interior design?

Answer : There are a few things that led me to start learning industrial interior design. First, I come from a family of engineers and tinkerers, so working with my hands and designing functional spaces is in my blood. Second, after years of working in corporate environments, I grew tired of the same-old cookie-cutter office designs and yearned to create something more unique and interesting. And finally, I have always had a passion for antiques and vintage finds, so combining those two interests seemed like a natural fit.