How to Create Impressive Garden Designs on a Limited Budget

How to Create Impressive Garden Designs on a Limited Budget

The law maintenance small garden design course aims at giving you the knowledge and provoking your imagination and creativity in order to create amazing garden designs on a small budget. Everyone can create an amazing landscape without spending too much time and money but in case you know how. Do not waste your time and learn the best in the area!

What will you learn?
The course is designed with the busy person in mind and can be completed in about 9 hours. The first part of the course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of landscape design. You will learn about form, lines, colours and texture as basic components of good composition. Further, we will continue with plants. There is a huge variety of flowers and trees that can add an amazing season style of your garden during the whole year. For those who want a spot to relax, we will discuss different materials and garden styles that can be implemented to reach the best garden design. You will learn not only how to create a beautiful garden designs but also how to maintain any garden on a limited budget. The course is practically oriented, and you will pass through the whole content with an experienced landscape designer who has been in the industry for years.

Who is this course for?
The course is perfect for anyone who would like to learn the principles of landscape design and to get key tips on creating and low maintaining of garden designs. It is oriented for students of all levels of experience and will be taught in an easy, practical way.

Why to enroll in the course?
You will learn all the secrets how to design and maintain amazing gardens on a small budget. Classes are held online and are perfect for busy people. After successfully completing this course, you will receive a professional certificate from us. So, what are you waiting for? Save time and learn form the best in the area!

Credits from the training:

10 credits

Art skills

10 credits

Digital skills

5 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 6 hours

The law maintenance small garden design course syllabus has 3 topics 3 hours each:

1. The Principles of Landscape Design.

2. Plants: The Treasures in Your Garden.

3. Garden Design and Maintenance on a Limited Budget.

The first lecture is theoretical, and its aim is to introduce you to the essential principles of landscape design which are the basis on which every project must grows. The second and the third lectures are practically focused. Their aim is to provide you with the practical knowledge and skills to design beautiful gardens on law budget. Our aim is to activate your imagination and creativity. Do not forget that you can do a lot only with some creativity and imagination!

Course price

Real-time online course

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90.00 EUR
for the entire course

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