Discover the World of Scandinavian Interior Design

Discover the World of Scandinavian Interior Design

Step into the world of Scandinavian interior design, where simplicity meets functionality and a deep appreciation for nature. At the Home Design Institute, we invite you to explore the serene and minimalist aesthetic that defines Scandinavian style, renowned for its clean lines, natural elements, and cozy atmospheres.

In this immersive module, participants embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering the rich history and fundamental principles that underpin Scandinavian design philosophy. From its humble beginnings rooted in the Nordic landscapes to its widespread influence on contemporary interiors, students gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes Scandinavian design truly unique.

Central to the course is the exploration of key elements that define Scandinavian interiors. Through in-depth lectures and hands-on activities, participants learn to embrace minimalist aesthetics while ensuring comfort and functionality in their designs. From selecting natural materials like wood and stone to mastering the art of color palettes that evoke warmth and tranquility, students acquire the skills needed to create spaces that resonate with the essence of Scandinavian living.

A highlight of the program is the focus on furniture design and accessorizing, integral components of Scandinavian interiors. Participants delve into the characteristics of Scandinavian furniture – where functionality and craftsmanship reign supreme. They learn to curate spaces with accessories and lighting that enhance the cozy yet minimalist ambiance synonymous with Scandinavian design.

Throughout the module, practical assignments provide opportunities for students to apply their newfound knowledge and skills. From creating mood boards that capture the essence of Scandinavian style to developing comprehensive interior design plans, participants hone their abilities to craft spaces that reflect the principles of simplicity, sustainability, and well-being.

At the culmination of the course, students present their final projects, showcasing their ability to integrate Scandinavian style into modern interiors seamlessly. Through constructive feedback sessions, participants engage in dialogue, further refining their understanding of Scandinavian design principles and their application in real-world settings.

In essence, the Scandinavian Style in Interior Design module offers a transformative learning experience, equipping participants with the tools and insights needed to create spaces that are both timeless and contemporary. Join us on this journey of exploration and innovation, and unlock the secrets to crafting interiors that exude the understated elegance and functionality synonymous with Scandinavian design.

Credits from the training:

7 credits

Art skills

5 credits

Digital skills

3 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 4 hours

The module explores the Scandinavian design philosophy, tracing its historical development and core principles while analyzing iconic interior designs. As a homework assignment, participants collect images of inspiring Scandinavian interiors. Emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and minimalism as key elements of Scandinavian design principles, further detailing color palettes, materials, and furniture design. To reinforce comprehension, participants create a mood board capturing the essence of Scandinavian design, using the discussed key elements to inspire creativity and understanding.

Duration: 4 hours

The module focuses on exploring elements of Scandinavian design, particularly natural materials and color schemes, within interior design contexts. The first session emphasizes the significance of materials like wood and stone in conveying Scandinavian aesthetics. Participants engage in an activity to select materials aligned with these principles. The session concludes with a homework assignment to create a material palette for a Scandinavian living room project. In the second session, participants delve into Scandinavian color schemes, understanding their application in interior design. They develop color schemes for previously selected materials, aiming to create harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

Duration: 4 hours

This module will explore the role of furniture in Scandinavian interiors, highlighting the characteristics of Scandinavian furniture such as functionality, simplicity, and craftsmanship. Participants will learn to design a piece of furniture or select existing pieces that embody Scandinavian design principles, focusing on practicality and elegance. Additionally, an overview of accessorizing and lighting in Scandinavian design will be provided, emphasizing the importance of lighting, textiles, and minimalist decor in creating a Scandinavian ambiance. Students will be guided in choosing accessories and lighting for the space plan, prioritizing a cozy yet minimalist approach that reflects the essence of Scandinavian design.

Duration: 4 hours

The course concludes with the finalization of a comprehensive Scandinavian interior design project, where students apply all the principles learned throughout the module. During the wrap-up session, participants discuss project's progress, address the challenges faced, and prepare for the final presentation. In Session 2, the Final Project Presentation takes center stage. Here, students showcase their Scandinavian design projects, explaining their design choices and demonstrating how they incorporated Scandinavian principles into their work. The session concludes with a feedback and review period, providing a platform for constructive discussions on the successful integration of Scandinavian style into modern interiors, thereby fostering learning and refinement of design skills..

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