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• homedesigninstitute.com is a virtual information resource freely available through the global Internet network, owned by Net It Ltd., which presents the activities of Home Design Institute SASU as a licensed training center. For brevity, in the document homedesigninstitute.com may be referred to as the "site" or "portal".
• User is any person visiting homedesigninstitute.com and using the information contained in it

Terms and Conditions

1. All users of the site, whether registered or not, have the right to use the services provided by homedesigninstitute.com only in compliance with these terms.
2. By clicking on a hyperlink from homedesigninstitute.com, users declare that they agree to these general terms and conditions and agree to use homedesigninstitute.com in accordance with the terms and conditions described below.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

3. Each user has the right to use homedesigninstitute.com free of charge or paid to the extent permitted by the system and undertakes to comply with the conditions described in this document.
4. Users, whether registered or not, are not allowed to distribute through homedesigninstitute.com or to have on its server information related to: acts contrary to the law, violence, racism, pornographic content, threats, content constituting a trade secret and other a type of information that contradicts good manners and good behavior.
5. The user is obliged to indemnify homedesigninstitute.com for damages caused by him to the site or to related third parties in case of culpable action or inaction by the user, which caused losses to both homedesigninstitute.com and third parties related to him in any way.
6. Each user is obliged to check periodically for changes in these terms of use

Rights to homedesigninstitute.com

8. homedesigninstitute.com reserves the right to change these terms of use without explicit notice.
9. homedesigninstitute.com does not guarantee that the services it provides will be uninterrupted and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
10. homedesigninstitute.com has the right to collect information entered by its users (including IP addresses, e-mail addresses, etc.) and to use it in a way that the Home Design Institute SASU deems appropriate in order to provide and offer the services of the company 11. homedesigninstitute.com Has the right to store cookies on the user's computer in order to freely provide services on the site.
12. homedesigninstitute.com has the right to send promotional emails to all its students registered on the site, as each student by registering on the site gives his consent to receive promotional emails and calls from Home Design Institute SASU.

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13. Net It and its employees and representatives are not responsible for losses suffered by users of this site due to the use of the site and the location of resources and training materials. In the event that such liability is awarded, the parties to this agreement agree that it will be up to the amount paid by the consumer.

Registration on the site

14. By registering on the site, the consumer can express his desire to participate in a particular training or place an order for such training. By registering, each user agrees to receive notifications from Net It by email, SMS or phone call in order to receive information about the selected trainings or new courses.

Send Inquiry

15. By sending an inquiry through the contact form on the site, each user agrees to receive by e-mail information about the trainings for which he makes an inquiry, as well as reminders for upcoming groups or new groups. Privacy Policy

16. The processing and use of personal data obtained through the site is carried out in accordance with the policy of Net It for this activity, described in detail here: https://homedesigninstitute.com/index.php?q=coogdpr