AutoCAD for Interior Designers

AutoCAD for Interior Designers

AutoCAD for interior designers is an online course for both beginners and practicing designers who are looking to use their skills to create interesting interiors and better their abilities to create digital floorplans and other drawings to facilitate the interior design project process. Over the span of three months, there will be 24 three-hour sessions that go from the basic tools and commands to advanced 3D modelmaking and everything in between to use AutoCAD at its full capacity and produce professional drawings. Students will be guided by an expert who will offer their guidance, resources, and tips and tricks to learn the most from this course.

The sessions are divided into four modules. First, we will start with AutoCAD basics as we begin with the first course project. Using a site survey drawing and images, we will draw floor plans from scratch and create informative, expressive, and clear layouts detailed with furniture layouts, material characteristics, etc. The last session of this module will be a full work session to complete our project file and receive individual guidance from the course instructor. The second session is about creating advanced floor plans and drawings. These sessions will cover a wide variety of topics and will go into detail for each one. Students will create a series of detailed drawings for lighting plans, elevations, furniture details, and material plans. The third module will go over 3D modeling in AutoCAD, working with tools that will help create interior spaces, furniture, and other elements to visualize the interior design project. After the 3D modeling sessions, students will wrap up their projects with and present their work to the group to receive feedback and constructive criticism.

The final module of the course will be a 5-session (12 hours period where students will choose a personal project to work on. The dynamic of these sessions will be similar to the previous projects work sessions, with on-on-one guidance from instructors. There will also be mini lessons on client presentation and other resources for AutoCAD interior design projects. The course concludes after these 24 sessions, complete with two interior design projects.

With a total of 72+ hours of real-time learning, this course is the perfect place to expand your interior design skills in all aspects within AutoCAD. The combination of lesson and work sessions provide a productive dynamic that will help students apply information into practical projects that allow them to develop professional, detail-oriented plans and drawings. Along with expert feedback and exclusive content and resources, this course is an excellent opportunity for beginners and professionals alike to further their abilities both within AutoCAD and in the field of interior design.

Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

35 credits

Digital skills

30 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 12 hours

In this first module of sessions, students will become familiar with the program´s interface, the essential tools, commands, and shortcuts. Along with the basics of AutoCAD, students will begin the first course project by creating a home floor plan based on site survey drawings and images, complete with furniture blocks, hatches, and material information.

Duration: 16 hours

The next nine sessions are focused on producing complete professional drawings, ready for contractors, carpenters, and electricians to review and install. Topics such as project management, scales in detail drawings, and technical floor plans will be covered through lessons and work sessions, building upon the project we began in the previous module.

Duration: 8 hours

Another useful aspect of AutoCAD is the 3D objects that can be easily modeled. The 3D tools can create interior mock-ups, furniture, sculptures, and other objects that can be useful during the design process. These next lessons will give students the tools to express their interior design ideas in a way clients can better visualize ideas and concepts. These sessions will also be the last to work on the first course project as there will be a final presentation session to show the work compiled thus far during the course.

Duration: 10 hours

To finish the AutoCAD course, students will have the opportunity to work on a personal project applying everything they learned in the previous 19 sessions and create original pieces of work aided by the course instructors and peer reviews. Other topic lessons will be offered as well, including extra resources and presentation tips for client meetings.

Duration: 2 hours

The course ends with a practical exam. The students must present and defend their practical projects. In addition to the practical exam, the students sit an online test exam.

Course price

Real-time online course

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2690.00 EUR
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