Learn How to Add a Unique Style to Any Space Through Decoration

Learn How to Add a Unique Style to Any Space Through Decoration

This is a 3-month course consisting of 24 lectures (72 hours in total). It is based on the premise what makes a space stand out? The interior decorations can be used to change the space from one use or style to another by changing things such as color, furniture, art or other items being displayed in interior spaces. It create a unique aesthetics for interior spaces.

Interior decoration is an important part of interior design. If interior design combines initial space management with creativity, interior décor uses creativity and innovation to add aesthetic value to the final look of an interior space. The decoration of a space implies the choice of the different elements of furniture and accessories that will be part of it. Hence, interior decoration consists of placing the furniture, choosing the colors and textures of different textile elements and coatings, the ornaments, and the accessories, as well as determining the most suitable lighting accessories according to the style of each interior space. Once you have chosen all the elements, you will need to make sure that they combine with each other. The challenge in front of each interior decorator is to achieve a positive result in relation to the aesthetics and functional appearance of any space.

You will face this challenge by yourself in the last 8 classes. Together with your instructor you will create 4 different projects about interior decoration in different style using SketchUp. You will learn how to create a unique mixture of styles, colors, texture, covering materials, movements, shapes, etc. for home, commercial spaces, scenography, hotel rooms, offices, and others. You will find out how to think out of the box. After completing this course, you will be able to leave your personal mark, creating pleasant and modern environments.

Who is this course for?
This course is aimed at both beginners and professionals who want to gain a deep knowledge and to acquire practical skills which to apply in interior decoration projects.

Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

35 credits

Digital skills

30 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 2 hours

During the first lecture you will find out what is the scope of interior design and interior decoration. Decorating can take many forms: from painting walls in your favorite color; adding new furniture to provide more comfortable seating arrangements or storage options; installing attractive rugs on floors for warmth, security and decoration; adding a new interior door or window to let in more light. You will learn about the interior design process and interior decoration techniques.

Duration: 12 hours

In this module you will learn about the importance of lightning, colour, shape, texture, furniture, ornaments and accessories. You will understand how you can use them in relation to the effect of decoration in order to change the appearance of the spaces in highly creative ways.

Duration: 16 hours

Every style presupposes a particular way of decorating through certain composition, shapes, colors, furniture, etc., which are generally related to a specific socio-cultural context that forms them their own character. You will be acknowledged with the following styles: Nordic, Scandinavian, Minimalist, Rustic, Modern Classic, Boho Chic, Industrial, Art Deco and Feng Shui Styles. You will learn different decoration styles and will find out how you can use them in order to create a creative and unique look of different spaces (kitchens, living-rooms, bathrooms, offices, etc.)

Duration: 4 hours

The aim of this project is to decorate a bedroom in industrial style. You must consider the interior of the bedroom - colors, natural and decorative lightning, furniture, material and others. You must finish your design with decoration ideas which to complete its industrial style.

Duration: 4 hours

This project is about a kitchen in a Modern Classic decoration style. The students must choose the right elements (colours, light, furniture, curtains, lamps, plants, etc.) in order to create the Modern Classic atmosphere of the kitchen.

Duration: 4 hours

Bathroom design is an important business for bathroom manufacturers .Therefore designers try hard to create new ideas that will make our lives more comfortable; many come up with the idea to decorate bathrooms in the best possible way. This project is dedicated to the design of bathroom in tropical style.

Duration: 4 hours

Art deco is a style that incorporates several other art styles, including art nouveau. Art deco living room decorations can be most prominently found in the form of art pieces, furniture and light fixtures and others. In this project you must recreate art deco living room interior design and interior decorations using SketchUp.

Duration: 2 hours

The course ends with a practical exam. The students must present and defend their practical projects. In addition to the practical exam, the students sit an online test exam.

Course price

Real-time online course

You must have a profile created on the site to be able to participate in the training.

2500.00 EUR
for the entire course

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