Embark on the world of 3D rendering

Embark on the world of 3D rendering

This module delves into the intricacies of 3D rendering, empowering students to transform their SketchUp models into photorealistic images. Participants explore rendering software options, lighting techniques, material specificity, and camera settings to enhance the visual storytelling of interior design projects. By the conclusion of this module, students will proficiently create compelling, realistic visualizations of their interior design concepts.

The module's objectives include understanding the rendering process and compatible software options, mastering lighting techniques, applying advanced material settings for lifelike textures, and utilizing camera settings and angles to best showcase interior designs.

The weekly breakdown covers various aspects of the rendering process, starting with an introduction to rendering basics and software options compatible with SketchUp. Participants delve into lighting techniques, material application, texture mapping, camera settings, composition, and storytelling in interior rendering.

Through hands-on activities and assignments, students practice rendering a variety of interior spaces, experimenting with different lighting setups, material applications, and camera angles. They refine their skills each week, culminating in a comprehensive final project where they apply advanced rendering techniques to create fully rendered interior design presentations.

The final weeks focus on finalizing rendering projects and preparing for presentations. Students showcase their final rendered projects, receiving constructive feedback from peers and instructors, and reflecting on key learning outcomes.

This module is designed to solidify students' skills in 3D rendering, enabling them to produce professional-quality visualizations that effectively communicate their interior design ideas to clients and collaborators. By mastering advanced rendering techniques, students enhance their ability to convey the beauty and functionality of interior spaces, contributing to their success as interior design professionals in a visually driven industry.

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Credits from the training:

4 credits

Art skills

5 credits

Digital skills

3 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 4 hours
This module offers an overview of rendering and its significance in interior design, introducing participants to rendering software compatible with SketchUp, such as V-Ray or Lumion. Participants learn basic setup and rendering techniques for simple SketchUp models. A review of rendering concepts precedes a homework assignment to render a basic room using default settings, emphasizing the importance of lighting. The module covers types of lighting (natural, artificial, ambient) and their effects in rendering, encouraging participants to experiment with different lighting setups in a pre-designed SketchUp model. Through discussion on the impact of lighting, participants are tasked with creating a lighting plan for a room as part of their homework, enhancing their understanding of lighting's role in rendering and interior design.
Duration: 4 hours
This module provides an overview of materials in rendering, introducing participants to advanced material settings for realism such as reflectivity, bump maps, and transparency. Participants apply and adjust materials on a SketchUp model for rendering, followed by a review of material application and a homework assignment to apply advanced materials to a furniture piece. The module includes a recap on materials and an introduction to texture mapping, covering techniques for effective texture mapping to add detail and realism. Participants practice texture mapping on various surfaces within an interior model and share textured models, facilitating discussion on homework tasks to texture a complex object or interior scene. Through these exercises, participants enhance their skills in material application and texture mapping, elevating the realism and detail of their rendered interior designs.
Duration: 4 hours
This module introduces the role of camera settings in rendering, exploring elements like field of view and depth of field and their effects on interior shots. Participants learn to set up and adjust camera settings for different interior shots, followed by a review of camera setups and a homework assignment to experiment with camera angles in a designed space. The module includes a recap on camera settings and an introduction to composition, covering principles of composition and visual storytelling in interior rendering. Participants create a series of rendered images focusing on composition and storytelling, culminating in a presentation of their images for critique. Homework involves developing a rendered presentation of an interior design concept, allowing participants to apply their knowledge of camera settings, composition, and storytelling to real-world projects. Through these exercises, participants refine their skills in creating compelling and visually engaging interior renderings.
Duration: 4 hours
In this concluding module, participants finalize their rendering projects, integrating advanced lighting, materials, and camera techniques to enhance realism and visual impact. They prepare for the final presentation through discussions on project goals and expectations. During the presentation session, students showcase their final rendered projects, highlighting their application of rendering techniques learned throughout the module. Following the presentations, constructive feedback is provided by peers and instructors, facilitating a review of key learning outcomes and a discussion on areas for further development. Through this process, participants refine their rendering skills and gain valuable insights for future projects, ensuring continued growth and proficiency in interior rendering.

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