Learn the Secrets of 3D MAX and VRAY

Learn the Secrets of 3D MAX and VRAY

3DS Max is an extremely useful tool for interior designers who are looking to model interior spaces, original furniture pieces, and other elements to visualize realistically in a digital space. This course is an all-encompassing learning opportunity where students will broaden their design abilities and obtain practical experience to showcase in their design portfolio. During the course of three months, there will be 24 three-hour lectures, totaling 72 hours of content filled with design guides and resources taught by an expert in the field.

The sessions will be divided into five modules, the first of which consists of 7 sessions where students will learn the beginning steps to modeling, inserting files, furniture models, camera setup and more. We will begin with an introduction to the main menus and shortcuts to navigate through 3DS Max. Next, we will go through setting up a file with the correct unit measurements, customizing settings, and creating project templates. A project file will be provided and will serve as the base for the first project of this course. Moving on, we will add furniture and vegetation models, learn how to set up a render camera with composition guidelines, and create custom project templates. Next, students will be given work sessions to create their own furniture models with a wide list of 3DS Max tools and commands. From basic shapes, we will build on to create complex spaces and pieces of furniture. The third module of sessions, titled 3DS Max with Vray, will be focused on the technical and creative aspects of creating renders with this software. From scratch, students will create realistic materials to add to their spaces. We will also go through creating lights, adjusting their properties, and balancing image illumination with natural light, camera exposure, etc. The fourth module will conclude the first course project with lessons on creating animation videos and realistic 360 renders. There will also be two full work sessions for students to finish their projects and present their final design results to everyone and receive feedback from the course instructor.

The last module of the course will be a five-session period for a second course project, where students will choose a personal project to develop on their own, receiving individual help from the course instructor along the way. This time will reinforce the lessons previously learned throughout the course and students will be pushed to build upon their own abilities and creative ideas. In the end of the last session, everyone will give a short presentation on their interior deign project and will receive feedback to improve on their future projects. At the end of these 24 sessions students will be skilled in both 3DS Max and Vray and will be able to express their design concepts through digital models and realistic renders in a clear, interesting, and professional manner. Whether you are a beginner or a designer with years of experience, this course offers learning opportunities to improve any skill level.

Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

35 credits

Digital skills

30 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 12 hours

The first sessions will go over the beginning steps of modeling in 3DS Max, beginning with the interface, menus, and shortcuts. Students will create their own templates with personalized unit and window settings to jumpstart their future projects. We will also teach how to model objects, insert furniture and vegetation models, and create and compose scenes.

Duration: 6 hours

The following sessions will teach students how to model using basic shapes and transform them into complex and interesting pieces of furniture. The tools and commands that we will cover will serve as a base upon which students can build original pieces of furniture and will help visualize designs before bringing them to life.

Duration: 10 hours

These next sessions will go over how to use Vray to render 3DS Max projects. Starting with a small introduction session, students will begin by creating basic materials and modifying their properties to create realistic images. We will also go over lighting composition and how to create specific moods in a space with different lighting techniques. Lastly, we will give some rendering resource guides and finish by producing some renders.

Duration: 8 hours

The next four sessions will teach students to create realistic animations and 360 images that can be viewed using virtual reality apps. There will be two work sessions for students to work on this within their own model and finish any other aspect of their model to wrap up their project and give a final presentation to the group.

Duration: 10 hours

The last portion of this course will be 5 work sessions where students will choose a personal project of their own to work on and develop with the guidance of the course instructor. The sessions may be used for any aspect students choose to work on (modeling, rendering, animating, etc.) The final session will have time for everyone to present this second course project.

Duration: 2 hours

The course ends with a practical exam. The students must present and defend their practical projects. In addition to the practical exam, the students sit an online test exam.

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