Get your first certificate in interior design

Get your first certificate in interior design

The field of interior design is one that is both creative and technical. To be successful, designers must have a strong understanding of both the aesthetic and functional aspects of design. Our online program offers a comprehensive introduction to the field, covering everything from the history of interior design to the latest trends in contemporary design. The course is structured as a series of interactive video lectures, allowing students to learn at their own pace and receive feedback from our expert instructors. This flexible format makes it easy for busy adults to get started in interior design, without having to sacrifice their work or family commitments. In just a few days, you can earn your first certificate in interior design and start on your way to a rewarding career in this exciting field.

This video course covers the basics of interior design, from the history of the field to contemporary trends. You'll also learn about technical drawing and the science of color composition. With this course, you'll be able to develop the skills and knowledge you need to start your journey into the world of interior design.

This first level interior design course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to pass an online test and obtain your first certificate in interior design.

Looking to get your first certificate in interior design? Enroll today and start learning!

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Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

25 credits

Digital skills

25 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 8 video lessons
The history of interior design and furniture is a complex topic that covers many different styles. In this first module, we'll explore ancient world through to the middle ages before taking off in various directions such as baroque or rococo for example - all with an eye on how they influenced each other!
Duration: 5 video lessons
This module of the online course will help you master contemporary design.
Duration: 5 video lessons
You will be introduced to the basics of technical drawing, as well skills for reading drawings.
Duration: 11 video lessons
The module provides an introduction to the basic materials used in interior design.
Duration: 3 video lessons
The module of the course will teach you about how to use color in design.
Duration: 5 video lessons
The module will teach you how to compose your interior design projects with tranquility, like a professional.

The best lecturers:

Bella Yordanova-Tsokova

Bella Yordanova-Tsokova is an interior designer who spent the last 10 years in UK. She graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Salford. After one year she received her master's degree in Interior Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. Bella's education was accompanied by numerous internships and exhibitions, both in UK and Bulgaria. Immediately after graduating, she began an international practice in the commercial interior design sector. Currently she has projects realized in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. As a designer she aims to translate client needs into design solutions, being enviromentally considerate. The focus of Bella's work is on sustainable design, meeting the needs of tomorrow’s day.

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Reviews from students:


    The lecturer is an exceptional professional and presents the lessons in an extremely pleasant and accessible way.


    This is the best online interior design training I have ever participated in.


    I am extremely pleased with the course. Thanks to this training I realized that interior design is the field in which I want to develop. Thanks HDI!

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