Discover the World of Scandinavian Interior Design

Discover the World of Scandinavian Interior Design

This online Scandinavian interior design course is a look into the guiding principles, guidelines, tools and techniques to create amazing projects of any setting. The course lasts three months with 24 lectures of three hours each. Topics will range from basic design elements, to furniture design, to plant maintenance and many more things that will assist interior designers in the overall process of creating a Scandinavian interior space. Every lesson will be taught by experts in the field and students will also be given exclusive resources and content for Scandinavian interior design. The 24 lectures are divided into two main parts.

First, there will be 16 lectures explaining Scandinavian interior design with its small details and general ideas. We will begin with an introduction session to create a base of knowledge from which the following topics will lean on to explore this type of design style. From there we will look at single elements such as color palettes, material selection, furniture, lighting, and flooring. We will explain how to go through the process of creating a concept along with mood boards and sketches to define the overall theme of the project and then choosing materials that align with the concept established in the previous step. Next, the course will take on looking at wall finishes, vegetation, entertainment areas, fireplaces, and storage solutions. These topics are secondary elements to Scandinavian interior design and make a big impact on the user’s experience within the space. With examples from famous designers, we will talk about how to implement these elements into our design in innovate, creative and functional ways. For the last section of the theory sessions we will talk about Scandinavian interior design for specific spaces within a home. These include bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and home offices. We will tie in what we learned previously and identify the elements that characterize the rooms as well done Scandinavian interiors. We will also touch upon including statement pieces like paintings or sculptures to give that finishing touch to the projects we create.

The classes during the last month will be focused on designing four practical projects to put theory into practice by sketching, modeling, rendering and presenting different scenarios of Scandinavian interior design. The first project will be a bedroom for a young couple in an apartment who need to maximize the small closet they have for storage. The next challenge will be to design a kitchen for a house with three roommates. The third project will be a Scandinavian home office design. Lastly, students will need to design a Scandinavian living room and include an upright piano for the clients. Each project will be modeled in SketchUp. If you are unfamiliar with the program, you will have the chance to acquire all the necessary knowledge how to work with it. At the end of the course, the students has a practical exam and presents their projects. With all practical tasks and developed projects, students will finish the course with a new level of knowledge and experience that will enable them to take on any type of Scandinavian design in the future.

Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

35 credits

Digital skills

30 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 12 hours

TWe will begin learning about Scandinavian interior design with an introductory session to understand this styles origin, guiding principals, history, and evolution. We will give an overview of what will be taught in the class and establish a strong base of knowledge that will help understand the following topics throughout the course.

Duration: 6 hours

This section of modules is composed of topics that have to do with the elements that give a space their personality. We will talk about different design concepts and how our client’s needs will inform us on how much vegetation to bring in, what type of entertainment spaces they will use most, the pros and cons of wall types, and what organization system to use for storage spaces.

Duration: 12 hours

This module will wrap up the theoretical part of the modules by looking at specific rooms in a house and how the previous topics are applied within a space and in coherence with the rest of the design elements. We will look at Scandinavian bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and home offices and identify key elements that define the interior design. We will also talk about statement pieces to give our projects the finishing touches of unique character.

Duration: 4 hours

For the first practical project, students will work on designing a Scandinavian bedroom. Students must also create a unique storage solution to organize the closet space. They must provide a mood board along with color palettes, materials, and a diagram showing how the closet space will be organized, using SketchUp.

Duration: 4 hours

Design a kitchen space for a small apartment. We will provide a base model in SketchUp for you to make renders with the program.

Duration: 4 hours

Suppose a freelancer needs to accommodate a space in the living room for a home office desk space. Create a few detailed sketches of the desk space along with mood boards, material selection, and diagrams.

Duration: 4 hours

The last project for this course is a Scandinavian living room. The clients would like to include lots of vegetation and an upright piano.

Duration: 2 hours

The course ends with a practical exam. The students must present and defend their practical projects. In addition to the practical exam, the students sit an online test exam.

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690.00 EUR
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