Learn How to Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Learn How to Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

This bedroom interior design course is aimed to people of all skill levels who are interested in interior design and are looking to expand their abilities to create exceptional spaces. Over a three-month period, there will be 16 three-hour lectures that will explore many topics ranging from furniture layout to closets optimization to children’s bedroom design and more.Each topic will be discussed thoroughly with experts in each subject and detailed case study examples from all over the world to ensure that students get a clear understanding of the subject at hand. The topics selected for this bedroom interior design course were chosen carefully and strategically to deliver the type of knowledge that is most prominent in today’s interior design trends and tendencies for professionals across the globe. With that in mind, the lessons are also set up to provide the tools to adapt design strategies to specific local situations as well as international settings.After these topic modules, there will be 8 sessions dedicated to creating 4 projects based on what was learned previously. The practical projects will help apply theory to practice and let you envision spaces using digital tools and let you practice creating projects in different scales and scenarios.

To begin the theoretical part of the course, we will look at the different types of interior design including minimalism, bauhaus, and other styles in order to better identify what a client is looking for in their new bedroom.After that,the modules will focus on specific elements of the bedroom such as furniture, art pieces, lighting, closets, and desk spaces. The more specific we go, the easier it will be to create custom designs that cater to the lifestyle habits and needs of the user.This also ties into the way we will be able to make flexible spaces that serve multiple functions during the day such as home offices,future additions,or other possibilities for the space. The key throughout all of this is to design with the future in mind, which is why the course will also talk extensively about sustainability and eco technologies that will minimize the projects impact on the environment. Lighting, air conditioning, and indoor vegetation, among other elements, will be important during the design process as we think with a sustainable perspective both in the practical projects and in the real-world work following this course.

After completing this 72-hour course, students will be much more confident in their interior designing abilities across a variety of contexts and challenges. Regardless of experience, the lessons taught will be of immense value as well as the tools, guides and resources that will be provided by the experts who teach the live sessions.Students will also leave the course with four completed projects that they can use as portfolio pieces that showcase their skills. These projects will be completed mainly using Sketchup, along with other computer programs to help envision floor plans, renders,mood boards, etc. The bedroom interior design course is an amazing opportunity to exercise your abilities using these programs, get feedback on projects, learn and work with experts, and much more.

Credits from the training:

35 credits

Art skills

35 credits

Digital skills

30 credits

Freelance skills

Course syllabus:

Duration: 2 hours

Bedroom interior design is a key component of the home. It sets the tone for restful sleep, and it also reflects our personality as an individuals. In this introductory module you will learn about different styles as minimalism, mid-century, bauhaus, etc. which will help you to build up your conception about the possibilities in Bedroom Interior Design.

Duration: 12 hours

To create the perfect bedroom interior design, you need to take into consideration many different factors. With the right colors and furniture placement, you can make your room feel like home. This module is devoted to colour theory, lightning, furniture. You will learn how to combine them in creative and unique way in order to achieve impressive results.

Duration: 6 hours

A bedroom interior design should be carefully considered and thought about before it's implemented. What we decide to put in there can have a major effect on our moods! Above all else though there's one rule worth following when decorating bedroom interiors: don't forget inner comfort! In this module, we will consider personalized pieces as paintings, framed photographs, collectibles, plants and other elements that give the space personality.

Duration: 8 hours

In order to make sure that bedrooms can accommodate furniture as well as provide adequate living spaces for people who occupy them, there are specific bedroom requirements. For example, what is the bedroom space for and how much room does it have? What are your bedroom needs (sleeping, study area, reading)? These answers will help to determine how many pieces of furniture should go into the bedroom. In addition to bedside tables or nightstands there's usually a dresser in one corner of a bedroom. A chair might also be needed if you want an office desk within easy reach from the bed. It may not seem like something worth mentioning but some people find lamps on side tables essential as they need illumination while reading at night time without disturbing their partner with overhead light that shines too brightly over them. This module will consider in details four different examples of bedroom spaces: children's bedrooms, rooms for students (roommates), tiny bedrooms and dark bedroom for people who try to accommodate work spaces with bedrooms.

Duration: 2 hours

What specific information do I need to know about my client to design a personalized space. How to interview a client and what questions to ask to better understand their habits and needs.How to manage expenses and control costs and budgets that fit the client’s plans. Costs for materials, appliances and installation will be considered and evaluated to see how budgets can be arranged to achieve the best outcome possible.

Duration: 4 hours

For this first project, the client is looking to create a reading oasis with ample space for their book collection. Their favorite color is blue and have a large oil painting of the ocean of their home city that they would like to display. At the end of this module, you will present a mood board along with section diagrams explaining the composition of the room, and renders created with SketchUp.

Duration: 4 hours

A family is looking to remodel the bedroom of their 5-year-oldtwins. For this project you will need to create a client presentation with sketches, color palettes,a SketchUp model, floor plans and elevations.

Duration: 4 hours

Since this is set in a dessert climate, considerations must be made regarding cooling and ventilation systems. At the end of this module, you must present mood boards and renders created with SketchUp.

Duration: 4 hours

SA university is looking to build a new student housing building with 35 units of single and double rooms. The students will be sharing a communal kitchen space and living area. The design project will look to create two prototypes of room modules to house 9 one person rooms and 12 two people rooms. You will need to provide a floor plan of the rooms and a model created using SketchUp.

Duration: 2 hours

The Bedroom Interior Design course ends with a practical exam. The students must present and defend their practical projects. In addition to the practical exam, the students sit an online test exam.

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